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Twelve people hit up the Food Network for a pilot of their own show. But who'll beat the heat and who'll get out of the kitchen?

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN
Host/Judge Bobby Flay
Judges Bob Tuschman
Susie Fogelson
Onset Mentor Giada deLaurentiis
EP Tom Seligson
Packager CBS EyeToo Productions for Food Network
Web foodnetwork.com/star 
Airs 9p Sun, Food

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Grammy Awards Celebration
June 20

We are down to 10! Who will be the next Food Network Star!
Doreen left us last time, and the chefs see popcorn boxes in the kitchen! Giada introduces Guy Fieri!
The camera challenge is:
CAMERA CHALLENGE: Take a movie genre and present the dish you make based on it to camera.
Herb gets Mystery.
Tom gets Romance.
Paul gets Drama
Das gets Foreign.
Brianna gets Comedy.
Brad gets Animation.
Serena gets Western.
Aarti gets Horror.
Aria gets Sci-Fi
Dzintra gets Action.
They have 45 minutes to cook, and then show it to camera in front of Bob, Guy and Giada. They have 30 seconds to present.
And we see prep and their inspiration. Time's up!
Tom doesnt like his dish.
Das is first. He does a Mexican dish. They all see his nerves on Camera. The dish is not special or unique.
Brianna does her dish which is a tempura shrimp and scallop "funness"? (ok). Guy called it a missed opportunity, but they loved the food and the flavor of the dish.
Aarti feels confident. She does a turkey meatloaf with a little bit of blood and she is really good with the presentation. Guy also called it the best culinary technique so far.
Brad's dish was colorful and great and perfectly execution. But Bob and Guy notice he shuts off on Camera.
Tom's presentation was better. But the dish was not so good. The pommes frites were "pommes flat" according to Giada.
Aria is next. She does a rice ball. And they notice her new toned down style where she is trying to find her balance.
Paul's steak dish for drama doesnt go well for either the presentation or the food.
Serena does a "spaghetti Western". They loved her energy and the flavor of the chili with the Spaghetti.
Herb knows he did badly. The food is missing stuff.
Dzintra gets Action and a car chase pasta with a peanut sauce that bombed in both presentation and taste.
Review time. Bob calls Paul "inauthentic". Das's food wasnt inspired. Aarti wins the challenge. Guy sticks around, as Bobby is in NYC this week. He will be on the selection committee when the star challenge rolls around. Paul is embarrassed.
Next day, the chefs leave dressed up because they are "going someplace fabulous".
They are at the Highlands where Guy, a red carpet and KTLA reporter Allie Mckay are waiting for them.
Star Challenge: How do the contestants handle the red carpet? They walk the carpet, get interviewed and get a swag bag at the end.
Dzintra is a little twirly.
Star Challenge Part 2: The club is going to host the MGD(Miller Genuine Draft) 64 after party for Grammy Award winning artist Colbie Caillat. There will be 150 people. Based on the color of the swag bag...they get paired up. Inside the swag bag are ingredients. They have to make a solo dish and a collaborative dish based on the ingredients. 
The teams are:
Serena/Paul - Parsnips and Peanut Butter
Das/Tom - Bananas and Red Cabbage
Brianna/Herb - Fennel and MGD64 beer.
Aria/Dzintra - Mushrooms and Blueberries
Brad/Aarti - Taleggio Cheese and Dark Chocolate
The finalists have 2 hours to prep and $500 to shop with.
We see the shopping and the team's chemistry. Along with the collaborative dishes.
Aria and Dzintra are not flowing.
Paul in his show off way, puts glass into the coleslaw by breaking a soy sauce bottle.
They have to make another batch of slaw, but wasting time.
Serena and Brianna crash into each other. And time is up. And we see Colbie and she is hungry!
We see Herb and Brianna present first. Bob said Brianna should have made up a story instead of saying she didn't know where her dish came from. Herb greeted us with open arms. The collaborative dish was well received by Guy. The beer marinated Flank Steak was fantastic(Herb). Brianna's Pork with Fennel Chutney was well received by Bob.
Aarti and Brad are next. Brad does a pork loin rubbed with chocolate and chilies. Collaboration is a beef skewer. Aarti's dish is a crostini with cheese and a tomato Chutney. They loved the Indian flavor of the Crostini and both chefs presented. Bob says the chocolate flavor was absent. The collaborative dish was a bomb. Bob called it leathery. Guy was not happy.
Aria and Dzintra are up. Aria is talking and Dzintra "Shhh's" Aria in front of the committee. Aria is floored and says there is no way we can revive ourselves, because the committee looks dumbfounded. The committee realizes the tension between the two, which is shown by no one being at the table. Bob remembered the shhh and Dzintra using the image of a hairball, which is the last thing you want to do before eating. They hated the collaborative salad, but loved aria's blueberry Napoleon. Dzintra's Beef with Mushroom Gravy is not as well received. There was too much mushroom flavor and not enough beef flavor.
Das and Tom are "Big Das/Big Sexy"...and they are up next. They liked Tom and Das. The collaborative dish was "inedible". They liked the mousse and the salmon/cabbage.
Serena and Paul are conflicting and her foot is killing her. Colbie was uncomfortable with the team. Serena's sandwich was a bomb. So was Paul's. The collaborative dish was much better dish.
After the party, Serena is going to the hospital. But her foot isn't broken. Paul and Serena were not happy with their performance.  
Review time.
Tom/Das - They liked their individual dishes, but their collaborative dish was daring, but not good and the least appealing dish. Tom was well liked from a presentation standpoint as his energy was there. But Das's "Yeah, Yeah's" and "what ups" were not appealing and genuine.
Herb/Brianna - a/k/a Team Sexy or as Bob called them "The Dream Team". Herb's dish was well received and the personality was good as well. They loved her food as well, but thought her personality was a bit standoffish to some. She goes into a whole diatribe it being a struggle. They also liked the collaborative dish.
Brad/Aarti - Her dish was well received, but Guy was majorly disappointed in his pork and the collaborative dish. Brad and Bob agree he is overthinking his dishes.
Paul/Serena - Bob calls them "Team Chaos". Susie calls his behavior towards Serena condescending after he puts her down. Guy calls it anybody's game to lose. Paul's dish was a failure. Serena's sandwich didn't work. But their collaborative dish worked.
Aria/Dzintra - Bob called the shhh insecure. Aria's dish was well received. Dzintra's meat was forgettable.
The winner of the challenge was Herb/Brianna. They go!
Next safe team Brad/Aarti as well as Tom/Das.
Down to Paul/Serena and Dzintra/Aria. They leave.
Aria - Bad pairing/Bad Luck
Dzintra - They call her raw and uncomfortable in her own skin. She is trying way too hard.
Paul - More confused about who he is.
Serena - They are torn about her.
Aria is safe. Serena is safe.

Down to Paul and Dzintra. Dzintra goes home. Paul is safe.
They leave. She is disappointed. Paul needs to show he is better than he is being portrayed.
9 are left...who will be the next Food Network Star?

To view this episode in its entirety, go to www.foodnetwork.com/star.