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October 11

Seven celebs... one pitch... Who'll get their own TV show?

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

George Gray
Judges: Adrianne Curry, Michael Schneider, Scott Sternberg
Creator/EP:  Carol Sherman, Jeff Androsky
Packager: Natural 9 Entertainment for Fox Reality Channel
Airs: Saturdays at 11pm ET on Fox Reality


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Round of Six
October 18

If you’re ready for a little more “Gimme” your favorite D-List Celebs are back and ready for competition.

Host George Gray delivers the new challenge to the remaining six celebrities and they learn that they will have to create their own publicity stunt for themselves. Each celebrity can do whatever they like, but the y will b judged on the amount of press coverage that the get and the creativity of their event. The 2 lowest scoring celebrities will be eliminated.

Susan Olsen, after a lackluster performance last week has chosen to stick with the same theme. Cats. This time around Susan has decided to call in some star power in the form of Barry Williams, TV’s Greg Brady. The two meet up to have lunch at the Ivy, Hollywood’s place to see and be seen, and on arrival they plan to bottle feed some baby cats.

During conception of the idea, Traci Bingham thought that it would be fabulous if Susan were to breast feed the kittens. I think we are all just going to have to accept that every idea out of Traci’s mouth will involve mammaries.

Regardless, Susan’s plan went off almost too well as upon arrival she crashed into Gretchen Bonaduce and ended up stealing her paparazzi. Gretchen’s idea was that since she had not been seen in public with a man since divorcing Danny Bonaduce, that it would be great if she went out in public and acted like a cougar with a little bit of young man candy on her arm. While this did garner her early attention, apparently kittens trump himbos or as Susan puts it, Bradys trump Partridges.

Shall we go back to Traci’s mammaries? Traci is now hosting a casting call for a show called America’s Sex Symbol and for some reason she has rolled out the red carpet in a parking lot. As potential contestants arrive, it becomes clear that Traci’s event is going to be a flop. She’s got everything from Hookers to Grannies in line, but the numbers dwindle at a total of around 20. Traci, ever the optimist, sees the flop of an event as drawing publicity regardless of the lack of success.

Speaking of a lack of success, Ryan Starr is on a street corner in Hollywood asking for money. All that is missing is the bikini. Ryan is actually attempting to drum up publicity in a noble way by spending the night outside as a fundraiser for homeless children. She isn’t getting any press coverage, but she is getting the word out on a grassroots level.

Speaking of grass, Kato Kaelin is holding a National’ Lampoon’s casting call for “Frat Chance,” something I am sure will be a great movie for stoners only. He’s at the beauty bar in Hollywood and getting a decent number of actors, but his arrangements for Entertainment Tonight to stop by were foiled when the existence of Gimme My Reality Show’s camera prevented exclusivity. Never one to stay down on his luck too long, Kato bounced from the casting call to a nearby celebrity poker event and mugged it up for the cameras.

A.J. Benza on the other hand should have just planned a mugging as opposed to his stunt. After failing to obtain young females arm candy he ended up settling for his wife. Ah, fidelity. In an overly plotted attempt to be an attention whore he had one of his staffers approach him and ask his wife for her signature as Gretchen Bonaduce. A.J. the n took the photos from the guy’s hands and ripped them up saying that the pics weren’t even Gretchen, but rather Kim Kardashian (How the hell does Kim get onto every damn show!). A.J. and his wife get in the car and speed away. Yup, that’s it.

Judgment time.

The judges love that Susan was willing to do something goofy in public and used star power. They do say that breast feeding the kittens would have gotten her on TMZ, but getting one of her staffers banned from the Ivy for sneaking kittens in by itself merits her show staying in production.

They also liked Gretchen’s energy during her publicity event but think that a little more making out was in order. Gretchen tells them about how she wanted to get Danny Bonaduce involved and get him pissed, but she managed to pull it off even though he shirked her. Gretchen is still in production.

Adrianne in particular loved that train wreck that was Traci’s casting call. Funnier yet, is that fact that Traci got more publicity when she simply went to the super market to buy a pair of melons (You can’t make this stuff up folks). Traci’s twins are still in production.

AJ barely even gets his judgment before he thanks the judges for the experience claiming that he sat with his wife and wondered what it would b like to have cameras in their house 24/7. They decided that life in the public eye was not for them, and as such he is bowing out of the competition. (We really need to create some kind of punitive damages for people who quit reality shows).

With AJ leaving, George Gray refuses to say whether AJ would have been in or out of production so we move on to Ryan.

The judges admire her heart and on cue Ryan turns into a sobbing mess. She says that she can’t take eliminations and George reminds her that she was on American Idol. Adrianne reminds everyone that she cried like a baby there too. That said, while her heart was in the right place, Adrianne says washing the car in a bikini overnight to raise money for homeless kids would have gotten her the attention she needed. Ryan cries further about how the local news did the weather across the street at 4am and completely ignored them. Well Ryan, while sex will get you everywhere (eg Traci) tears will get you nowhere (unless you’re that girl who loves Sanjaya). Ryan’s show is not being picked up.

That leaves Kato Kaelin. He’s really proud of the experience that he was able to cultivate for the actors that attended the casting, but he knows he should have had more publicity plans than just ET. It may have been close, but Kato is still in production.

And so we have it. four celebs: Kato, Susan, Gretchen, and Traci all on step closer to their own reality show. Next week it gets narrowed down to 3 and then on November 4th you’ll elect the winner. It promises to be a wild and bumpy ride. Hold on tight.