If two was good, three MUST be better! No sonner did the second tournament end when the third rendtion of CELEBRITY POKER SHOWDOWN, the serious cash-money tournament that plays like Beverly Hills home games, shows up!  There will, as always, be five games of five celebs each, with the winner of each game advancing to the Final Table and a big piece of the $250,000 Prize Pool for his/her charity. (No telling who put up the Prize Pool this time around).

We have a player from the FIRST tournament playing with four others tonight. They are:


Willie Garson
playing for La Casa de las Madres
"Evil" Willie actually WON his prelim table in the first tourney by knocking everyone out, but the Sex and the City star dropped first in the Final Table. Will Sin City be paradise for him again...or will evil fail like in most other dramas?

Jennie Garth
playing for World Vision
One of the originals of 90210, Jenny currently plays Val Tyler in What I Like About You. Will she be "Spelling" a victory tonight...or will she spill what she DOESN'T like about the others in the Lounge?

Richard Kind
playing for Project ALS
This comedian has had supporting roles in many films, but was best know as Paul Lassiter on Spin City and, recently, "Cousin Andy" on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Will he bring all the chips to HIS curb...or will he spin out of control?

Dave Navarro
playing for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
The lead singer of the early 90s band Jane's Addiction has reunited the band for a new album and an upcoming tour. Will he "Trip Away" with the silver chip...or will he be "Caught Stealing" too many pots?

Jerry O'Connell
playing for Reading Is Fundamental
The former star of Sliders has a recurring role as Detective Woody Hoyt on Crossing Jordan. Will he slide his way to the Final Table...or will the others detect how bad he is in time?

Each celebrity will start with $10,000 worth of chips and the game will continue until one celebrity has all $50K in his/her possession, thus making him/her eligible for the Final Table later in the year.  At the announcers' position beside the Losers' Lounge are host Dave Foley and poker expert Phil Gordon.  They'll be calling the action emanating from the main room.

All right, enough of this.  As Tournament Director Robert Thompson says. let's SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL!

Initial blinds are $50 (SB) and $100 (BB).  The Dealer Button (D) starts on Richard.

Jerry Willie Richard (D) Jennie (SB) Dave (BB)
A♦ 5♠ 8♠ 4♣ A♣ 10♦ 10♠ 7♥ 9♠ 4♥
Raises to $600 FOLD Raises to $1100 FOLD FOLD
Calls $500
FLOP: 9♦ 6♦ 3♦
Bets $2000 FOLD
WIN $4350
Richard was still a decent favorite, despite Jerry's flush draw. But Jerry's aggressive play scared Richard out.

Willie Richard Jennie (D) Dave (SB) Jerry (BB)
6♦ 2♥ A♦ Q♣ 9♣ 8♦ 8♣ 6♠ Q♦ 10♥
FOLD Raises to $600 FOLD FOLD Calls $500
FLOP: 3♠ 9♦ K♣
Bets $500 FOLD
WIN $1750

Jerry O'Connell $10,650
Willie Garson $10,000
Jennie Garth $9950
Dave Navarro $9850
Richard Kind $9550

Richard Jennie Dave (D) Jerry (SB) Willie (BB)
9♥ 5♣ Q♦ 2♥ A♦ 4♥ 7♥ 5♠ K♥ 6♦
FOLD FOLD Raises to $200 FOLD Calls $100
FLOP: Q♥ K♠ 8♣
Willie has a pair of Kings.
TURN: 4♠
Bets $400
Calls $400
COMMUNITY: K♠ Q♥ 8♣ 5♦ 4♠
Immediately after the River is turned up, Dave goes for his chips, a "tell" of weakness.
4♥ 4♠ A♦ K♠ Q♥ K♥ K♠ Q♥ 8♣ 6♦
WIN $1250
Willie admits falling for the trap.

Jennie Dave Jerry (D) Willie (SB) Richard (BB)
J♠ 3♦ J♥ 4♥ Q♦ 6♥ 10♦ 5♠ 7♠ 2♠
FOLD Raises to $200 FOLD FOLD FOLD
Richard actually looks INTO the Hole Cam, tells everyone what he has and says he's not playing it. Good thing, too. Though 7-2 suited isn't a "beer hand", it's still a rather bad hand to play.
WIN $350

During his initial interview segment, Dave compares poker games by saying, "Stud is like heroin...but Hold 'Em is like crack. It gives you that kind of 'high'."(Sounds like "Jane" wasn't the ONLY one with an "Addiction", hmmmm?)

