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January 3

Ordinary people have to do the strangest stunts in order to win up to $50,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Joe Rogan

Leon Wilde
Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, Karey Burke, Michael Binkow, Jimmy Mulville, Leon Wilde

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Ron Ramsey/Michael Rinzler
January 10

Tonight, two more people inherit the earpieces, the hidden cameras, and the challenge... Earn $50,000 by doing the crazies stuff imaginable.

First up tonight is Ron Ramsey, a 33-year-old single dad and telemarketer from Detroit.

TASK 1: DIRTY JOBS WITH RON RAMSEY. Sit down in a Porta-potti that hasn't been cleaned in a month. While sitting, you have to get someone to do three things... 1) Hand you some reading material, 2) hand you some tissue, 3) and engage in a one-minute conversation. (PASS, $5000)

TASK 2: SLEEP LIKE A CHILD. Pretend to fall asleep on someone's shoulder for 30 seconds. You only get three tries.

Try 1... FAIL.

Try 2... SUCCESS! (PASS, $10,000)

TASK 3: SPY FOR ME. Craw under someone's table and convince them to spy on his cheating girlfriend AND get them to take a picture of her. (PASS, $15,000)

TASK 4: CASH PHONE. Using a cell phone headset, get strangers to answer three questions asked passively. The three questions...

- What former boy band member sings "Sexyback"? (Justin Timberlake)
- Spell "belligerent"... (B-E-L-L-I-G-E-R-E-N-T... Time up) (FAIL, $15,000)

TASK 5: IDENTITY THEFT. Get a stranger to write down his drivers' license ID and take his thumbprint. To win, he must say, "I need to borrow your identity for a second." (FAIL, $15,000)

And now it's time for the Final Challenge. Complete this, and the $15,000... becomes $30,000.

FINAL CHALLENGE: A FUNERAL... IN MY HEAD. Ron has a hearse and a problem. His hearse is broken down. To double his money, he has to get someone to load his coffin into their vehicle and then deliver it to its final resting place. Before he does that, though, he has to pause for a moment of silence and a final group hug.

Within the 10, he manages to find someone to haul it away in their cab. And... a drive off? Come on, drive off... GOT IT! That's $30,000! And a cabbie has a new friend, but that's the world of the game show in your head. 

Next on episode 2 of the show is Michael Rinzler, a 36-year-old marketing executive for a toy company.

TASK 1: STRIP SEARCH. Get one guy to tell you if they're wearing boxers or briefs, what color they are, and they have to show you their underwear. "The irony of this thing is that my underwear is chafing me right now."  (PASS, $5000)

TASK 2: HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Convince a woman to dump your angry girlfriend, played by Joe. She must tell him that she was with him last night, that he is getting too needy and over-emotional, and that the relationship is over.  (PASS, $10,000)

TASK 3: DATE MY MOM. Meet Betty. She's your mom for this challenge. And she's just been stood up for her blind date. Convince one stranger to pose as "Paul", a rich Ivy League doctor, and to go on a date with her. (PASS, $15,000)

TASK 4: CHEAT! (BUT DON'T NUDGE). Convince a woman that you are a private detective and you need her help to investigate a cheating husband, played by "guy on phone". She needs to flirt with him. You need to get three pictures... holding hands, fondling his hair, and a hug & kiss. (FAIL, $15,000)

TASK 5: PAY LESS. Convince a woman to sell you the shoes off her feet for $20. (PASS, $20,000)

Final challenge for $40,000...

FINAL CHALLENGE: AN INFOMERCIAL... IN MY HEAD. Convince someone to sample a smoothie that you've invented AND give a testimonial. The only problem is... the ingredients read off like the LAST game show related job Joe Rogan had... You know. If you can get a positive testimonial for all three smoothies, then you double your take to $40,000.

- Smoothie 1: Raw garlic, sour mix, and horse radish.
- Smoothie 2: Beets, raw onion, and vinegar.
- Smoothie 3: Ground up raw fish.

He gets a couple of takers, but no one willing to say anything about the smoothies that can be translated into $40,000... so it's a FAIL. No $40,000, but he still has $20,000... that's enough money to go get some mouthwash for the game show in his head.

Two more people next week.