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Home improvement takes Malibu by storm as eight couples renovate their way through tests of their relationship skills and handywork in four apartments in an attempt to turn a huge profit.

Visit the Complex Blueprints to see who is still in the running!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Tyler Harcott
Judges: David Kessler, Lourdes Marie Barros, and Jason Marshall

Nine Network Australia (based upon "The Block")
EP: Ted Haimes
Packager: Chaos Theory, FremantleMedia North America
Airs: Friday at 8:00pm ET on Fox

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"Deck Dash/Bathroom Blitz Part Deux" - September 24

We started with eight, and now thanks to Brad & Lew's ouster last time (for quite possibly being TOO good), we are down to four. Today, they move into their individual units as we begin the second phase of competition. In the end, only one of the four teams will reap the rewards of ALL of the units in the Complex. But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Let's go to the plans for our next project as Dave & Ana (Team NYC) move up to LC3 from LC4.

2. TOTAL BUDGET: $38,000 ($27,000 cash, $11,000 Sears gift cards)
Since the decks are visible from the outside, design planners must meet residents at a mandatory residents' association meeting to decide on one color for all deck railings. Residents can call additional residents' association meetings for any instances that may arise. When called, these meetings are mandatory and will be held on the deck of those residents requesting the meeting.
To save time on planning and design, consult
All teams will share three cars and one pickup truck.
7. TIME: You will have five days. The deck (and LC4 third bedroom) must be completed by noon on Tuesday. The clock starts now.

The money allotted to the teams will be all that they are given for the rest of the tenure at the Complex, so it's important to start planning ahead... as some people are doing now.

The residents' meeting commences in LC3 to discuss keeping the patios similar. They agree on a cooking device, a device used for sitting, and a bubbly water device. Oh just say a hot tub. It's reality TV. It's okay!

From there, we go to the rippin' and the trashin' on UC1, which is bugging the Rednecks (Scotty & Sam), especially since they're not used to this sort of behavior from Steve. Steve, on the other hand, starts using his brain and asks for tit-for-tat from here on out.

Meanwhile, NYC is looking for a rug, but they weren't looking to pay for delivery AND labor. The All-American Couple of UC1, Steve & Nicole, ran out of money allotted for the flooring of the deck, so they're just going to one single square area.

Meanwhile, Barney & Rose are thinking ahead to the kitchen, as they put in for cabinets. Rose is in awe over at the design ideas handed down by their salesman, while Barney's more skeptical, espeically when it comes time to play Price is Right... $24,500 doesn't sound too right to him. But alas, what's done is done.

Meanwhile, over at our favorite sponsor, Scotty has an eye for a butane beaut. Luckily he got there today, because it's the only one they have.

Back in LC4, shouting matches ensue over the team's running out of money. In LC3, it's hot tub vs. chairs. In UC1, it's business vs. pleasure, as Nicole notices that Steve is turning into a hard-ass. And no, that's not the censors going haywire, it's the truck door opening. While moving. Smart move, Nicole. Steve says she needs to understand that this is a competition. Nicole wouldn't buy anything that Steve would lay down after all is said and done.

Scotty & Sam lay their seagrass floor, and so far, they're they only team that actually has it all together up there. They overlook Dave & Ana building a storage bin, which ends up turning into a money pit.

1:33 left on the clock, and we're bringing out the heavy machinery. And looking back from earlier in this show... Hot tub wins. Steve notices meanwhile that his grill is also in two other units. So it's all feng shui from here. Barney & Rose on the other hand get a smaller grill for a smaller deck. It's a mad rush until... *air horn* Inspection time.

UC1: Blank slate before, oasis after. Could well be their best work. Jason likes the separation, but cites incompletion (but says they're going in the right direction). Lourdes plugs the Kenmore appliance.

UC2: Right up there with UC1 as best in show so far. But Lourdes doesn't like the straw coverage. David likes the furniture, but hates that everyone's facing away from the view. "It's patio furniture, buddy. It's not a frickin' living room set." Oh Sam, you crack me up.

