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Today is

Falling Off A Cliff - January 27

Last time, boot camp ended with Kalia getting cut. So far, two women are set for the rodeo, but the other three will be tested like never before. .

Day 14, 8a. The slicks have an "obscene" amount of trail to cover in order to get to the field where they must corral some wild cows. Right now, the guys are thinking about the next elimination, thinking about what they have to do in order to stave off elimination.

And Trish, who's actually staying with the pack, is thinking that the group needed to get out for a bit and just see the land.

They're going to see more than they bargained for, as Rocco stops at a cliff and informs the team that they have to cut through the trail by sliding off of it... And immediately Anthony's a deer in headlights. Rocco does it with no problem, while Trish freezes and... turns her horse the other way, arriving at an incline... stopping for a bit. Remember, you have to go at it straight with no hesitation. Anthony's next, but he still has to get the muster, so he allows Joe to go next. After a bit, Anthony finally gets his horse on the hill and down. So we're back on the dusty trail.

Day 14, 1p. We arrive at a field, and out of nowhere comes a flag race. Perfect practice, you think?

Dan is first, knocking the second flag off. He's got a 27.5 time, feeling the pressure and, ultimately, choking. Anthony takes his leisurely time, ending up with 29.47, even slower than Dan. Trish and Gina... also choke. Trish has a 30.5, and Gina, a 26.7. Joe shows the others how it's done. With a penalty, it's 20.72. Joe ought to be comfortable in going to the rodeo. Judd thinks that Dan and Anthony are still worried.

And with good reason.

Day 14, 7:30p. Manwich fest!

Anthony thought that once they got on the open field, they forgot that it was cold, and they forgot that they were stuck in traffic. It was liberating.

But Rocco reminds the team that tomorrow, they go to war. The enemy: 60 head of wild cow.

Day 15, 6:30a, lights on. Time to pack up and move on. Rocco wants the guys to shine. Let's drive some cows! Joe is really looking forward to it.

The guys find all the cows eating. "Let's get it on. Let's make it happen!" Anthony says. "Let's go move some bovine units!" Rocco adds.

Dan goes in and makes a line here. Joe follows. He catches a stray. It starts out smooth, but then the cows decide that they don't want to be corralled today. Rocco... basically went nuts. Gina did way too much on her own.

In the end, for the first time in recorded Cowboy U history, the team lost five cows. "I'm out $6000." I'm sure CMT will fit the bill.

They try again... And Anthony is the hero today, as everything starts to come together. And it only took seven episodes.

"Alright! Who wants steak for dinner tonight?"

Day 15, 7:30p. Home at last.

Trish: "I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but you know there's a campfire tonight." Joe thinks that it's a shootout between Dan and Anthony. Dan really wants to stick around.

Night 15, 8:30p. Final Elimination. Rocco says that he is proud of everyone. But only two can go to the rodeo. Remember, we're judging on guts, skill, and determination.

Joe... "You're going to the rodeo."

So it's a shootout...

Anthony... Dan.... "Anthony, I'm going to have to ask you to leave." He's got more heart, but Dan just inched him out on the slopes. But his lasting this far is a testament to his heart... Everyone will miss him. He'll take everything he was taught here as a blessing as he rides off into a sunset.

"He's got more try than anyone I've ever met," Rocco says. Everyone's fair here, but everyone is missing him.

Meanwhile, we concentrate on the final task... the rodeo. That's next...


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