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Similar in tune to "The Biggest Loser", eight celebrities will be put through the ringer in a celebrity-studded weight-loss challenge.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Panel: Dr. Linda Papodopoulis, Harvey Walden IV
EP: Richard Hall, Curt Northrup, Matt Hanna, Jim Ackerman, Hichael Hirshorn
Packager: Granada America, VH1
Airs: Sundays at 9:00pm ET on VH1

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Follow That Rickshaw! - July 24

After last week, it seems that Gary Busey's squad, as dysfunctional as it is, has a nice start on Jackee's team. Can Jackee pull her squad together? Based on the sneak previews, the answer is no, but since you never can tell with these shows, we'll go through the next hour and see what happens...

Day 32 - We have all of Gary's team showing up. We have all of Jackee's team show up...except Jani. 'He lost a lot of weight' jokes ANT, as Jackee says that she tried to call him, but no answer. Victoria says that she heard that he was locked up in his hotel room and didn't come out.

Toccara, who says she didn't lose any weight, says that it would suck if he doesn't show up. Jackee is worried that he's not there. We see a montage of Jackee's first two weeks, including him saying that he was sabotaged and that he would meet any goal set for him. His teammates are wondering if any alcohol played a factor in his not showing up for the weekly challenge. Jackee - 'I'm so disappointed in him', as she says that there is something scary going on, but she hopes for the best.

Toccara leads a group to, 'ring his door and drag his white ass out'. They go to drag him out, but he's not answering the door nor the phone. The next phone call goes to Waldo Poole, Jani's manager. Waldo doesn't know (or isn't telling) where Jani is. The team brings out the last resort - Harvey, has as much success as everyone else. A frustrated Harvey gives up, adding that Jani is a 'waste of sperm'. OUCH.

We flashback to the present time. To make things fair for the weigh-in, Gary gets to select someone who's weigh-in will not count for the weigh-in. Willie says that he doesn't think that he lost much, so Gary says that Willie will not participate - though they will all still be weighed and evaluated.

Gary will go first, The last time he was there, he weighed 195, with a goal of 6 pounds. This week, the weight is 192 pounds, which is a loss of 3 pounds. As we know you can plateau after a few weeks, and Ian credits the loss to that, but he is thrilled that he is still losing weight.

Linda asks him about his teamwork, and he says that the team is inspired, to the giggling of his teammates. Harvey says that although he thinks that Gary sometimes comes from another planet, his team they has been winning the challenges. Harvey tells Gary to keep up the good work, as the new target weight loss is still 6 pounds.

We flashback to fit camp, where the teams convene in Ramen's Chinese theater. The challenge is a rickshaw race, with each member carrying the captain 1 lap, which is 200 yards. With Jani absent, Jackee is given the option to either go first or to have someone go twice. Jackee says that Toccara wants to go twice, so she will.

Speaking of Toccara, she hits the first lap against Wendy. Toccara breezes through the first lap and hands off to Phil. Victoria takes the second lap and makes up all of the lead that Toccara handed Phil. The final lap features Toccara again Vs. Willie. An exhausted Toccara is no match for a charged up Willie and Gary cruises to the win. ANT - 'The Crunch-o-Matics win by a hair...a long hair.'

Jackee's team has more issues that just Jani. Toccara collapses to the floor, complaining of dizziness. She admits that she didn't eat a good breakfast and claims that she needed oxygen. The winning Crunch-o-matics, as a prize, each win a fitness bike, which is attached to a new computer. Nice. Jackee, who really wanted that, is fuming. 'I'll ask Jani if he's alright, then I'll kick his ass.'

Back to the present. Wendy now loves how Gary's strategy is helping the team, adding that she is the weakest on the team and her team is still winning. Jackee doesn't buy what Wendy is selling and says that they lose not because of Gary, but because of Jani's absence. They and WIllie all get into it, while all Gary does is to have a sheepish grin.

A steaming Jackee is up next to weigh herself. She's now to 193, which is a loss of 1 pound. It's better than nothing, but not as good as her 5 pound goal. Jackee says that she went to a famous person's place called 'O' (Oprah), then says that she had too much salt and the scale is broken. Uh-huh. She adds that she's having a tough time because Jani's not here and because she's a woman. Harvey, who is tired of the excuses, asks her what she's going to do, and she says that she has to go home and get refocused. The target goal is another 5 pounds, as she has to figure out how to get in touch with Toccara without hurting her feelings. Harvey calls Jani a waste of sperm again, while Jackee says that she didn't say that. Maybe, but she means it...

Once Jackee comes back, Toccara is coming back and is confused to what Jackee means when she says that Toccara isn't helping out, adding that she is going twice on the Rickshaw race and is doing good on the challenges. Maybe, but she wasn't doing good on the weight race. Jackee says that they will discuss it after the show, and I have a feeling that this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Victoria wants to get better. She gets on the scale and is down to 161 pounds, which is a lose of 2 pounds. She says that she tried hard, but she's hungry all the time. Ian says that his number is available to everyone, but Victoria says that she only lost 2 pounds because she gained muscle. Linda isn't buying what she's selling, because they went earlier on this week to her room in her mirror, as she continues to talk about how her parents thought she was too fat. Linda tells her to challenge her views and asks her to tell her husband to write 5 things that he loves about her appearance. In the present, Victoria did ask her husband what he liked about her, and he said everything. AwwwwBarf. Harvey brings her back to reality 'Whenever you have a brain malfunction, when your brain goes off wrong, which I think is quite frequently, then you just call me.'

