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They're men. They're manly men. They're more than men, in fact. They're men among men. And for the next few weeks... They'll be women.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Tony Frassrand
Judges: Morgan Fairchild, John Salley, Debbie Matenopoulos
Creators: Tom Campbell, Bryan Hale
EP: Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart, Kathleen French, Dean Minerd, Tom Campbell, Robert Riesenberg, Tracy Dorsey
Packager: Evolution Film & Tape, Inc., Full Circle Entertainment
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"Incredibly Desperate Housewives" - November 16

After one wedding and a funeral, we're left with Albert/Alberta, Donnell/Raven (after squeaking by on a tiebreaker), Cree/Carmen, and David/Wynonna.

We start the next phase with... a box. What's in it?

"Gentlemen, there's no place like home, and that's where you're going. But the lady of the house will be away, so your job is to fill her shoes. Pack your bags." Donnell's really excited about going back home... but then there's the pink and flowery suitcases, and you know what this means...

First stop: Wynonna in Milwaukee. Dave thinks he's looking pretty hot, "by Wisconsin standards." Next, Alberta invades Birmingham. Karen greets him... to one of the haughtiest laughs I've ever heard. Cree takes Carmen to Vegas. Finally, Raven returns to the ATL (well, Mableton, at least). Each one has a note with instructions and chores.

Carmen has to pick up Jared from school... in full gear, and then host a poker party... in full gear. If that wasn't bad enough, Raven will be meeting his momma for lunch. And other family members, of course. Work ensues. As does hilarity. Lesson learned, you in fact CAN use your boobs to do laundry.

Carmen is a tad nervous about picking up stepson Jared from school. Jared immediately wants the girl voice. "Thanks for no laughing at me."

Raven greets his mother and other family. "I was shocked. I almost walked by him. But then I saw the eyes," Louise (mom) said as Raven asks to be referred to by his non-proper name. The father seems to have a problem with pronunciation.

Alberta goes to the driving range... to meet his buddies and brother. Uh oh. "We're just shooting a few balls. Remember those?" Well, he'll remember them quicker, as he's now driving the ball picker... and getting picked off one bucket at a time. The guys cop one feel before Albert heads to babysit one of Diana (wife's) regular client's kids.

Finally, Carmen hosts a poker party with his buddies. Random friend: "I thought it was called All-American Guy." Carmen: "Yeah, so did I."

Meanwhile, Johnny is welcomed home by "Miss Wynonna." They're just about to walk the dogs when Samantha (stepdaughter). Miss Wynonna and Johnny have a heart to heart about Dave... and he catches onto Miss Wynonna. "Because you have the same ring as him!" The two hug and cry and it's all nice and ... yeah. David admits that the only reason he's doing this is for the kids. But it takes a certain amount of machismo to dress in drag.

Next up, another challenge, another Dude Pass on the line. Simple: follow the recipe, bake a pie. They all complete it. And Alberta: "John Salley... it's for you, baby."

The guys return to LA, where their pies await judgment by three of LA's finest pastry chefs. And the prize for this Dude Pass? A night in a posh hotel.. with their wife/girlfriend! It's pie time. The winner: Wynonna! He's going with Jeanne to the suite. So while Dave heads on his date ("We kissed, we held, and we hugged"), the others... get a makeover.

And if Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" playing is any indication, it looks like Dave and Jeanne are about to have a pretty good time. But good times aside, elimination is afoot, and Dave and Cree are discussing possible strategy. Dave like Cree, but he promised a vote to Donnell, who's feeling good about this. Cree knows that he's being targeted, and Albert is pulling out all the stops to ensure his safety.

It's time once again... for elimination. Tonight, the ladies will be wearing nightgowns. But instead of the usual reveal, Tony pulls out.. Donnell's tape recorder, hidden under the confessional chair. On it... Cree's voice: "Albert is very Albert-centric, narcissistic, basically Vanity Smurf in a real person. Donnell, ya know I like Donnell, but I think he's full of (^_^) in a lot of ways." Now, this presents an interesting quandary, as what Donnell did, albeit unethical, is not out of the parameters of the game. Dave felt like his gentlemen's agreement was called into question, while Albert says that he wouldn't have done it.

So now the bell is rung, the gloves are off. There'll be no voting tonight, as the judges will ultimately eliminate one person. Wynonna believes that he had already decided who was going home, but in light of the events, he will cast his vote for Raven. Alberta votes for Carmen, as his pie had the most room for improvement. Raven votes for Carmen as well... but because of the wedding tirades from the last episode. Carmen...

"If y'all will indulge me, I'd like to say this as a man. *removes earrings and wig* The title of this game. I don't think it's a game, I think it's a test, is the All-American Man, and the test is to put us up under exorbitant stress in a very uncomfortable unnatural situation for all of us. Albert, the all-American Man considers everyone else over themselves, and someone who looks past outward superficial beauty. Don, the all-American man is also a really good sport. Win, lose or draw, you have to be a very good sport. And you're a poor sport. I think you guys are great, and we would probably be really good friends in other circumstances."

Now to the judges, as Cree puts his hair back on. Alberta's here to compete. Carmen believes he cares about the other guy before you. As for "brother from another mother," he explains that they are civil. One of them will not advance to the final pageant next time. The judges have made their final decision...

Alberta... is safe. Raven... is safe. Cree removes his wig... for reals this time. It was going to be Donnell going home right up until Cree's speech.

But now, we concentrate on the future, and the $250,000 prize to be won. Who will be the last lady standing? Find out next time!

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