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Season 4
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Today is

Facing Elimination... Really - May 7

Ah yes, a night of waltzes and a night of...uh, Laila. The results show means it'll be one last night for 1 couple. Let's find out as we get started.

Could this be a rewind? Yes. That goes to Apolo & Julianne with a paso doble so had a mean Julianne. Well, after all we figure who the mean girl in the house now, huh? Nelly Furtado has been through pop, R&B and rap. What else? She's doing her old hit, "I'm Like A Bird" with help from Tony & Elena on the floor. In the locker room, Billy Ray didn't feel upset about the judges critique. He's just happy to be here. Well, aren't we all? What happens when you take 2 dance pros, add significant others and have a dance throwdown? Well, you get Max with his sister, or maybe wife, Valentine and Karina with Valeriya Kozharinova dancing to a Jamiroquai song. I'm not gonna tell who wins.

Nelly Furtado is back to sing "All Good Things" with Cheryl and Louis on the floor, but all good things might come to an end as Billy Ray & Karina sputter in the bottom 2,meaning that Ian & Cheryl stayed safe. After we know what the stars tell what it's hard to see your friends who are gone, we know that Laila & max are staying safe.....followed by.......Apollo & Julianne. But if you're surprised, Joey & Kym are in the bottom two. Could this be a shock?
No. Billy Ray & Karina are gone. They take the funeral dance to "Everybody Hurts" by REM. Time to go for now, but next week is the last chance for a spot in the finale which is 2 weeks away. And I'm actually away, so goodbye.

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