Back to fit camp. The stars go over to the pool for a 300 calorie workout. Janna Lowell says that aquatic exercise is tone of the best low to no impact workout that you can have. The exercises include Figure 8 (Water Aerobics, good for 75 calories an hour) Barbells in the water (100 calories per hour) and running in the water (or Roadrunner, which is 125 calories an hour). As they are doing exercises, Toccara quit early and took a breather, which doesn't make Harvey happy.

Speaking of which, Toccara is up now. The goal for Toccara is 4 pounds. She lost 1 pound - 199 pounds. Ian is upset with her and questions her motivation. Toccara wonders why he comes down on her rougher than everyone else. Ian says that he's not happy with anyone, but she's the only person with a bad attitude. Toccara says that she does care, but Ian wants her to show that commitment for the next 2 weeks.

Linda asks what happened at the pool, and she says that she was out of gas. Ian questions that, and as we go back to the pool, we find out that she hasn't been eating properly, but she did get some diet pills. Both Harvey and Ian s tare wonderingly at each other, since neither of them gave her the pills. She says that she took them because she's hungry, but Harvey says that she crashed and burned, because she had no energy after the race and she has no energy now for the pool exercises. She also says that she took 6 of them, and I don't take diet pills, but 6 of any sort of pill in one day just doesn't sound good. Back in the present, Toccara gives Ian the pills, and Ian and Harvey both ban them from her list of things to take. Harvey also re-emphasizes the goal of 6 pounds for the next two weeks. Toccara just doesn't get it.

Did Wendy get it this week? Her goal was 6 pounds and her weight is...216 pounds, which is a loss of 3 pounds. It's only a 3 pound loss, but they went to check her tissue and fat, to see how it's distributed. Arms - 57.1% fat, Midsection - 53.7% fat, Legs - 53.1% fat. Over half of Wendy's body is fat. Ewwwww. In addition, she is at prime risk for diseases. Wendy is floored and insists that she is trying, adding that she takes responsibility for the weight loss, but she doesn't know what's wrong. She says that she is not taking pills (which gets a sneer from Toccara) and she says that she couldn't have done any better. Harvey says that she could have; he asked for a diary, and Wendy says that she didn't write it. Harvey says that she could have done better because by chronicling the information down, they can go over what she needs to improve upon, but Wendy says that she couldn't have and she's pissed. Harvey says that the goal is another 6 pounds, and Wendy says 'done'.

Can things get better with Phil? Phil seems to hope so, as he has a lot to lose at 342 pounds. The goal was 8 pounds, and Phil doesn't make it, but he does lose 6 pounds (336). Ian thinks he's keeping an excellent food diary and he's following the program to a T. Phil is doing running (200 calories an hour), Calisthenics (250 calories an hour) and weight-lifting (350 calories an hour). Phil says that the workout isn't hard, but the temptation to stop at a fast food joint is - but he does not yield to temptation. Ian says he's doing a great job, but Phil is disappointed. Linda says that he's doing a great job, and Harvey is VERY impressed with what he does. Harvey is asking if he cheated, and Phil admits that he did, but he's going to do double time this week. Harvey is still happy with his progress and gives him another 6 pounds to lose.

Willie is the last person up, and although his weight loss doesn't count, he still gets the analysis. Last time, he was at 176 with a goal of 5 pounds. THis week, he's at...175 pounds. Apparently, Willie knew what was going on, as he only lost 1 pound. He says that his schedule got in the way this week and Harvey is upset with his excuses. Willie says that he was invited to go to Gary Busey's house to work out. The workout is with Willie working out while Gary is lecturing to him, explaining how discipline is fun. Gary then houses WIllie at some workout exercises, and Willie, who says that they worked out hard, says that they bonded. Willie says that they bonded and Gary was pleased. Harvey was not pleased and he orders Willie to lose 7 pounds.

It's time to hit the giant scale. According to my math, Jackee and Toccara didn't do much, but neither did Gary's team. It's Phil that saves them with a -6 for a total of 8 pounds lost. Gary (3), Wendy (3) and Victoria (2) also lost a total of 8 pounds, for...a tie. How does the giant scale deal with ties? They end with both teams in the middle. The total so far? Crunch-o-matics - 44 pounds, Sizzling Soul, White Ice - 32 pounds. ANT leaves while Willie tries to get Gary's team off of the scales, while Wendy and Victoria are screaming that they will topple the scale over.

Next Week - Jackee's team find Jani, but would they prefer if they didn't? And now it's Willie who's AWOL. How is that going to affect the competition? Join us in 7 days as we play Lost and Found...and Lost again.

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