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Nick@Nite is bringing six families together... for the wildest competition Hollywood has ever seen! They'll turn Hollywood on its head in order to win the ultimate family vacation. Who has the teamwork to pull it off?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

John Salley, Amy Davidson
Creators: Gary J. Engel, David Rieth
EP: David G. Stanley, Michael Canter, Sal Maniaci
Packager: Empty Nest Productions, Telepictures Productions, Nick@Nite Originals
Mondays at 9pm ET on Nick@Nite

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"Round of Three" - December 20
The faceoff continues into the semifinals at Universal Studios with the comeback-kids of Taylors (Toni, Terri, Teffani & Tessani), the Benavides (Brian, Lori, Brandon & Katie), and the second-time's-a-charm-for the Bakers (Duane, Terri, Kira & Kody).

Scavenger hunt time... Each task will take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes off of their final race time. The tasks for the Universal Studios Scavenger Hunt are...

Be a little piggy
Go find Babe the Pig and wear your four piggy noses throughout hunt
1 minute
Find a Frank'n'Stein
Stomp over to Frank'n'Stein's and retrieve one frank and one stein
2 minutes
Ride a horse
Head over to the Tombstone Saloon and play horseshoes
3 minutes
Play the blues 4 minutes
Pose for Dave Coulier
Have Dave Coulier of "Full House" take a family Polaroid
5 minutes
Race a car 6 minutes
Squeeze into phone booth
Squeeze into the British phone booth and rip your family's name page out
7 minutes
Get a foot massage
Find Sweet Liberty and get a foot massage
8 minutes
Retrieve 4 hats
Find a Parisian courtyard and put on four matching hats
9 minutes
Sink a Bedrock ball
Go to Bedrock and sink four boulders
10 minutes

Teams will have 45 minutes to complete the tasks. Pay special attention to Robosapiens, for they hold the key to special information and important decisions. Time will not be counted until the end, and unlike previous scavenger hunts, the teams will have to walk the entire leg. Give me 45 minutes...

(Gordongram: You have 45 minutes - and a Legends of the Hidden Temple coin that will protect you from the mumm....oh wait, wrong show)


Bakers: They head to Bedrock to sink four boulders... and then Yabba-dabba-doo (10 minutes... after 10 minutes of shooting). Next up, pronouncing Parisian correctly and heading off to that particular direction. They decide to crown themselves kings/queens (19 minutes) and get a foot massage (27 minutes). Then it's off to see Dave at his photo lab (32 minutes). See a pig about a few snouts (33 minutes).

Benavides: They head to Bedrock (10 minutes... again, if they make it). After that, it's off to the Pa-REE-zhan. Again, follow the Bakers' path through "Paris" (19 minutes), but they find a clue: "This $100 is yours to keep. Take it!" But it's attached to the five-minute clue. In more ways than one. That $100 is Dave's photographer's fee. But for the five minutes, they'll part with it (24 minutes). Brandon doesn't want the Taylors to win, as they accuse the Benavides of cheating. Then it's over to the saloon (27 minutes) and a pig (28 minutes).

Taylors: Another Bedrock pop-a-shot (10 minutes) and trip to Paris... in Hollywood (19 minutes), then opt for a different path, going for the eight-minute task in a British phone booth, ripping their page out (26 minutes). They're also at the saloon pitching ringers. Don't forget the horse (29 minutes). Then they inadvertently find a Frank'N'Stein restaurant (31 minutes)

The Bakers try to outrun the Benavides for as long as they can through the entire search, as they emerge as the team who'll do ANYTHING to win. Now to the challenge phase. Today, since we're in Universal Studios, we get the magic of movies.

Challenge 1: Escape from "Jurassic Park: The Ride": Simple task: dress a stunt dummy and feed him to a T-Rex.

The Bakers have a strategy: the guys take the feet while the girls get the torso. The Taylors just rely on quickness. Lori... just hates the game. None of their items fit. The Taylors are almost done, but they need to button up the top button. John says that the dummy needs to be representin'. Upon closer inspection, we see that that the host himself... is not representin'. The Bakers are the first to feed their dummy to the dino. The Taylors are second, while the Benavides are third. They too face the button. Button button who's got the button?

Challenge 2: Mummy Dearest: Another simple task: wrap your mummy (get it, mommy, mummy?... It's PUNNY!) and answer a question about horror flicks for another piece of gauze. Answer five questions and it's off to your final challenge.

"And don't forget to unwrap you mummy before you leave." The Bakers jet out to a lead, as Katie and Brandon can't seem to gel. Bakers still have the lead as the other two families fight for second. "Dr. Octavius" of Spider-Man 2 (also known as Dr. Octopus) sends the Bakers to their final challenge.

Then the Benavides get the five to unwrap themselves... or is it the Taylors? It's the Benavides in second!

Meanwhile, Duane Baker relearns how to drive.

Challenge 3: Bar Hopping: Take the bravest adult and the bravest kid... and sit them out. The other two must cross a beam 30 feet in the air, jumping over marked obstacles. For the Bakers, it's Terri & Kira. Terri is shaking as she is hoisted into the air. "I didn't sign up for this!" Yeah, you did. Take some advice from Kody, and don't look down. Upside, the beam is wide. Downside, it's not sturdy. Terri. makes it across. Now it's up to Kira.

The Benavides arrive as young Kira gets her constitutions in order. She gets across... in no time flat. For the Benavides, it's Katie & Lori to take to the sky. Katie is first. "Walk the center and make it happen. She wants to be a model, so think about it as another catwalk. See, that was easy! How will Lori take it, though?

The Taylors arrive as Lori takes the team. "I got this!" She does. Now it's time to see who the bravest is for the Taylors. Obviously it's Toni and Teffani, because Terri is on the bar. She freezes, but eventually makes it across. Now for little Tess to take the bar. "I'm not going to jump!" You have to! You have this! Just focus! She makes the first jump. She makes the second... She makes the third... And makes the fourth.

Final results:

It was Bakers first, then Benavides, and finally, the Taylors. A reprise of last time, but will the Taylors come out on top? All three go for high-time stunts, but will the freeze on Tess' part exhaust all their free time? The Bakers were hung up on the foot massage, the Benavides tried to hang out with Dave INSIDE somewhere, and the Taylors... just got lost a lot.

First, prizes. Each team will receive an HPI Racing RC car. And you remember the California Roadster minicars that the families went from challenge 2 to challenge 3 in? Come in first and you can drive one home! The American Custom Golf Cart California Roadster goes to... the Bakers at 7:13. They will challenge in the final round... the Benavides family, who come in at 7:20. The Taylors, at 7:19... huh? Wha? Ummm.. what's going on? Well, all I can say is that they're going home with a computer and a Palm Springs vacation. But I'm still scratching my head over the OSG.

But in defeat, ever gracious are the Taylors. they had fun. "Just because we lost... doesn't mean that we didn't win."

You Coinstar Change-in-the-game Moment: Fear was definitely a factor for Tessani, who froze on the balance beam.

Next time, it's the comeback kids versus the powerhouse players. Who's going to Hawaii? Who's going home? Find out next time!

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