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Today is

The Cow Whisperer - January 27

Last time, Rocco blindsided the slicks as he cut TWO people - Ryan and Kimberlie - at the campfire after not giving their all. Now only six remain in the quest toward the ultimate rodeo.

Day 12, 7:30a. Breakfast. "Nice meeting ya, can't wait to beat ya." Remember, tomorrow is the next campfire, and that is the next elimination.

Day 12, 11a, Flag Race, one of the events in the rodeo. There are two flags and two barrels. The flags go into the barrels, while it's a straight shot home. Trish the Dish goes first, but has a time and a half just getting her horse to the start. And when she does... Horse wants to go the other way. "That horse has got her number." She finally gets going and finishes...... 21 seconds. Danimal is done in 16.44 as he rides his horse like a bill. Meanwhile, Anthony misses his first, while Kalia doesn't even try to grab something. Gina, meanwhile, sets the bar for the ladies with 14.85. Joe's gonna give it hell. He gives it for... 14.01! Winner winner!

Later that day... Turkey infestation. Constipated turkey infestation.

Day 12, 6:30p. Oklahoma is known for two major crops: cattle and corn. Today, the men take on the women in a corn-eating contest. Kalia vs. Joe. Five minutes. Must eat 95 percent of the cob. Go!

The crowd is chanting: "Joey Mac!" Kalia takes the lead when Joe is stuck on cob #4... 15 seconds left, and it's a dead tie... Who's gonna take this one?  It's the women! Their prize... Toothpicks!

Day 13, 6:30a. 38F. The slicks are shivering...

Day 13: 10:30a. Wild Cow milking. We need to make sure the slicks are used to wild cows. So we're having a little contests to milk wild cows. Not your average Wisconsin dairies, either. They're quick to kick, and getting hit by these is like getting hit by a truck. Object: milk the cow past the red line. Two other things...

1) There is a two minute time limit.

2) If you accidentally milk a bull, in Oklahoma, it'll also get you five to ten.

Anthony's first... and I think she likes him. Why else would she give him a jiujutsu kick? He gets the job done in 1:47. Gina gets swatted, but gets the job done at 1:54. Joe gets the milk in 1:15. Quick. Danimal, meet animal. "We got milk" in 1:10. Kalia gets a nice cow... at least she WAS nice... Gave her a free ticket, really, but Kalia doesn't punch her clock. She's sleeping! Kalia gets the milk... but it's after the time. Here comes Trish's rack of beef... She gets a nice little bit with 39 seconds! Nice technique from the Cow Whisperer!

Day 13, 5:30p. A good last supper. Kalia has the skills, but not the drive. Trish has the drive but not the skills. If a guy's to go, Anthony is in danger.

Night 13, 8:30p. Rewards/Elimination. Two weeks... gone... Boot camp... over. Reward... a night of luxury to Joe. He's been leading the pack.

Now to the elimination. Who has the guts, skill, and determination? Who's in? Who's out?

Joe... "You're in."

Dan... "You're in."

Anthony... "You're in."

So the eliminated body will be a woman.

Gina... "You're going to the rodeo."

Kalia.... Trish... "Trish, you're going to the rodeo." Kalia had all the skills in the world, but she couldn't try at all, meaning that she's going home. She had a challenging time, but alas, the time has come. The girls left are going to the $25,000 rodeo. Meanwhile, the guys now have reason to worry.

Rocco enters: "We're going to hell tomorrow." Two days, overnight, on horseback. Hellish terrain. We're going to herd cows. "Pack light, we'll see you tomorrow morning."

Anthony needs his allergy pills. He'll need more than that, as Rocco, Judd, and five cowboy wannabes punch dogies next time.



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