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Today is

The Ace of Spades - January 13

Last time, Trish started as the weakest, only to end up near the top of the totem pole for that round. But this time, Rocco promises that he's going to come out as a whole different person...

Day 6, 6:15a. Judd... Triangle... Sunrise... That could mean only one thing... "STAMPEDE! TIME TO RISE AND SHINE, BOYS!"

Day 6, 10:30a. Today, we learn about bull evasion. Because after those eight seconds are up, the bull's still big, the bull's still angry, and the bull's still wanting to kill you. Here to make sure that DOESN'T happen is one of the world's best bullfighters, Dwayne Hargo, Jr. After a couple of passes, the bull gives, and Dwayne gets an applause. Today, we're going to learn how to do what he just did... only instead of a bull, we're getting a wheelbarrow with horns. "You have to learn how to fake him out and dodge him until you can get to safety."

... that is, until, they break out a real bull... only smaller. It's time for the eight rings of fire, ace through eight. Remember, if you're in the ace hole, then you're probably going to be the first one taken out.

Ace - Dan
Deuce - Anthony
Three - Kimberlie
Four - Kalia
Five - Ryan the Lion
Six - Gina
Seven - Trish
Eight - Joe

Everyone's in... Release the beast! And no sooner than Judd says that does Kimberlie head for the fence. It's pretty much a clean house until Dan and Joe are left. After a stare down... it's all about the Ace of Spades, Joe! "Did you see the snot coming out of his nose?" And the medal of honor goes to Anthony, who got gored with a stub of a horn.

Day 6, 4:30p. Pony Express Race. Another race. At speed, mailmen would deliver bags with one hand and steer with the other. Then exchange the bags between the white lines. Fastest time wins. Any maneuver outside the lines or any dropped baggage is a no-time.

First up, Anthony/Kalia vs. Ryan/Trish. On your mark.... getsetGO!

... getsetGO!

... getsetGO!

Well, it takes a while, but they're finally off and ... jogging. Anthony crosses the line and is DQed.. Trish keeps going and hands off to Ryan. And... Ryan crosses the line as well. No time for either... "Ryan seems to have every excuse in the books."

So whoever wins this heat wins the final... Joe/Gina vs. Kimberlie/Dan. It's a better start, Joe's got the inside track, Joe's cutting Kimberlie off... but we have a DQ as Joe tries to toss Gina his bag. Ouch. And he was doing so well, too... It's up to Gina and Dan now...  Joe just needs to finish to win...  And he does...

Gina's "a little disappointed" to not even get a chance to race. Not as disappointed as Rocco is to have to put up with this lot.

That night, they think about Rocco's yelling. Dan put it best: "I'm going to take these kids on a cattle drive, and they can't even ride a (^_^)ing horse!" The guys are sick of not doing well, as they pledge to buck up.

Day 4, 10:45a. Ear tagging. Trial by fire. Rope, mug, hold, tag. Simple. It's bout teamwork.

First up, Dan & Kimberlie tag #4... Kimberlie can't lasso the beast, but Dan gets a leg... Kim with the tag at 3:20.

Joe & Kalia are next. Got it! Now the tag.... eventually...There we go. 2:!2.

Ryan mugs, Trish tags. Time: 3:45.

Anthony mugs a foot.. Anthony's punching... Gina gets it all at 1:27! Winner! Gina & Anthony are a perfect team.

Night 7, 9p. Rewards. As a reminder, the next campfire will feature an elimination. Tonight, we have a tie for reward... Dan & Anthony. Tonight, special delivery.. all you can eat pizza courtesy of Domino's. But they're not all bad, as they share the spoils.

The next few days, though, will be all about team and focus, because the next time the slicks meet Rocco at the campfire, there will be a truck waiting to take one of them home.


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