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Last year, GSN did some town-hopping, searching for the ten finalists who would be flown to Los Angeles to play for $10,000 on national television.

Tonight, Games Across America comes home with the results of that search.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Kurt Long
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Ten undefeated champions, one winner. That's how the GSN 2004 Get Schooled Games tournament ends, as we're joined by Games Across America host Kurt Long in the GSN Studios in LA. The ten local finalists are at the ready, as two at a time will face off in head-to-head trivial competition. Winner stays, loser pays. Highest loser score in the preliminary quiz becomes the Wild Card. At the end of the rainbow, a pot of gold, $10,000.

So who's going home with the cash? We'll see. Remember, best two out of three wins. First face off: Steve Newman (Boston) vs. Ronald DeAnnon (Miami). If you steal someone's bling bling, and they send you to Sing Sing, what state's prison system are you in?  Ronald in: New York. Right for 10. Next up: What color jersey does the leader of the Tour De France wear? Steve: The yellow jersey. Right for 10. Tiebreaker: What 1954 Supreme Court ruling ended segregation in American schools? Steve: Brown vs. Board of Education. Steve moves on.

Next up in round 2, Sam Fettrow (Richmond) takes him on. What SNL alum provides the voice of Shrek? Sam: Mike Myers? Right. Next up: What city if hosting the 2004 Summer Olympics? Steve: Athens, Greece. Right again. Tiebreaker question: What American novel features adolescent Holden Caulfield? Sam: Catcher in the Rye. And we have a new bagman. 

Next up, Sam takes on Joel Schimek. Question time: What potty-mouth personality wrote the 1993 best-seller about his "Private Parts"?  Sam: Howard Stern. Right. Next up: Which American university was founded by Thomas Jefferson?  Sam: University of Virginia. Right. Two in, and Joel's outta here.

Hoping to dethrone him this time is Tanya Harrison. Someone just handed you a Shih-Tzu. What are you holding? Sam: a dog. Right on. Next: Which reality show cast off contestants with the career-ending catch phrase, "You're fired?" Sam: The Apprentice. And just like that, Tanya is fired... for now.

Steve McClellan won out of Albuquerque, and he's hoping to win out in LA. First, though, he must beat Steve. If someone told you your cochlear implant was showing, what part of the body would you cover up? Steve goes for ear for the score. Next up: The Sun, Comets, and Silver Stars are all teams in what professional league? Steve grabs the money thanks to the WNBA. Will we see Sam again? We'll see.

Lori Bailey wants her hands on the bag. Here's the question they start with. What nickname is popularly attributed to American Western showman William F. Cody? Steve goes with Buffalo Bill. Right. Next up: What is the title of Hillary Clinton's best-selling autobiography? Steve gets it wrong with "It Takes a Village". Lori gets it right with "Living History." Tiebreaker: What founder of the Sisters of Charity...  Lori gets the bag of money with Mother Teresa.

Next up to take her on is Linda Kerren, the online winner.  There once was a man from Nantucket. What US state was he from?  Linda gets Massachusetts. Next: What popular American poet read "On the Pulse of Morning" at Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993? Lori comes back with Maya Angelou. Final question: What pop star experienced the famous wardrobe malfunction during the half-time performance of the Super Bowl? Lori fires with Janet Jackson to retain her stash.

Next to challenge: Zach Lass from the Baltimore final. His questions: You're the titular character in Herman Melville's novel, "Moby Dick". What are you? Zach fired with whale. Next, what red-headed Norse god of the sky defends himself with a giant hammer? Thor gives Zach the sack of money, and we go to the final round.

Last one chosen is Gabrielle Owen. She faces Zach... AND wild-card Steve McClelllan. It's a three-way for $10,000. Here we go!

1) What three Latin words appear on the Great Seal of the United States?
Steve: E pluribus unum (right)

2) In 1972, what tennis star became the first woman named Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year?
Gabrielle: Billie Jean King (right)

3) No man is an island, but there is an Isle of Man. What European country is it located?
Zach: United Kingdom (right)

Next person in wins $10,000 in student loans from Bank of America. Here it goes...

What does the acronym NAFTA stand for?

Gabrielle for the game: North American Free Trade Agreement.

RIGHT! Gabrielle takes the cash and the novelty check, and that's game called.

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