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Ordinary people have to do the strangest stunts in order to win up to $50,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Joe Rogan

Leon Wilde
Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, Karey Burke, Michael Binkow, Jimmy Mulville, Leon Wilde

Packager: Hat Trick Productions & Katalyst Films for Fox21
Airs: Saturdays at 8p ET on CBS

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Shalisse Pekarcik/Craig Scime
January 3

A game show... in your head?

Sure it's all in the title, but what the heck does that mean? Let's find out as we meet the first of two players tonight.

Tonight's first contestant is Shalisse Pekarcik, a personal trainer and cheerleading coach from Salt Lake City. She will have to perform five tasks received from an earpiece by Joe Rogan, who's moonlighting from his gig on the UFC. She'll have five minutes to complete each task (unless otherwise noted). Every task she completes earns her $5000. After the five, she'll get one more task, a Big Task, for double money. If she completes it all, she wins $50,000.

TASK 1: PICTURE TIME! Take four different family photos (group hug, family frolic, funny faces, kiss from the husband) with someone else's family by convincing their wife to do so. (PASS, $5000)

TASK 2: A TASTY FACIAL. Get somebody to put face cream (which is actually ranch dressing) and cucumbers on their eyes... then get them to dip a cucumber piece on their "face cream" and eat it. (PASS, $10,000)

TASK 3: THE NOT-THAT-REALLY-AMAZING RACE. Three people will walk on a catwalk, and Shalisse must pick one of them to "win" a faux race, that is, who'll make it to the other side of the street first within five tries. The people can't know that it's a race AND you're allowed to motivate said person.

Try 1... FAIL.

Try 2... FAIL.

Try 3... PASS. (PASS, $15,000)

TASK 4: HITTING THE DIGITS. Talk to a couple, and then convince the husband that he's met her before AND get a phone number. She gets the number, but doesn't convince the husband in question of anything...  (FAIL, $15,000)

TASK 5: STAIRING CONTEST. Get at least 10 people to stand in line at the bottom of a stairway for three minutes. (FAIL, $15,000)

And now it's time for the Bonus Round. Complete this task, and Shalisse wins $30,000.

FINAL CHALLENGE: WEDDING BELLS... IN MY HEAD. Dressed in a wedding gown, convince a guy to marry her and put on a tuxedo that came from a bathroom. He MUST say "I do", "I love you", and his vows before kissing her.

And the end result.... PASS! Shalisse takes away $30,000... and possibly a new boy toy. Either that or a whole mess of baby mama drama. Oh well. Such is life when there's a game show in your head.

Next on episode 2 of the show is Craig Scime, an entrepreneur from Buffalo who has recently married.

TASK 1: BROMANCE. Get a guy to give you his cell phone number and convince him to go back to your place. RIGHT NOW. (FAIL, $0)

TASK 2: THE TRUTH IS NOT OUT THERE. Using a camera man and a microphone, get two people to testify on camera about an event that never happened... that a UFO was sighted on that very spot this morning. THEN they have to admit to being abducted and probed by those aliens.  (PASS, $5000)

TASK 3: WANNA SEE A TRICK? Convince someone to hand you $5 for a magic trick, then put it in your pocket and say "Ta-da! It disappeared!" If they let you keep it, that fiver turns into $5000. (PASS, $10,000)

TASK 4: HOMELAND INSECURITY. Using a security wand, convince someone to strip to their skivvies and consent to a search (of only their socks and shoes, believe it or not). You can use the wand as a prop, but you can't tell them that it's for security reasons. (PASS, $15,000)

TASK 5: ASHES TO ASHES. Craig's pet rat was just cremated (No, not really). Convince at least three people to listen to a eulogy, comfort you with a group hug, then help spread the ashes. He gets all three with two seconds to spare. (PASS, $20,000)

Craig spills Maxwell's ashes as he prepares for the Bonus Round challenge for double money.

FINAL CHALLENGE: FOREIGN AFFAIRS... IN MY HEAD. Using a garment bag, find someone willing to stand in for a missing diplomat from a made-up country. That person MUST wear the traditional garb of the "country", give a speech about how much his "country" loves America, take questions from the press, and give a personal gift to the people of America.

Craig finds his mark, who first thinks that Farbala (that's the country, by the way) is a person. But in the end, Pat helps him out and ... PASS! He heads to the studio to pick up his check for $40,000 (followed by tax papers which will whittle it down to about $25,000). That's what happens when you have a game show in your head.

Two more people next week.