Richard Jennie Dave (D) Jerry (SB) Willie (BB)
Q♥ 4♦ 10♠ 7♦ A♥ Q♣ 10♦ 2♥ 6♣ 6♦
FOLD FOLD Raises to $400 FOLD Calls $300
FLOP: 5♦ 2♣ 7♣
Bets $400 Calls $400
TURN: 5♥
Bets $500 FOLD
WIN $2150

Jerry O'Connell $10,600
Dave Navarro $10,100
Jennie Garth $10,050
Willie Garson $9950
Richard Kind $9300

And, now, it's time once again for HOW WOULD YOU PLAY IT? We will only look at Jennie's hand and go through how "you" should play this hand when you don't know what anyone else has.

Jennie Dave Jerry (D) Willie (SB) Richard (BB)
K♣ 8♣ ????? ????? ????? ?????
"You" (that is, Jennie) start off with a fairly decent hand...but "you" are in a bad position, since "you" must act first. "You" should consider raising the Big Blind and trying to scare everyone else out.
Calls $100 FOLD Calls $100 FOLD CHECK
Just calling is not good for "you"; "you" have given Jerry a cheap Flop and Richard a FREE Flop to catch up to "you."
FLOP: 4♠ 8♠ 4♦
"You" now have a GREAT hand: two pair (8s and 4s) with a high kicker (King). Usually, the first in a pot with a pair on the Board wins the pot. However, Richard acts first.
Bets $300
Richard could have just about anything. Best thing for "you" to do is raise and see if he has a third 4.
Raises to $600 FOLD Raises to $1600
That massive re-raise should give "you" all the info "you" need; Richard MUST have "trips". Best to fold.
Calls $1000
Jennie, however, decides to look him up.
TURN: 5♦
Bets $2500
Richard's bet all but SCREAMS "Three 4s at least"! "You" should bail out!
WIN $6050
And Richard's hole cards? 5♥ 4♦! He not ONLY had "trips" on the Flop, but he "turned" a full house! He got $1000 more out of Jennie than he SHOULD have.

The price of poker has gone up; blinds are now $100 (SB) and $200 (BB).

Dave Jerry Willie (D) Richard (SB) Jennie (BB)
9♥ 4♥ K♥ 6♥ Q♣ 7♦ A♣ 7♠ K♠ 8♣
Calls $200 Calls $200 Calls $200 FOLD CHECK
FLOP: 8♦ 2♥ 5♦
WIN $1900

After this hand, Willie shows off a "tattoo" on his right bicep: the Celebrity Poker Showdown title logo! (It looks like ink, though.) Later, he shows the OTHER arm "tattoo": "Carmen." Dave then lifts his shirt to show a REAL tattoo on his upper chest: "C.E.". Both are references to Dave's wife, Carmen Electra.

Jerry Willie Richard (D) Jennie (SB) Dave (BB)
A♠ 9♥ 10♦ 2♥ J♣ 5♦ K♠ 5♣ K♣ 3♥
FLOP: K♦ 3♠ 4♥
Bets $500
Raises to $2500 Raises to $4500
Calls $2000
TURN: 3♦
Here, Dave leans back in his chair, a "tell" of strength. Jerry SHOULD have picked up on the fact that he could've had the boat. But Dave GOADS Jerry into calling, saying he WANTS to show his hand!
Calls $5200
3♠ 3♦  A♠ K♦ 9♥ 3♥ 3♠ 3♦ K♣  K♦
WIN $19,900
And Dave has doubled-up and has taken a sizable chip lead!

Jennie Dave Jerry (D) Willie (SB) Richard (BB)
4♣ 3♣ Q♥ J♣ A♠ 5♥ 10♠ 2♥ 10♣ 2♦
FOLD Raises to $600 Calls $600 FOLD FOLD
FLOP: 7♦ 8♥ 8♠
Calls $700
Jerry is in serious trouble. With Dave picking up "hooks" the only thing that can save him now is...
RIVER: A♥ Ace!
J♣ J♥ 8♥ 8♠ A♥ A♠  A♥  8♥ 8♠ J♥
WIN $2900
Jerry whoops and hollers, "Quieres tu madre?! (Spanish for "Who's your mother?"...I think he meant "Quieres tu padre"). Holler all you can, Jerry, you're STILL the "short stack".

Dave Navarro $19,800
Richard Kind $10,700
Willie Garson $9200
Jennie Garth $7600
Jerry O'Connell $2700

Jerry Willie Richard (D) Jennie (SB) Dave (BB)
J♥ 10♥ 9♦ 8♠ 5♣ 4♦ A♣ 5♦ A♦ 6♠
Calls $200 Raises to $600 FOLD FOLD Calls $400
Calls $400
FLOP: J♠ 3♥ 3♠
Before acting, Dave asks the tournament director, "Is it BAD if these two (his hole cards) are 3s, too?" Director Robert Thompson replies, "It's generally good." Of course, Dave was just joking.
Bets $1000 FOLD FOLD
WIN $2900
Richard: "Let's see THIS kind of play on the Travel Channel!" (The Travel Channel broadcasts the show that started thew poker show craze, World Poker Tour. This is the SECOND ribbing on WPT that CPS has done!

