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Similar in tune to "The Biggest Loser", eight celebrities will be put through the ringer in a celebrity-studded weight-loss challenge.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Panel: Dr. Linda Papodopoulis, Harvey Walden IV
EP: Richard Hall, Curt Northrup, Matt Hanna, Jim Ackerman, Hichael Hirshorn
Packager: Granada America, VH1
Airs: Sundays at 9:00pm ET on VH1

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Where's Willie? Where's Jani? - July 31

Where's Jani? Where's Willie? What's going to happen to the teams? On Day 47, All of these questions ANSWERED! Well...maybe.

We start with the Jani issue. As you know from last week, Jani was a no-show to both the work-outs and the weigh-in - to the point that his new nickname bestowed upon him by Harvey is 'A waste of sperm'. Ouch. We do find him recording, but he's dealing with a number of things - stress, a divorce, and alcoholism.

Two days ago, Jani appeared and invited them all to a performance at The Mint. Victoria is the first person to greet him and hug him. Victoria - 'I was so worried about you.' Jani - 'You should still be'. Uh-oh...

We see Jani drinking at The Mint...a lot...make that a whole lot. We find out that he was hospitalized due to his excessive drinking and he admits that he is going through the worst time of his life. They are happy that he is ok, but Jackee is very worried if Jani is even going to show up again. After the concert, he realizes that he let his team down and he didn't care anymore.

With that, he decides to change himself, He got a new haircut and he showed up again for the weigh-in. Jani apologizes to the team before his weigh-in. He may not need to apologize to his team after the weigh-in as well, as he is 182 - a loss of 8 pounds. Jani breaks a chain that he has had around his neck. 'I am just going to put one foot in front of my life, stay positive and not be negative.' He is warned to not retreat from his steps as his next target is 5 pounds.

Let's get to the second part of the drama - Willie. He said that he wasn't working out enough, so Celebrity Fit Club decided to give him an ambush training session. What Willie didn't realize was that the ambush was going to be at 7am. Willie's doorbell is rung and Willie, who looks like he just woke up, listens to the trainer's spiel and immediately says that it's not going to happen. He closes the door on the trainer, who doesn't take no for an answer and tries again 10 minutes later. That pisses Willie off even more and after Willie yells at the trainer, he slams the door on the trainer.

The trainer tries 20 minutes later, where he is greeted by Willie - and a garden hose, which is turned on. After receiving a garden shower, the trainer invites Willie to the backyard, where he hangs out. 5 minutes later, Willie relents and they do have the session, but he wasn't happy about it. 'Do you know how lucky they are that they weren't staring down the barrel of a 12 gage shotgun?' In Willie's defense, he would have been happier should it not have been at 7 am.

Willie says that he should call him first. Harvey isn't hearing any o it and tells Willie to shut up and weigh-in. Willie has had enough, as he does a 180 and leaves the room. Oops.

Gary finds him as he leaves the building, adding that he's willing to listen when Willie wants to chat. Willie says that he won't be disrespected, while Gary says that he shouldn't take any of this stuff personally. Harvey does apolo gize and he and Willie continue to have words as Willie gets weighed in at...176 pounds. Willie gained a pound. Willie asks why Harvey didn't answer the phone, and Harvey says that he didn't answer it because he was at a funeral as one of his friends dies in Iraq. That gets Harvey off. Oops. 'Don't f#cking talk to me about disrespect. Understand that trash? Well, goddamn understand it! Your target weight loss for the next weigh-in is 7 damn pounds! Have a great f*cking day!' Kids, don't piss off Harvey. Willie and Harvey continue to go at it as Gary comes in to get Willie. Next weigh-in should be very interesting.

The weekly challenge went to the Santa Anita racetrack. ANT calls them for a different sort of race. The race features a person racing from each team in 12 foot balls called Zorbs. Think about them as enlarged hamster wheels. The fastest Zorbers from each team will go against each other in the final heat and whoever wins wins everything for the team.

Heat #1 - Willie faces off against Toccara. Willie slips in his Zorb and Toccara wins it in 58 seconds. At the end of the race, Willie has to catch his breath and get oxygenated. Well, that's what you get when you challenge Harvey.

