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Four chefs will create a three course dinner... with one chef eliminated after each course.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Ted Allen
Creators Linda Lea
Michael Krupat
Dave Noll
EP Linda Lea
Dave Noll
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Quahog Quandaries & Pickle Puzzle
June 8

Another four chefs as season 4 continues. Another three boxes and another three rounds. To be sure we get to the one to win $10,000.

Ricardo Cardona
New York City
executive chef, Sofrito
Kat Ploszaj
Brooklyn, NY
chef/owner, Petit Cafe
Marc Anthony Bynum
Hauppauge, NY
semi-pro football player & chef
Melissa Muller
New York City
chef, Organika

You know the rules, and you know the lifelines. Let's meet the judges, all of whom are executive chefs tonight.

- From Gottino, Jody Williams
- From Butter, Alex Guarnaschelli
- From the Harrison, Amanda Freitag

Round 1: APPETIZER (20 minutes). Our first course must feature... quahogs, rhubarb, almond butter cookies

No more than 20 minutes on the clock... and it starts now.

Ricardo: Quahog Rhubarb Ceviche
Kat: Steamed Clam Ceviche with Arugula Salad
Marc Anthony: Clams Casino with Rhubarb Puree
Melissa: Steamed Quahog Clam

Melissa has absolutely no clam or cookie on her plate. That will almost assuredly spell her end. Never in the history of "Chopped" has anyone graded on potential.

So who ends up clammed up? The first person... to be chopped... is... surprise of surprises... MELISSA. She just gave up after the final minute. She had great ideas, but there wasn't enough in the bowl to save her ideas.

Round 2: ENTREE (30 minutes). Next up for our surviving chefs are ... venison tenderloin, cinnamon swirl break, sharon fruit, and cornichons (French pickles).

... and time starts now.

Ricardo: Pan-Seared Venison
Kat: Pan-Seared Venison Loin with Cassoulet
Marc Anthony: French Toast with Seared Venison and Eggs

Marc took a risk making breakfast for dinner and then underdoing his eggs and underseasoning his meat. Was there a fatal flaw in Kat's dish? What about her cassoulet.

Who gets Frenched, and who'll pickle out? The next chef... to be chopped... is... RICARDO. He put a lot of juniper into his chutney so as to make it inedible. Running with a knife in hand... probably didn't help either.

Round 3: DESSERT (30 minutes). It's heads-up on Chopped. Marc & Kat have to turn matzo, salty peanuts, dried strawberries, and cocoa nibs into $10,000.

We're 30 from a champion... Let's go!

Kat: Pate Sucre with Three Cheese Mousse
Marc Anthony: Matzo Napoleon with Strawberry Mousse

Marc elevated his matzo by leaving it in its organic form while adding something. But the strawberry overpowers. Kat's jam is glossy looking. Her palate cleaner is a great finish to the meal.

So Marc was bold and daring. Kat was simple and organic. Which approach is worth $10,000?

The final chef... to be chopped... is...  KAT! There are a few points that didn't come together, but she was incredibly creative.

Marc is the big winner tonight, as the man who made his mark in the world of sports starts to make his mark on the culinary world as well. This is only the beginning for him.

But who's next? Find out next week as another four chefs fight it out for $10,000 while avoiding being CHOPPED.

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "Chopped", visit the official website at www.foodnetwork.com/chopped