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Season 4
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Today is

One to Go - May 14

We're in the final stages of putting the pieces together of making the finals. Only 4 couples have made it this far. 3 of them will survive. It's go big or go home. Let's go!

As is in the last 3 weeks, the couples will pick their dances all to different costumes and music and split into 2 rounds. Let's not waste any time and get to it. Apolo & Julianne will go first. Can they knock off Cheryl's title streak? In round 1 they did a quickstep to "Mr. Pinstrpie Suit" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Apolo searched for Julianne in the entrance and she was on the floor as he found her. Both did a horse jump, followed by another, and Apolo did a butt slide to end it. Interesting, is it? Carrie Ann said it set the standard way high, Len said it was fantastic, and Bruno said his footwork is incredible. Can we get a score, please?

Round 1: 30

Let's see if a repeat can do justice as they cha-cha to "Push-It" by Salt & Pepa. If this was sexy, this was it. It's a good thing they found a clean song. No gangsta rap here. Pushing over to the judges...Carrie Ann said it was the sexiest cha-cha she's ever seen, Len said it was too raunchy and Bruno said it was a shot of adrenaline. Can we get some scores with a shot of novocain or a rool canal?

Round 2: 29
Overall Score: 59

Ian & Cheryl will be up next. Look for her to win her 3rd title. In the first dance, they did a tango to "maneater" by Nelly Furtado. Can you believe it felt like a good choreography? To our judges: Carrie Ann have advice on dance traveling, Len said it was his best dance and Bruno said the demon inside is coming out. Out comes the scoreboard...

Round 1: 28

Let's see if they can do better as they Jive to "All Shook Up" by Elvis. Ian did a good job doing a rocker gesture, a flip, and an Elvis gestue to end it. Let's see what's shakking with the judges. Carrie Ann said Halleujah, Len joked about the wig and Bruno made references to Sanjaya or Liberace. Whatever these 2 have in common, they have numbers like these:

Round 2: 30
Overall Score: 58

Laila & Max will be ready. Look for Max to make the finals if he succeeds. The first task they get by is a quickstep to "Walk Like An Egyptian" by the Bangles. Both did Egyptian gestures and Laila did a leg hook and that was it. Going to the judges. Carrie Ann said it brought a different short of unique vibe, Len said it was more basic than Apolo & Julianne and Bruno called Laila "Cleopatra Ali -- Jewel of the Nile." Now the crowning gem...the numbers.

Round 1: 30

And they go again as they cha cha to "She's A lady" by Tom Jones. It reigned latin with their purple outfit, but do the judges know what they saw? Carrie Ann said her technique shines through, Len said it had far more content and Bruno said she is a knockout. Let's see if a TKO in numberology can help.

Round 2: 30
Overall Score: 60

Joey & Kym are last up. Don't call them favorites, because they're crowd pleasers. Their first routine was a fox trot to "My Guy" by Mary Wells. Kym did high kicks and both did flip overs. Now let's flip on over to the judges. Carrie Ann said he won the Ballroom round, hands down, Len said it was Amercian Smooth and Bruno said it was a foxtrot with Hollywood creditentials. Now let's see if this gives extra credit.

Round 1: 30

The enxt round tested their Jive to "Jump Jive & Wail" by the Brian Seltzer Orchestra. Joey flirted around on the judges table and jumped off while Kym did side kicks and Joey did a blind kick and Joey did a jump split while Kym did a kick butt gesture. Now let's see if the judges made some sense. Carrie Ann said it was fantastiac, Len said he has personality and Bruno said he has more tricks than Houdini. Magic scoreboard, please...

Round 2: 30
Overall Score: 60

Before we disappear, here is the final tally:

60 -- Laila & Maksim, Joey & Kym
59 -- Apolo & Julianne
58 -- Ian & Cheryl

And that'll be the nail on the coffin on show night. Watch the results show tomorrow and see who gets nailed. See ya!


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