Heat #2 - Jani Vs. Victoria. Jani, like Willie, fell and Victoria wins it in 57 seconds. Fortunately, Jani doesn't need an oxygen tank.

Heat #3 - Jackee Vs. Wendy. Wendy is a little claustrophobic and doesn't want to do it, but she gets convinced to. Two very tired bodies get to the finish, where Jackee edges it out in 1:38.

Heat #4 - Phil Vs. Gary. Gary can't do it because of his knee issues. Phil won't do it because...Gary didn't do it. Wah. (DNQ for both of them).

FINAL Heat - Toccara Vs. Victoria. Toccara slips at the start - and that comes back to haunt her. Victoria wins it for the team, which wins a rowing machine and a new set of bicycles.

Victoria wins the challenge. Did she win the battle of the bulge? According to her weigh-in...sort of, as she lost 4 pounds. Victoria is thrilled that Jani is there and back, and she lets her hair down for Jani. Ooh, la la. The target for her is 4 pounds, which she did last time, so she should be able to do this time. As a reward, ANT gives her a victory wreath. AwwwBarf.

Jackee's team gets a yoga workout. The problem is that birkram yoga is in a room that's 109 degrees hot. Ouch. During the yoga, we find out that the class induces vomiting if you have food in your system. Nice. We also find out that the class they are taking includes moves to help out their reproductive organs, which thrills Toccara, but not Jackee, who doesn't want any more kids. They all curse their way through the workout, but they all get through it. Jani was thrilled because he was able to put all of his problems away. 'We'll see what happens from here'.

Jackee adds that she has faith and confidence in her team. Does the team have confidence in her weigh-in? With a 7 pound weight loss, the answer is yes. Jackee says that she cut out starches completely and Harvey says that she made his weekend. The next weigh-in is 6 pounds. She says that she can eat a little , but the scowl on Harvey's face means that she better not...

What about the other team captain? Gary Busey weighs in at 184 pounds, which is an 8 pound reduction. Everyone is thrilled that he is continuing to lose weight. Gary says that he is keeping focus and sometimes he just has water and mango nectar. Note to myself - have more water and mango nectar. Gary says that he can't control emotions, but he can manage them, saying that like an eagle, he can fly above the storm. Harvey calls him deep, adding that he is making his targets. The next target - 5 pounds.

Toccara is taking a class in...Pole Dancing? Wha? She meets up with Floretta Hill, who teaches her some sexy dance moves. Toccara says that she can be 200 pounds and sexy on the pole, and she gets the basics down well. The first advanced move - twirling your legs around your head while spinning around the po le. Wowzers. That works as well as can be expected - poorly. She gets some of the other advanced moves, which gets everyone (who is watching the footage) doubling over in laughter and tears.

Will the judges be in laughter? Yes, and for the right reasons, as she loses 7 pounds at 192. Toccara says that she followed the diet and Harvey says that she lost some calories spinning the pole - but Toccara says no more pole dancing for her. The next target for her will be 5 pounds.

Wendy is up next. Her weight is 212 pounds, which is a loss of 2 pounds. Wendy says that she hit a wall, but she is seeing results and she was thrilled that she made the competition in her Zorb. The next goal is 5 pounds, which she says she will do as she attempts to get to 209.

FInally, it's Phil's turn. He needed to lose 6 pounds - but he lost only 4 pounds as he's 332. Phil says that it's improving his relationship, but Harvey tells him to stay on track and to keep going.

Anyone for a Big Scale Weigh-in? Sure you are. Sure the teams are, as they get on the biggest scale in America outside the Supreme Court Hall. The winners are...Sizzling Soul and White Ice, who finally get in the win column. They have lost 26 pounds for the week, Vs. the Crunch-O-Matics, who lost 13 pounds. Even more importantly, they are at the halfway mark, where the difference is 58 pounds (Sizzling Soul) to 57 pounds (Crunch-O-Matics). With that, ANT leaves and we go to break.

Next Week - It's the evil teammate swap! Join us in 7 days to see who goes where and what egos are crushed.

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