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Seven celebs... one pitch... Who'll get their own TV show?

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

George Gray
Judges: Adrianne Curry, Michael Schneider, Scott Sternberg
Creator/EP: Charlie Parsons
EP: Carol Sherman, Jeff Androsky
Packager: Natural 9 Entertainment for Fox Reality Channel
Airs: Saturdays at 11pm ET on Fox Reality


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Round of Seven
October 11

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night wondering which D-List celeb really should have their own reality show?

No? Really? I thought Kathy Griffin was reading this…

Well, for those of you who are willing to play along Fox Reality is ready to take you for a ride. They swept 7 celebs fresh from the Really Awards, packed them into a limo like sardines and they have pitted them against each other in gladiatorial combat for your viewing pleasure. Let’s meet our Celebs!

From American Idol Season 1, Ryan Starr!

Everyone’s favorite little sister, straight from the Brady Bunch it’s Susan Olsen!

Baywatch babe, Traci Bingham!

Freshly freed from Danny’s Partridge Prison, Gretchen Bonaduce!

Fit Clubber and Gossip Hound, A.J. Benza!

The man who lived to see O.J. go to jail, Kato Kaelin!

...and the gift left to America by Anna Nicole, Bobby Trendy!

So now that I have run out of exclamation points… George Gray, from the Weakest Link and Extreme Gong greets the Celebes with their first challenge. A Dating game style quizzer for first pick of production office.

Who thinks Gretchen is most likely to sneak away from competition for a little botox as her face is frozen in time?

The answers are across the board, but the person who said it was Bobby Trendy. A.J. Benza scores the lone correct response.

Who wants to see Bobby Trendy and A.J. in a cage fight? Most are split between Ryan and Susan, but it was Ryan. Traci and Susan score.

Who said Ryan is in dire need of a makeover because she is “too 80s?” It’s 3 Katos vs. 44 Bobbys and the Bobbys have it right. Gretchen, Ryan, Susan and Kato score.

After a slew of other questions here are your final scores:

1. Susan Olsen - 10 pts
2. A.J. Benza - 9 pts
3. Gretchen Bonaduce - 8 pts
4. Kato Kaelin - 7 pts
5. Ryan Starr - 6 pts
6. Traci Bingham - 5 pts
7. Bobby Trendy - 3 pts

So Susan gets first dibs on offices and edit times and after the tour, we realize the value of her power. The office span from large and luxurious down to a small desk in the kitchen/break area.

Susan being the sweet woman that she is decides she will let people pick office in the order they finished the challenge, but then she herself leaves the biggest office on the table opting for the medium sized corner office.

AJ passes on the big office and Gretchen in 3rd actually selects the kitchen. Kato Kaelin ends up with the largest office of all. Go figure…

The celebs end day one by picking 1 pro reality staffer and 1 intern to work on their staff and with that the game is officially on.

Welcome to the Viral Video Challenge. Each team will have 3 hrs to tape, 2 hrs to edit and will be scored by number of hits and creativity. At the end of the challenge, 1 celeb will be eliminated.

After the painstaking production process. We meet the judges. Reality producer Scott Sternberg, “Variety” TV Editor Michael Schneider, and reality TV veteran Adrienne Curry.

The Videos.

Ryan Starr - She and two of her friends parade around in skimpy bikinis washing a Bentley, but viewers get a nasty surprise once their faces are revealed.

Traci Bingham - It’s Traci and the twins (and no I don’t mean fraternal, even though they are surgically identical). Oh, and she plays dress-up.

AJ Benza - Have you ever wanted to see AJ Benza shot dead? Yeah, he thought so too.

Gretchen Bonaduce - Welcome to Gretchen’s world a place full of female empowerment and independence (with a smattering of lingerie)

Susan Olsen - Bob Barker has been saying it for years, but Susan takes being responsible with cats to a whole new level. Moobs included.

Bobby Trendy - It’s Trendy, It’s Bobby and It’s Fabulous. He’s so outrageous (and poorly shot)

Kato Kaelin - The man, the myth, the mystery. He staffs his office with a bikini clad secretary and simply plays Joe Cool (camel like spokesperson not included).

Remember, if you want to see the videos in their entirety you can go to

And now the judges comments…

Ryan - they loved the first 60 seconds, but the buck teeth need to hit the trash can. Of course, America didn’t care. They saw 3 girls in bikinis and made Ryan the 2nd most watched clip in the herd. Ryan is still in production.

Kato - Adrienne always thought he was a douche, but now thinks Kato might be an interesting douche. With 1st place in viewership, maybe Kato should get sponsored by Summer’s Eve. Kato is still in production.

Gretchen - The judges thought that Gretchen’s video was to busy and that her energy level left something to be desired. That said, Gretchen’s lingerie shots must have gotten her by because Gretchen is still in production.

Bobby - Scott and Michael were disappointed in the technical aspects of his video and while Bobby’s many outfit changes were intriguing, they felt the video fell flat. So did America and Bobby is in the bottom two.

Traci - If Gretchen got by with a little lingerie, Traci has to be safe based on her veritable full monty. Adrienne was sold once she saw Traci’s “nippage” Traci is still in production

That leaves Susan and AJ with one of them needing to join Bobby in the bottom two.

Susan - The judges appreciated her idea but think it needs a major re-write to work within the 90 second time frame. Could Sweet Cindy Brady be gone on the first show?

AJ - For a murder, Adrienne was disappointed in the less than liberal usage of blood. The judges wanted more sensationalism. Could AJ soon be yesterday’s news?

The celeb joining Bobby is…

Going to be announced after the break.


See this is why your parents tried to get you into reading. No commercials.

The celebrity joining Bobby is… AJ Benza.

Susan Olsen is still in production.

And now for the elimination. In order to determine who goes home, Bobby and AJ will compete in a best of three game of Rock Paper Scissors. Then they will race across the hand bike up the pyramid, across the big balls and finally arrive at Tribal council where they will have to get on the scale and try not to fall below the yellow line.

What? There’s no big drag out brawl? Well surely there is at least going to be a vote-out right?


Bobby, your show isn’t being picked up.

Just like that, fabulous has left the building.

A straight up elimination. Go figure. Kind of refreshing actually.

That wraps up Gimme My Reality Show. Next week TWO celebs will bite the dust and prepare for a dual election on November 4th because right after you vote for president you can vote for “Gimme’s” winner. Remember, only you can prevent another clone of Laguna Beach.

Vote or Die! And see you next time.