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They're men. They're manly men. They're more than men, in fact. They're men among men. And for the next few weeks... They'll be women.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Tony Frassrand
Judges: Morgan Fairchild, John Salley, Debbie Matenopoulos
Creators: Tom Campbell, Bryan Hale
EP: Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart, Kathleen French, Dean Minerd, Tom Campbell, Robert Riesenberg, Tracy Dorsey
Packager: Evolution Film & Tape, Inc., Full Circle Entertainment
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"Always a Bridesman, Never a Bride" - November 9

You are cordially invited to a wedding. So are Albert/Alberta, Donnell/Raven, Cree/Carmen, Michael/Scarlett, and David/Wynonna. Everyone's thinking, Albert in a wedding dress... Shocking, isn't it?

So whose wedding is it anyway? That would be Cecilia and Lionel, who visit the guys at the Doll House. The guys think that Cecilia & Lionel make a great couple, while Cecilia thinks that the guys are exactly what her wedding needs to stand out. This is also Cree's time to stand out, as he has planned his wedding before. But what happens when Cecilia notes that "she has quite a few surprises for them?"

The ladies step out to the bridal shop to help Cecilia out, having no experience in shopping for a bride-to-be. So while the bride looks beautiful, the bridesmaids (who do get the offer from Cecilia) look... well, use your imagination, folks. But the guys are appreciative for this opportunity.

After accessories, we get flowers from the guys, who learn how to make corsages. Then comes news of the bridal shower... at the Doll House, which is getting some of the guys angry, because all of a sudden, are they being made fun of? And by the guys, I mean Cree, who lives and dies by the sanctity of marriage. "It's just wrong, and it's (^_^)ing insulting!" He follows up by calling the rest of the guys whores for money. Donnell's thoughts are that this was about Cecilia getting married, and that Cree not only doesn't deserve to be in the game, he doesn't deserve to be on this planet. Cree thinks his tirade is a one-way ticket out of the house.

The guys go all out for the bachelorette party, where they are not allowed to use their real names. Enter such novelties as "Ivana Humpalot", "Anita Mann", and "Nicen Easy".  But the party comes to an end early as Cree and Cecilia talk about his reservation. Monica (Cree's wife) notes that as quick as Cree is to flare up, he's also quick to die down. And that's what happens, as he pledges to be the best damn bridesmaid he can. Now the party can begin.

After the party, Don, Mike, and Al start to plot to get rid of Cree, as he has character flaws that are quick to manifest themselves. "I want Cree out of this house so bad I can taste it."

Next day, it's Cecilia's day, as the guys rush to get themselves to the church on time. They do... and you can understand what it must feel like to watch a man dressed as a woman walk down the aisle. The wedding goes off without a hitch. Congrats to Cecilia & Lionel.... *sniffs* Anyway... the groomsmen and the brides... men shake their groove thangs at the reception hall. Add mariachi band, and hilarity ensues.

Then add Tony, and immunity challenge ensues. It's all about catching the bouquet. The one who catches the bouquets win the Dude Pass. After a football hustle... It's Alberta! Dude, your boob is showing.

But that would only be what Wolvie calls "shame". This would be pain.. as Donnell suffers an injury on the field and arrives back at the house with a sling on.

When the guys woke up, they get three little electronic bundles of joy, the byproduct of Cecilia & Lionel's union. While they're being cared for, Albert & Michael are at the Dude Pass... movie stunt driving! As for the rest of the guys... how did Donnell end up with a white baby?

Well, enough baby talk. Time for the very grown-up world of... elimination. Donnell wants Cree out. David feels bad for voting for Michael, who doesn't feel good after being on the block twice before. Today, the ladies are modeling wedding gowns... and I hope to God those aren't Vera Wang.

The two highest vote getters... are Carmen and ... well, we don't know. There was a tie between Scarlett and Raven. Alberta must cast the tie-braeking vote as the holder of the Dude Pass. He picks Scarlett, and Raven is safe again. Carmen was challenged with a situation that challenged his thinking. But he does say that he did overcome it to become a gamer. Scarlett believes that he owes it to himself to stay and learn more. If he goes home, he wants to take what he's learned home to his lady.

Tough call, but the judges send home... Michael. Well, it had to happen, and no one's happy about it. "My woman needs me more at home than I need the $250,000." At least there's that, man. Debbie couldn't keep fighting for him. Also voting for: Morgan. Voting against: John.

Next time... pack your bags; you're going home.

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