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Who'll be rescued from the REAL Gilligan's Island?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Scott Lasky
Creator: Sherwood Schwartz (based on original characters)
EP: Mike Fleiss, Sherwood Schwartz, Lloyd J. Schwartz
Packager: Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
Tuesdays at 8pm ET on TBS

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"Rescue from Gilligan's Island, Part 1" - December 21

We started with 14 castaways, each representing one player from "Gilligan's Island." We then whittled it down to the final seven stranded castaways. Then a hurricane hit, and after all the backbiting and smooth talking, we're down to the final five: Gilligan Chris, Mary Ann Kate, the Millionaires Glenn & Mindy, and Skipper Jim.

We begin with Skipper making a tiki to keep him protected against "bad (^_^)." Chris believes he made the right decision in voting for Mindy, because he's always made his own decision. "Why should I change now?" Meanwhile, Mindy doesn't sleep well, as Glenn can't stop strategizing. As of now, they have three options: get Kate to vote off the Skip, get the Skip to vote off Kate, or get Chris to vote off the Skip. Either way, the Skip is pretty much toasted. No matter which way they go, they agree that they have to cover their own asses. At least that's how Mindy sees it, as if Glenn goes, then all she has is Kate.

Kate was surprised to see her doll pulled last night, as she suspects that Chris is voting like crazy. We later catch her... with no top on. Glenn reassures her that she is safe so long as she plays ball with the alliance.

"Attention castaways! Attention castaways! Time to report to the picnic table for the next reward challenge!"

"Dead men walking."

Are we going to eat anything? Yep... a real meal! Their favorite meal! The catch... Scott brings out the Cuisinart. And if you remember BB5 earlier this year, you know what's coming. Each player will have to drink their favorite meals together. If you finish, you get the solid version tonight for dinner. The Skip gets surf and turf with potatoes, Kate gets a burger and fries, Chris gets tortellini, Mindy gets... something, and Glenn gets shrimp. After everyone pours their drinks in, we get a nice smoothie concoction... that looks like crap. You have to keep that down in five minutes... Good luck.

Chris tries holding his nose, while Mindy got Glenn's shrimp. Jim wanted to chew it down and experience it. "It was pretty good." Everyone's done in the five minutes, so everyone eats.

That night at dinner, we actually EAT our favorite meals. Glenn wonders out loud about tomorrow while Jim accidentally eats candle wax. Woops. TBS... VERY FUNNY. Kate made mention of being a very good actress, which put Glenn off a little bit. As much as she cares for these people, Kate has to look out for herself.

Glenn & Mindy strategize some more, thinking that the order is Skip, Chris, and then one of them. Chris & Kate talk about kicking the Skip. Chris thinks that Kate needs to start thinking on her own. Chris convinces her to make her own decision. And he stops it there. The decision that benefits her the most, though, would be to break up the Stearnses.

The next morning, it's time for fishing... minus Chris, as he is sleeping... per usual. Glenn hopes that Mindy'll take some island ways back home. Mindy says... no such luck.

"Attention castaways! Attention castaways! Sometimes keeping your head above water isn't enough. Please report to the lagoon for your next safety competition."

What do we have to do in order to secure final four? It's just your usual elimination/observation challenge. Scattered through the lagoon are several items. Scott sends each castaway to look for an item. There are not enough for everyone, so whoever comes back empty is out. Last one standing wins the lifesaver. After the starfish round... Jim is eliminated. After the treasure chest round... Kate is eliminated. After the bottle ship round... Glenn is eliminated. It all comes down to Chris and Mindy. Who'll come back with a ship's wheel? It's Mindy! So the Millionaires win... again.

There may be a possibility that Chris and Jim will vote for Glenn, as Chris tries to talk some sense into Kate, who realizes that she is now the swing in tonight's vote. Meanwhile, Glenn practices his swing. Symbolism?

Glenn makes sure that Chris gets the facts up front about the alliance. "I built companies around teams, which makes sense." Chris understands... he just doesn't agree. Chris is still talking about voting Glenn off, which would get him far in the game. Meanwhile, Jim calls Glenn's tactic out.

Heading into Voodoo Village... Mindy votes for the Skipper. "Your good looks and charm has gotten you this far. But now it's time to go back to your boat."

Skip votes for Mr. Stearns. "There's been some team activity on your part. I prefer to win this on an individual basis."

Chris votes for Mr. Stearns, because he's the biggest competition.

Glenn votes for the Skipper. "It's just your time right now. Sorry, buddy." Who will Kate vote for. She votes... for the Skipper. He's eliminated with these words: "Gilligan Chris and Mary Ann Kate are still growing. They may still be at a disadvantage with someone that's twice their age and has been in the business world. That's going to hurt them, but if they get taken advantage of, maybe they deserve to be."

Foreshadowing? It's the prelude to the rescue...

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