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Today is

Ballroom Bowl II - February 25

Let's end "Dancing With The Stars" on a Sunday with a 2-hour show. Who won? I don't know. Let's find out.

To support the finalists, we welcome back the rejected from the past 7 weeks, each one taking it to the floor. And then, out come the finalists, Stacy & Tony, Drew & Cheryl and Jerry & Anna. Now, we get the highlights from Thursday's show. 2 teams tied for the lead after round 1, with Jerry getting the right performance at the right time. Stacy's fox trot was on replay and was pleased with that, Drew reworked his paso doble, and the crowd just went berserk, and that capped the first round. On came the freestyle round, and Jerry went for the retro look. That worked like a charm. Stacy decided to stay 70's this round, but it went in the wrong time zone, and then Drew posted back to back 30's with his cowboy routine. So far, Drew & Cheryl have 60, Stacy & Tony have 56, and Jerry & Anna have 53. But that's only 1/2 the story. Tonight, they'll perform for the judges one last time in the hopes that one will be crowned champion. Let's roll!

First off, Jerry & Anna doing a cha-cha to "Think" by Aretha Franklin. Anna put his hands above Jerry by the start, and both did some footwork moves, but Anna made up with a leg lift, a few shakes, and spins with a dip to end the song. The crowd is chanting his name. Now, let's see if the judges like it. Carrie said it was like a celebration, Len said the admiration never waned, and Bruno said the footwork is thriving, and we got the scoreboard right here:

LEN: 9
Total: 27
Overall Total: 80
And they strike first.

And up for their turn is Stacy & Tony doing a samba to "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin. Both did some pumps and a shimmy move, which has another in the later seconds, and another a few more. Stacy did a kick, followed by a floor spin & slide through to end it. Now we go to the judges: Carrie Ann said it's not physique, but what moves it, Len said it had fantastic moves, and Bruno said it had the awesome power of the weapon of mass seduction. Now, the scores....

LEN: 10
Total: 30
Overall Total: 86
And the lead is taken away.

Finally, Drew & Cheryl doing a jive to "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley. Drew did a guitar gesture to start off, then he did a slide-through later. Cheryl did some spins, both did a shimmy move, then, Cheryl did a dip, and a slide through, while Drew did a jump over & slide to end it. Now, we go to the judges: Carrie said it was the most exciting performance from day 1, Len said it's been a joy to watch, and Bruno said it put so much energy & power. Now, one last time this season, the numbers....

LEN: 9
Total: 27
Overall Total: 87
Despite the jeering from the crowd, they take the lead!

Now, a performance from salsa champs Yesenia & Rodridgo with Mary J. Blige doing "Family Affair." Yesenia did some spins, and a kick, but there was a camera shake that didn't adjust your sets, people. She also did a flip over, a split & a 3/4 dip. Both did some armwork, but Yesenia did a flip over, and contortionist moves at the end. Now we award the Bronze Medal, and it goes to.....................................Stacy & Tony! She gets a video tribute, and tells Jerry he's such a great man, and to Drew, he's a fan of himself. So now, it's Jerry & Drew going for the gold. In the audience are season 1 champs, Kelly & Alec, and over in the locker room, Jerry knows he's happy to be moving on with his life, and Drew says he'd had no problem if Jerry wins.

Now, we introduce the rejected starting with Act I. First, Kenny & Andrea doing the cha-cha. Next, Tatum & Nick doing a waltz, followed by Giselle & Jonathan doing a rhuma, and finally P. & Ashly doing a Jive. All of them joined P. & Ashly for twist bouncing and ended with a grab & position move. And now...Act II. It starts with Tia & Max doing a Tango, followed by Georeg & Edyta doing a quickstep, and finally, Lisa & Louis doing a Jive, and all danced to joined them at the end. How did they get here, well....

It started with all 10 dancers on one floor. Kenny & P. failed to deliver, and soon, Kenny was gone. Week 2 came and there was a quickstep controversy over P. That didn't get over Tatum's routine as she was gone. Week 3 rolled around, and Drew & Stacy tied for the lead. The best, however, went to Tia & Max for their tango, but Giselle & Jonathan couldn't tangle as they were gone. Week 4 came, and Jerry revved up his engines while P. sputtered and ran out of gas. Week 5, and Stacy started out perfectly, while Tia & Max found a way to get out of the race. Week 6, 2 30s were posted and George was ejected on the elimination board. The semis came along, and 2 routines put Drew & Stacy at the top, while Lisa was on her way out. That brings us to the finals, where tonight, Stacy is gone. For a brief moment, Giselle said the tango was her favorite, P. opened a ballroom studio, Tia had no idea when her husband heard her on result show day, and George did some humor. Lisa is now sitting next to Stacy, but who else will they sit next to?

Now, another performance by Mary J. Blige doing "Be Without You" while moments of the show are shown on the big screen. But who are Drew & Jerry. Let's break 'em down. Jerry: the warrior, he gets effort from football experience and has popularity by a great fanbase. Drew: The entertainer, he gets technical dancing skills, and is best known for his performances. Jerry is a football player who is a great partner & gentleman, and thanks Anna for having confidence in him. Drew is a boy band singer who wanted to get out by week 1, but made it to the end. He says he wants to remain friends for a long time. Now the time has come. Who won? The winner of Dancing With The Stars 2006 is.......................................Drew & Cheryl! Jerry, who know has a silver medal, gets to thank his partner, because they kept fighting and never gave up. How did that feel? Cheryl was in shock. Drew said he couldn't ask for a better scenario. And now, they'll play the victory song, "He's the Greatest Dancer." From 98 Degrees to Broadway and now DWTS. Drew is, will be, and always the greatest dancer. And there you have it, whether you did a samba with Sarah Lane, a jive with Jeff Gordon, or a Paso Doble with Bruce Campbell, it's got to be "Dancing With The Stars." Until next season, I' m Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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