LC3: It's a whole lot of nothing with a hot tub. Judges agree.

LC4: Remember, this is the one with the third bedroom as well. Warm bedroom contrasts cold deck. Lourdes likes the beds, while Jason hates the fixers. David likens the room to "warm wet Bisquick", to which Rose replies, "I want another real estate agent." And it just goes from there...

Now, to the outcome of the inspection. The reward for the winning room: $3000... $1000 from EACH LOSING TEAM. Running down vitals for the $38,000:

UC1 has $17,302.39 remaining.
UC2 has $13,855.50 remaining.
LC3 has $28,108.32 remaining.
LC4 has $9079.05 remaining.

Most valuable is the deck in... UC1. So they now have $20,302.39 and a date at the Presidential Suite at the Loews Hotel. But the assessments don't end there. Dave & Ana take LC3 from first to worst in one round. We'll pick up the next challenge after Steve & Nicole make nice and their relationship is back in the black...

Next challenge:


2. TOTAL BUDGET: Any money left over from previous challenges. The apartment with last week's winning room, apartment 1, will receive $1000 from the budgets of apartments 2, 3, and 4.
To save time on planning and design, consult
All teams will share three cars and one pickup truck.
6. TIME: You will have five days. The deck (and LC4 third bedroom) must be completed by noon on Monday. The clock starts now.

It's going to be tight, but LC4'll get by, right, Rose? *Rose cries* Okay...

Dave & Ana have to get tile and lighting for the bathroom, but neglected the kitchen, so this is going to be an uphill battle. Meanwhile up on UC1, the Kenmore kitchen collection arrives... right on time... along with everything else, including tile.

Meanwhile, Barney & Rose just might have found the secret to their success: granite walls painted over. The rest of the teams just junk the whole shoot and match.

Dave & Ana have some grievances over the tile, which is settled in a return trip to see if they can't get any more, even though Dave thinks it's just fine.

Steve uses the $3000 to hire contractors. "Shame on them." Dave & Ana's cabinet guy can't show up as scheduled, so it's back to square one there. Scotty & Sam have a bit of a falling out over paint as Sam's spirit crumbled in the wake of the deck judging. Barney & Rose rub it in Dave's face about the granite wall.

Sam is wondering why Scotty's so damn happy all the time. Steve & Nicole go tile crazy. Scotty finishes the bathroom while Sam took herself to bed. She wakes up to find... something that she has to bring to Scotty's attention. "I see this checkerboard on the wall and I went... 'What the hell?!'"

LC4... Holy mother of mercy that's a bright light. We're at T-43 hours at Sears to pick up appliances with Dave & Ana, who manage to turn it into an argument.

The last 24 hours turn into pain (both physical and emotional) for every team involved as Tyler's death squad approaches.  *air horn* Inspection time... again. Because we're pressed for time and ratings can't get any lower. Judges silently overlook each room. Guess we'll hear their collective will at final judgment.

UC1: Looks rustic. You can definitely tell that the All-American Couple went tile wild.

UC2: Looks like they found some granite as well.

LC3: Sleek. Nice. Sleek and nice.

LC4: It's not really good. It's not terrible, but it's not really good. What really took me, though... "Hi, Dave." "It's David." "This way, Dave." "It's David."

Now, to the outcome of the inspection. The reward for the winning room: again $3000 courtesy your three opponents. Running down vitals:

UC1 has $13,319.35 remaining.
UC2 has $7439.81 remaining.
LC3 has $17,426.85 remaining.
LC4 has $5136.72 remaining. (Penny pinchers!)

Most valuable is the second bath in... LC3. "Hooray for me!" And as a reward, Dave & Ana will be treated to a day of pampering at the Aqua Day Spa. For the record, Scotty & Sam were in second, Steve & Nicole came in third, and Barney & Rose were unanimously last. One more week, and one more room... Next week, it's Kitchen Stadium AND we get a chance to repair previously judged rooms (which is good for Steve & Nicole, because if you remember, their master bathroom reeked).

Good news is, as the Beatles once said, you get by with a little help from your friends...

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