Dancing with the Stars
Season 4
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Today is

One to Go - May 14

The results show is next week. We don't play. The results show will be ready to see who's going to the finals, so get ready, because we're moving. Joey & Kym gets the next-to-last rewind of the season for their Jive and the kiss from Carrie Ann. Awww. Enrique Inglesias will be performing his hit "Hero" accompanied by Alec, Edyta, Louis, and Karina. The audience saw what happened last night, including Dr. Quinn herself, Jane Seymour loving Joey and one knowing that Len wants to put more bran in his diet. Please. I prefer a little more sugar with Kool-Aid. Jauqin Cortes will be dancing flamenco for you. He's very fast.

Enrique is back to sing "Do You Know" and here's something else you know. There were 2 segments. One featuring the judges' breakdown of the final 4 and another featuring the stars sizing up the competition. Now let's see who's sizing up for the finals. In random order....crossing the finish line....Joey & Kym....followed by.....Laila & Max. Only one won't punch that ticket...and it's.................................Ian & Cheryl. Apolo & Julianne go through.
Cheryl's title streak is over and a new one has begun. Long live........You'll just have to finish the sentence if the judges & people at home decide who wins next week. I'll see you there.

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