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The game show where your wildest fears become reality is back... bigger, badder, grosser, and more intense than ever!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Joe Rogan
Creator John de Mol
EP Matt Kunitz
David Hurwitz
Packager pulse:creative for Endemol USA
Origins Los Angeles
Web nbc.com/fearfactor
Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC

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Scorpion Tales
December 12

(Gordongram: The stunts you're about to read about have been designed, tested, and supervised by extreme stunt professionals. They are EXTREMELY dangerous and should not be imitated by anyone, anywhere, at any time.)

It began 10 years ago. Wow. That long. Well now it's back and promises to be bigger, badder, more intense and of course, grosser, which is how we like it. This is Gordon Pepper, and it's time to come back to the basics. Welcome to Fear Factor.

Episode #1 of 2 features family teams of 2. We get rid of one team per stunt, and the winning team will get $50,000. Whoo-hoo.

Alex and Amanda (brother and sister) - They seem to have this in the bag because they think each team has an old fart and the other team are a bunch of girls. Think Jersey Shore if they were on the west coast.

Monica and Matias (Mother and Son) - Monica is a former body builder, so she's no spring chicken. Matias admits he is a momma's boy. Could that be a problem?

Anthony Jr. and Sr. - Remember the dad from family matters? Yah, Anthony looks like that. Unfortunately the son (who also looks like a 20 year old version of dad), think he's going to move just as fast as the dad on Family Matters. That could be a problem.

Natalie and Olivia (sisters) - They're loud. They're perky. They're...blondes. During the first stint, blondes did not do well on this show. We'll see if they can turn the tide or just be another statistic.

STUNT #1: Teams will be traveling via rope on a helicopter to a box. Inside the box is a lever which must be pushed, sending a truck to a live ammo dump. On the trucks are steel tanks containing flags. The team that releases the least amount of flags will be the first team booted in this edition of the show.

Alex and Amanda, who go first, have no issues with opening up the levers. They do a pretty good job opening up the barrels, releasing 7 flags before the truck hits. Monica and Matias are next and while Matias is going through the barrels, mom is struggling. The struggling may cost her - they only get 6 flags in 46 seconds, which means Alex and Amanda are safe.

Anthony Sr. needs the money for some new shoes. Everyone thinks Senior is going to struggle running to the truck. Everyone is wrong. They are moving quickly through the truck, quickly grabbing 6 before time runs out. But did they do it quickly enough? Their time...47 seconds. Monica and Matias are in and now the father / son team has to deal with...

Natalie and Olivia... Anthony says they may have to move to another city if they lose. The blondes are struggling massively on opening the crates. They get 1...2....3....4...5...end of road. It's also the end of the line for the blondes, who do just as well as almost every other blonde team on the show.

Time to move on to an old deserted warehouse. Everyone is talking trash about Matias and his mom, who are getting closer together. Ew. But I'm guessing the next stunt is grosser...

STUNT #2: It's time to bob in a barrel of blood to get 4 nuts. Those open a cage of live scorpions that both members have to munch on. The team with the slowest time gets eliminated.

The Anthonys go out first and Jr. is having a problem finding the nuts. He's then having a problem eating the scorpions, as he looks like he's more interested in playing with them than eating them. Of course the strategy would be to kill them first before eating them, but Anthony is looking at them like they are his new pet. They both down them in 7:15.

"I'm eating those scorpions because I've got a sister I want to meet." That comes from Monica, who wants the money to go to Spain to visit her deceased father. They have no problem with the nuts, and they have no problems with the scorpions. They seem to be enjoying this as they rip the tail off and then eat the now dead scorpions. That's the right strategy as they do it in a quick 4:06.

It's down to the brother and sister team. Alex is taking his time, and everyone tells them to slow down. Heh. Anthony Jr. is making choking noises, but that's not stopping Alex, who's done with his scorpions. It's down to Amanda, who's munching quickly. Their time...3:39. That's more than enough time to make the finals and send the Anthonys to where Urkel went - cancellation.

Time for stunt #3...

STUNT #3: Both people will be chained to a the front grill of a moving cement mixer. Their job is to grab flags while the mixer is crashing through obstacles. The team with the most flags wins.

Monica and Matias goes first. out of 32 possible flags, they grab...22. That's pretty good. Alex and Amanda are up, and they get stuck when a piece of yellow debris blocked their vision. They missed a station of 4 flags plus another flag on the truck. Did it matter? No. Joe counted 23 flags and although they may have gotten more, that's enough to win the cash. They take home the first $50,000 of the season.

Now who'll take home the second check?


To see this episode in its entirety, visit nbc.com/fearfactor.