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Season 4
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Today is

The Five Faces of Ballroom - May 7

3 more weeks. Yes, 3 more weeks. The finale in 2 away, but for this one, it's the same thing like last week. Let's go.

Up first, Ian & Cheryl. In the ballroom round, they did a foxtrot to "Baby, It's Cold Outside." With so much elegance and grace throughout, the judges knew if there were any or not. Carrie Ann liked Ian's top half, Len said it was a bit skimpy and Bruno said it was like a jumping goat. Here comes the first round score:

Round 1 Score: 22

Deciding that they didn't want to be goats, they charged as bulls for round 2, as they rumba to "Imagine" by John Lennon. Cheryl gave due with a leg squat move and a foot drag. No time for imagination, let's get the judges information. Carrie Ann said it didn't feel like it was generated, Len said it lacked naturalness and Bruno said it was a great improvement. Let's charge ahead to the leaderboard:

Round 2 Score: 25
Overall Score: 47

Now it's Joey & Kym's turn. In round 1, they did a waltz to "Always " by Frank Sinatra. It was very romantic......or was it to the judges? Carrie Ann said it missed the Joey special, Len said it showed a different side, and Bruno said it wasn't good enough. But was it a good score?

Round 1 Score: 26

In round 2, they try to do better as they mambo to "Pump It" by the Black Eyed Peas. Kym did a go through while both did arm moves. Even a slide through by Kym thought it would wow the judges....would it? Carrie Ann said he stepped it up, Len said the routine was clever, and Bruno said it pimped the mambo. Let's decorate the scoreboard:

Round 2 Score: 29
Overall Score: 55

It's time for Billy Ray & Karina to fight off the bottom 2 blues and get on with it. In the first round, they did a fox trot to "Stand by your man" by Tammy Wynette. The only highlights I saw was a kick by Karina and and a foot drag by Karina again. Now the judges. Carrie Ann said he's still in the game, Len said he did the right steps at the wrong time, and Bruno said it was terrible. I hope we see a bad score now.....

Round 1 Score: 18

Deciding they not be wallflowers, they recharge as they mambo to "My Way" by Los Lonely Boys. Billy Ray got funky with it and he did move with Karina on one knee. There was even a go through baseball slide and Karina went on top of him. Now he head to the judges. Carrie Ann said they can make people do this, too, Len talked about the 2 dances of equal merit and Bruno said he's a wild beast that cannot be tamed. Here come the numbers...

Round 2 Score: 20
Overall Score: 38

Laila & Max are now ready. In the first dance, they did a waltz to "May Every Day" by Andy Williams. Laila was fast asleep and woke up to dance. Even she did a no hands spin. Let's spin away at the judges. Carrie Ann said it brought emotion to the floor, Len said it was poigant and Bruno said she did it well. Now the numbers:

Round 1 Score: 27

And round 2 puts them in a jive to "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce. Max did his own hosting intro gesture while Laila did the girl that got past her. Both did kicks and Laila did the kiss of death. This took you right back to the old days of Mortal Kombat. Okay, we get it. Now the judges. Carrie Ann said it was spunky, Len told Max to dance because he can't lollygag. True, and Bruno said it delivered a great dish. Now to shoot the score at the free throw line....

Round 2 Score: 26
Overall Score: 53

Did I leave something out? Oh yeah, Julianne & Apolo. They're last up. In the first set, they did a tango to "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield. After they did a argentine dance, we head for the judges. Carrie Ann said it was fantastic, Len said it lacked passion and drama, and Bruno said it was electric. Here comes the numbers now....

Round 1 Score: 28

After some shock therapy, they head for round 2 as they paso doble. Apolo took Julianne skirt portion and attached it like Mr. Potato Head. Julianne looked nasty in every past of the way. Let's see if the judges cleaned that up. Carrie Ann said it had chills the whole time, Len said it was a proper dance and Bruno said it went for the kill. Now let's see if we go for a spare.....

Round 2 Score: 30
Overall Score: 58

What a waltzy night. Get it? Waltz. Anyway, here's the final count.

58 -- Apolo & Julianne
55 -- Joey & Kym
53 -- Laila & Maks
47 -- Ian & Cheryl
38 -- Billy Ray & Karina

Could Billy Ray & Karina's chances spell D-O-O-M? We'll see you in 22 1/2 hours to see if one couple is G-O-N-E. See you L-A-T-E-R.


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