Blinds are now $200 (SB) and $400 (BB).

Jennie Dave Jerry (D) Willie (SB) Richard (BB)
9♣ 6♥ Q♠ 10♣ K♣ 8♠ K♦ 4♦ A♣ 4♣
FOLD Calls $400 FOLD Calls $200 Raises to $1200
Calls $800 Calls $800
FLOP: A♥ 3♦ J♣
CHECK Bets $500
WIN $4100

Dave Jerry Willie (D) Richard (SB) Jennie (BB)
Q♣ Q♦ Q♥ 7♥ A♠ K♥ A♣ 3♥ K♠ J♦
Raises to $1200 FOLD Raises to $2400 FOLD Calls $2000
Raises to $3600 Calls $1200 Calls $1200
FLOP: 2♦ 6♦ 4♥
Bets $4000 Calls $4000 FOLD
TURN: 9♣
Bets $4000 FOLD
WIN $23,000
Before folding, Willie says to Dave that he MUST have a pair.

Dave Navarro $27,200
Richard Kind $11,200
Willie Garson $4400
Jennie Garth $3700
Jerry O'Connell $2800

Willie Richard Jennie (D) Dave (SB) Jerry (BB)
9♥ 5♥ K♥ 8♣ J♠ J♥ 9♣ 2♦ K♦ Q♥
FOLD FOLD Raises to $800 FOLD Calls $400
FLOP: 5♦ 8♠ 7♦
Bets $500
Raises to $1000 Calls $500
TURN: 3♦
COMMUNITY: A♣ 8♠ 7♦ 5♦ 3♦
Calls $1000
J♠ J♥ A♣ 8♠ 7♦ A♣ K♦ Q♥ 8♠ 7♦
WIN $5800 OUT - 5th Place

So Jerry sulks back to the Loser's Lounge and is greated by David. He doesn't like the fact that he's the first one gone...nor does he like that David is rubbing it in. Jerry also bemoans the fact that Jennie was "unbluffable" and that his bluff with the Ace failed. At least Reading Is Fundamental gets $5000 from him...but he feels he let his "mentor" Phil down. Ah, well...back to the action to see if we can find a playmate to sit with Jerry...

Blinds are now $300 (SB) and $600 (BB).

Jennie Dave (D) Willie (SB) Richard (BB)
A♥ K♣ 8♣ 8♥ 7♣ 2♣ A♠ 8♠
Raises to $1200 Calls $1200 FOLD Calls $600
FLOP: K♠ Q♠ 10♦
Both Jennie and Richard have "inside straight draws", each needing a Jack to make "Broadway". But Richard also has a FLUSH draw. Jennie IS ahead, though, with a pair of Kings.
Bets $800
FOLD Calls $4700
Richard has about a 35% of winning the hand.
TURN: 7♥
RIVER: 10♣
Flushed on the River!!
A♥ K♣ 10♦ 10♣ K♠ A♠ K♠ Q♠ 10♣ 8♠
WIN $14,900

Jennie Dave (D) Willie (SB) Richard (BB)
8♣ 2♠ 10♥ 9♣ Q♣ J♦ A♠ 3♦
FOLD FOLD Raises to $2400 Raises to $3500
FLOP: 8♣ 10♦ K♠
TURN: 5♠
Willie has plenty of "outs"; a Queen or Jack would give him a pair and 9 would give him a straight. Another sapde won't help him, since it would give BOTH him and Richard flushes...and Richard would win with an Ace-high flush.
K♠ Q♣ J♦ 10♦ 8♣ 3♦ 3♥ A♠ K♠ 10♦
OUT - 4th Place WIN $7000

As he walks into the Lounge, the recent loser says to thew camera, "Hi. I'm Willie Garson, FORMERELY of Celebrity Poker Showdown." As he sits down (and gets hugged and kissed on his bald head by Jerry), he says he can't believe Richard called him. But La Casa de las Madres, the foundation to help abused spouses, gets 5 Gs in Willie's he's not all THAT evil!

Dave Navarro $26,400
Jennie Garth $15,100
Richard Kind $8500

Blinds are now $400 (SB) and $800 (BB).

