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They're men. They're manly men. They're more than men, in fact. They're men among men. And for the next few weeks... They'll be women.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Tony Frassrand
Judges: Morgan Fairchild, John Salley, Debbie Matenopoulos
Creators: Tom Campbell, Bryan Hale
EP: Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart, Kathleen French, Dean Minerd, Tom Campbell, Robert Riesenberg, Tracy Dorsey
Packager: Evolution Film & Tape, Inc., Full Circle Entertainment
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"America's Next Top She-Male" - November 2

Last time, the guys went shopping, as several onlookers caught the fact that some of them were actually guys. Dan/Giselle was woman enough to earn him and Albert/Alberta a trip in an airplane. Unfortunately for Ryan, ain't no Sunshine, 'cause he's gone. Still in it, though: Donnell/Raven, Cree/Carmen, Michael/Scarlett, and David/Wynonna.

First, let's take a moment to exhale, as we recover from Ryan's loss. "If it isn't me, it's someone else." Dan thinks that it was Ryan and Mike because of Albert, leading up to (reality cliche #331) the alliance. The three D's, Dave, Dan, and Donnell, more specifically. It would've been three Ds and an A, but Albert didn't want to play the game. Oh well, his loss. Albert thinks Dan is a little TOO quiet.

Back in the Dollhouse, the guys have a chore board. This week... not one  of the guys did anything. Within the pink confines, there's a musky odor in the air, so it's time to do a little house cleaning.

And it's a good thing they did, because guess who's at the door... It's Frederique, one time model, one time Mole. She'll fit right in. AS the guys slobber for her, David is pretty much nonchalant with it. But aside from ocular fixation, Frederique serves a purpose... The guys' next challenge will be a supermodel boot camp.

The "ladies" come to visit Frederique on her own turf, meaning that they're decked in full womanly regalia. Each guy will have 30 minutes to flaunt their stuff (no, not that stuff), and the person with the best pictures wins the Dude Pass into the next round.

Wynonna's going to be an angel, Raven is going to be an intergalactic space woman, Carmen's going to be a 50's housewife, Giselle's going to be... Marilyn Monroe? Alberta's going to be Cleopatra, and Scarlett's going to be a mermaid. The scary thing is... Mike liked it. Add a twin fantasy, and all of a sudden, it's emasculation city. He feels like a drunken sailor.

And then there's Wynonna the warrior angel. And more twins. The caricatures go on a bit, from 50's Carmen to Cleopatra Scarlett to retrofuturistic Raven (Albert: "If he's a futuristic woman, kill me now!")

Tony's on the scene to deliver the pictures to ... whoever makes decisions like these. Because you know there are people whose job is to make these decisions. That person... is Frederique herself. Although she likes all of them, she picks Carmen's picture to move on to the next round. Donnell, on the other hand, thinks that she may have picked him ("Maybe Cree means Don where she's from!").

Now that we know that Cree is safe from elimination, he's free to enjoy his Dude Pass, but who will he enjoy it with? Albert thinks Mike is the biggest threat, as does Dave. Donnell... is too caught up with losing. But Dan is secure in the safety of the 3 Ds.

Meanwhile, Mike is picked for the Dude Pass, meaning that he and Cree are on their way to an adrenaline-pumped adventure... as men. Or so he thinks... The next day, Cree plays a strategy card by playing everyone... but eventually choosing Dave. The Ds think that Cree may be playing into the alliance, trying to break it up. Will it work?

Enter the Dude Pass. Today, it's parasailing. While at home, it's "the butt-kicking girls of Yoga Booty Ballet." Only in LA, folks. Dave experiences technical difficulties due to his girth and a lack of wind. Wait, there he goes... The others...

Dan: "Yoga sucks." Yeah, you're fighting for that Dude Pass now, aren't you Mike?

The night, the three Ds are worried, but are absolute in getting rid of Michael. Michael, on the other hand, wants to get rid of Dan. Elimination time again, as Morgan, John, and Debbie are now looking for a new supermodel attitude.

And the guys? They have to wear swimsuits. All I have to say is... Thank god for sarongs. Now to the votes. Giselle and Scarlett are up for elimination again. Giselle says that she has to work harder, and wants to promote world peace/buy a house with the money. Scarlett is running out of things to say about having his beauty put on trial. He said that he would pay bills.

In the end, it's Dan who has to put up his wig and kiss his $250,000 dream goodbye. It doesn't change friendships any, but it's a game, and Morgan saw right through it, thinking that Michael was a target if nothing else. Dan was made a target with Cree and Mike.

This competition is just about to get ugly... ier. Next time, here comes the brides... maids.

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