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Nick@Nite is bringing six families together... for the wildest competition Hollywood has ever seen! They'll turn Hollywood on its head in order to win the ultimate family vacation. Who has the teamwork to pull it off?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

John Salley, Amy Davidson
Creators: Gary J. Engel, David Rieth
EP: David G. Stanley, Michael Canter, Sal Maniaci
Packager: Empty Nest Productions, Telepictures Productions, Nick@Nite Originals
Mondays at 9pm ET on Nick@Nite

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"The FINALS!" - December 27
We started with six... now we're down to two: the comeback-kids of the Baker family (father Duane, mother Terri, niece Kira, and son Kody), who came back from elimination to contention, and the Benavides family (father Brian, mother Lori, son Brandon & niece Katie), who really got last week's bootees the Taylors a bit peeved.

One of these families is going to Hawaii, but first, they're going on a scavenger hunt... Each task will take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes off of their final race time. The tasks for the Universal City Walk Scavenger Hunt are...

Juggle pretzels
Go to Adobe Road, find the Snyder's Pretzel display, and juggle three bags. Then give the three bags away and bring back one pretzel box
1 minute
Befriend a handyman
Go to Hot Topic and grab a Cold Heat soldering iron from the maintenance man's pocket
2 minutes
Become a cow
Go to Cafe Tu Tu Tango and make the oldest wear cow ears
3 minutes
Rescue rubber duckies 4 minutes
Recover a tire
Cruise over to the NASCAR Motor Speedway and pick up one tire
5 minutes
Have a moment of zen
Go to the Zen Zone. Sit at the counter and inhale fresh oxygen for one minute, then get a scalp massage and bring back the massager
6 minutes
Rock out!
Go to Hard Rock Cafe, find the souvenir guitar, inflate it, and bring it back
7 minutes
Dance with a lobster
Go to Gladstones, put on a bib, pull a lobster out of the tank and twirl it around. Put the lobster back and keep the bibs on until the hunt is done
8 minutes
Whoopie it up!
Find one chair and four whoopie cushions at Sparky's and take turns sitting down
9 minutes
Start a conga line
Get up on the City Walk Stage. Grab four maracas and four strangers
10 minutes

Like last week, they can't run. Teams will have 45 minutes to complete the tasks. Pay special attention to Robosapiens, for they hold the key to special information and important decisions. Time will not be counted until the end.

The Bakers will listen to the kids more and focus on what Kody calls "inner... whatchamacallits... or stamina. Yeah, let's go with that one". The Benavides family keeps focus on beating the Bakers a second time. Forty-five minutes... started 30 seconds ago. Better get going! 

Both teams go for ten minutes first. But the Benavides are the first on stage, and they do it correctly. Next, the teams take on the whoopie cushions, the lobster (Katie has a fear of pincers and Kody thought he was doing the chicken dance), the guitar, the oxygen, the speedway, the cow, Hot Topic, and the pretzel stand.

One thing, though.. the Benavides family forgot that they were supposed to keep their bibs ON! The Bakers miss the Snyder's display. Both teams are back at home base, and it's time for the race.

Challenge 1: Bucking Bull: Made famous on an episode of "I Hate My Job", the players must head over to the Saddle Ranch Chop House and the adults must ride a mechanical bull for 2 minutes. Succeed, and Amy will give you the next clue.

Brian lasts all of 7 seconds. Duane has this handled for 33, giving new meaning to the phrase, "Cowboy up." Then Lori is up.. and over. Terri, on the other hand, matches her husband's 34. Terri's knocked off at 1:54... In the end, the Bakers git'er'dun at five turns. From there, it's a bowling trip in a cab. The Benavides get it done.. in significantly longer time.

Brian was on for 49 seconds. Lori... 1:11.

Challenge 2: Bowled Over: For each trivia question answered correctly, a family pairing gets a frame of bowling. Once you've knocked over 40 pins, Amy will send you to your next location.

Lori & Katie keep bowling gutters. Terri and Duane walk the bowling challenge. The Bakers are done first, and... hey, don't forget your clue! The Benavides are in second. They've got to hurry up.

Challenge 3: Stairway to Heaven: It's the big climb, as the teams must climb 100 stairs (or at least one teammate at any time while the others take the escalator) to get to the finish line. The Bakers are first.

Final results:

What an ending. But what about the Scavenger Hunt? Both families completed all ten tasks, but the Bakers didn't get 11 minutes credited for two failed tasks. Will it be enough to save the Benavides family?

Reminder, the winning team will go on the ultimate family vacation in Hawaii. This one came down to the wire. The envelope, please. By a mere 46 seconds... the winners of the first Family Face-Off is.... THE BAKER FAMILY! But for giving it all they got and then some, the Benavides are going to the Kalahari water part in Wisconsin, America's largest. They also get an HPI Racing RC car from the last episode and the Nintendo Gamecube.

So that's it, game over, right? Wrong. You're going to be in Hawaii, but we wouldn't want you to go without some cash... so here's Amy with a check for $25,000!

You Coinstar Change-in-the-game Moment really did change the game. The Benavides family would have won the series had they remembered to keep their bibs on for the entire race. They lost eight minutes credit for failing to do so.

If you can rustle up three of your familials and would like a chance at the ultimate family vacation, you can check out and click on the Family Face-off button to see how you can be a contestant on a future series. It's a guy on an electric chariot. Can't miss it. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you soon...

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