Dave (D) Richard (SB) Jennie (BB)
7♥ 4♠ K♣ J♣ 6♦ 5♥
FOLD Raises to $1600 Calls $800
FLOP: 3♣ 8♣ 7♣
Richard has flopped a flush! Don't get TOO excited, though; the odds of that happening three-handed is 1-in-3.44. In ANY case, Jennie is drawing dead.
Bets $800 Calls $800
TURN: 6♠
COMMUNITY: 3♣ 8♣ 7♣ 6♠ 9♠
NOW, things are getting interesting. Jennie has a straight...and doesn't know Richard had the flush all along.
Calls $5300
K♣ J♣ 8♣ 7♣ 3♣ 9♠ 8♣ 7♣ 6♦ 5♥
WIN $15,400

Blinds are now $500 (SB) and $1000 (BB).

Dave (D) Richard (SB) Jennie (BB)
A♠ J♣ Q♥ 5♥ K♣ Q♣
Raises to $4000 FOLD ALL-IN
Calls $4700
FLOP: 3♥ 9♥ 6♦
TURN: 10♥
Had Richard stayed in, he would've had a flush. As such, Jennie's only chance is a face card; King or Queen would make a pair, a Jack would make a straight.
And an 8...would make her gone!
A♠ J♣ 10♥ 9♥ 8♥ K♣ Q♣ 10♥ 9♥ 8♥
WIN $17,900 OUT - 3rd Place

So a dejected Jennie joins David, Jerry and Willie in the Lounge. She admits that she didn't want to go against Dave there but, with such a great hand, how could she NOT go all-in? Jerry then complains bout how Phil Gordon dissed HIS play while cheering Jennie's. Willie is glad Jennie's there because, according to him, she looked "so ugly out there" Jennie's proud of herself and gets $5000 to give to World Vision.

But, now, it HEADS-UP play between the comedian and the rocker. So let's SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL!

Jennie Garth $33,600
Richard Kind $16,400

Richard (D) (SB) Dave (BB)
A♠ K♥ K♣ 9♣
Raises to $2500 Raises to $5000
Calls $2500
FLOP: 6♣ 4♦ 2♣
Bets $4000
WIN $14000

Blinds are up again, this time to $1000 (SB) and $2000 (BB).

Richard (D) (SB) Dave (BB)
10♠ 9♦ J♠ 3♠
Calls $1000 CHECK
FLOP: J♥ Q♥ 8♥
Richard flopped a STRAIGHT this time. That's a bit tougher to do, especially heads-up. The odd of that happening with middle suited connectors like Richard's is about 1-in-67.5
Bets $5000
Calls $8900
Dave STILL has "outs"...but it's sketchy. Running Jacks will give him four of a kind, while two 3s or Jack-3 will give him a full house.
There's one Jack. He needs a Jack to make "quads" or a Queen, 8 or a 3 to make a full hous and win, a 47% chance to get one of 11 outs.
Nope...Richard takes the chip lead!
Q♥ J♥ 10♠ 9♦ 8♥ J♠ J♥ J♦ Q♥ 8♥
WIN $31,800

Dave (D) (SB) Richard (BB)
J♥ 4♥ K♣ 10♣
Raises to $4000 Raises to $8000
Calls $4000
FLOP: 10♥ 5♣ J♠
Richard's bet is lowered to match Dave's all-in.
TURN: 9♥
J♥ J♠ 10♥ 9♥ 7♠   10♣ 10♥ K♣ J♠ 9♥
WIN $43,400
And, with that, Dave takes a HUGE chip lead. See for yourself...

Jennie Garth $43,400
Richard Kind $6600

Richard (D) (SB) Dave (BB)
Q♣ 7♣ A♥ 5♦
Calls $1000 Raises to $6600
FLOP: 8♣ J♠ 5♣
Richard has a flush draw...
TURN: 10♣
...and he GETS the flush! Dave's drawing dead.
Q♣ 10♣ 8♣ 7♣ 5♣ A♥ J♠ 10♣ 9♦ 8♣
WIN $13,200

Blinds are now up to $3000 (SB) and $5000 (BB).

Dave (D) (SB) Richard (BB)
J♦ 6♣ Q♦ 5♥
Raises to $7200 ALL-IN
FLOP: 2♠ 5♠ K♦
5♠ 5♣ K♦ Q♥ J♦ 5♥ 5♠ 5♣ Q♦ Q♥
WIN $14,400

Dave (D) (SB) Richard (BB)
K♦ 10♦ 6♦ 5♠
Calls $2000 CHECK
FLOP: Q♣ 10♥ 4♣
Calls $3400
TURN: 10♠
It's over! Dave's three 10s means Richard is drawing dead!
10♦ 10♥ 10♠ K♦  Q♣ 10♥ 10♠ 6♦ 6♥ Q♣

And, so, while Richard's Project ALS gets $5000, it's Dave Navarro who receives the illustrious silver chip that signifies a Final Table participant.  His charity, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, just MAY get the $100,000 Grand Prize...if the rocker beats the other four single-table winners!