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Similar in tune to "The Biggest Loser", eight celebrities will be put through the ringer in a celebrity-studded weight-loss challenge.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Panel: Dr. Linda Papodopoulis, Harvey Walden IV
EP: Richard Hall, Curt Northrup, Matt Hanna, Jim Ackerman, Hichael Hirshorn
Packager: Granada America, VH1
Airs: Sundays at 9:00pm ET on VH1

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Hit Me - July 17

We start this episode on Day 17. No, we didn't skip the first 2 weeks. Well, we sort of did, but this show, as you loyal watchers know, likes to go back and see what each person did and then fast-forward us to the present.

So what did each person do? We find out, but first ANT reminds us that everyone will be weighed and placed on the BIG SCALE to see how the teams are progressing. As for those said teams, Gary Busey has named theirs the Crunch-o-matics (to which Jackee gives them a grimace) because he thinks his team like to crunch the other team and they like to do it automatically. As for Jackee, her team is 'Sizzling SOul and White Ice', which gets snickers from the other tea,. Gary - 'What does that have to do with working out?' Jackee - 'Nothing'. I like the Crunch-o-matics better...

Both teams are asked which person did not make weight. Gary says Wendy, while Jackee says herself. Well, we'll start with Jackee, who has supposed to shed 4 pounds. Her weight - 194, which is 8 pounds! She didn't feel the weight come off, but she was thrilled. It must have been from her dieting habits, because as we see from her first workout, it wasn't from that. We see her struggle with some of the workout machines, but she does say that she works out. Harvey tells her to keep going.

Linda went over to Jackee's house, and Jackee tells Linda that she wants to be sassy and sexy, but inside she is sensitive and introspective. Linda tells her that her wardrobe should represent more what she is inside and tells her that she needs to be more like it. Jackee hugs her and tells her she's right on the money, adding that who she is is not manifested on her clothing. Going back to the present, Jackee says that Linda made her realized that she has a problem and it's a good first step. Harvey ends the mushiness and tells Jackee that she needs to lose 5 pounds for the next session.

We then switch over to the second day of Fit Camp, where they have a sparring session in the boxing ring. We get to see them work with jump rope. Toccara is working it like a pro. Gary's pants...has had enough, as Gary has a wardrobe malfunction. Down go the pants to the ground. As Gary bends over, the underwear decides to join Gary's pants, and we have a full moon sighting. Jani - 'Seeing Gary's ass was...exciting.' Too. Much. Information.

Next up - the boxing bag. Jani tells us that he boxed Golden Gloves in High School so he's ready for any challenge. That challenge is Patrick LaSasso, and the objective is to hit him. Of course, he will not hit back. Whoever hits the most amount of punches on him, and the team that lands the most amount will win a prize.

Willie starts it off, and he gets 30 of them. Toccara charges at Patrick like a mad bull and gores him 35 times. Someone needs to tell Wendy that the objective isn't to hug him, but nevertheless, she gets 25. Phil looks like he's staring at Patrick like it was his son and gets off 37 shots. Victoria promises that she'll be soft - and maybe that's the key, because she was able to land a lot of shots - 36 of them. Jackie was up to the task, but she fell short at 30. Despite that, Jackee's team is up, 102-91. It comes down to Gary Vs. Jani.

Both Gary and Jani decide to raise the stakes - they are allowing Patrick to PUNCH BACK. Uh-oh. Gary goes first and Patrick calls him the scariest fighter he faced all day. He took a lot of shots and only got off 28 of his own. Gary is doubled over in pain, but he walks off ion his own power. It's more than what Jani can do - Patrick pops him a few times in his chest and he thinks that he has a broken rib. He also has a broken score, because he only got 14 shots off. That makes the final score Crunch-o-matics - 119, Sizzling Soul, White Ice - 116.

Jani is pissed because he thought he landed more than 14 punches. Jackee is pissed because all Jani needed to do was to land 18 punches - which he could have done in his sleep if he didn't ask for Patrick to hit back. To the victors - a new home boxing gym. The team celebrates and sure enough, the Crunch-o-matics do crunch the competition.

It's time for Gary to take the scale. The goal was to lose 5 pounds. His weight is now...195, which is a loss of...14 pounds! Wow. Gary attributes it to focus and follow through. Linda says that he did a great job as weight loss, but not a good job as leader. Gary defends that he led a group prayer, but his recollection of the events are different that what happened. Gary insists on using 'Jesus' in his prayer - which is a problem since Wendy is Jewish. Gary doesn't get it and instead accuses Wendy of breaking his prayer. 'My prayer from my heart was interrupted from someone who doesn't like to pray.' He says that the prayer was appreciated, while Wendy is in shock and Willie, who says that what Gary did was total crap, as still in shock. Harvey still reads him the riot act and tells Gary that the next step is 6 pounds.

Gary goes back to a still stunned team. ANT asks Wendy if Gary's way was the correct telling. Wendy says no, as he called her a b!tch. Gary steadfastly denies it. As we see the tape, we don't see him calling Wendy a female dog, but we do see him using another animal by flipping her the bird. Both Jackee and Wendy are in hysterics and Wendy's team is ready to trade Gary off for Phil and a bag of rice.

Speaking of Phil, it's his turn. His goal was 7 pounds. Phil hits the scale and is now...342 pounds, which is a loss of 11 pounds. We get more applause as Phil admits that he's walking better. He also admits that he was confused on the food dishes - his wife wonders about Phil's choices and we figure out that April gave Phil 2 entries instead of one. Oops. The next target is 8 pounds and Phil says that it will be easy to do. We'll see...

Wendy gets part 1 of session 2 at the weigh-in. The goal is 6 pounds and Wendy doesn't want to get on the scale. It turns out that she doesn't have to sorry, because she lost 7 pounds (219). She says that she is happy with her group - EXCEPT that Gary was aggressive. She says that there was resolution in the group...well, sort of, as Gary says that he's a minister and they have agreed to disagree. Harvey is still not impressed, calling both of them headcases and adding - 'If they put all of this energy running their mouths into exercising, then they wouldn't be fat, unconditioned and in the shape that they are in now.' OUCH!

Harvey is happy that she is back in the fight. The target is another 6. Wendy says that she will bring him 6 pounds. Gary welcomes Wendy back with a hug. AwwwwBarf.

Toccara is the next person up. The goal was 6 pounds at 205. She weighs herself and is at...200, a loss of 5 pounds. Toccara says that it's good and Ian says she's still successful. We see a video of Toccara starting to workout, and then starting to give up. Ian noted that Toccara was resistant to the idea of weight loss, so Ian brings Toccara a chart of what she would look like 50 years later. Ian is concerned that she would get diabetes. Linda says that she th inks that because she like who she is today, that she doesn't have to concern herself about what she's going to look like tomorrow. Toccara is giggling that she lost 5 pounds...

...but Jackee is pissed. She can do the math. Everyone lost what they were asked to do except her and she knows that her team is trailing, adding that she shouldn't have to hope that her teammates pick up the slack. Harvey tells Toccara that the next goal is 4 pounds. Toccara says that she can do 4 pounds, but Jackee pledges to put her foot up Toccara's ego-filled butt. 'I don't like not winning' and continues to nail Toccara for not making her mark.

Victoria is up - and she is not happy. She says that she doesn't know how to lose weight, which means that she may know more than we do. She is supposed to lose 4 pounds. She has lost...4 pounds, at 163. Victoria is shocked and thrilled. She says that she never lost weight. Ian notes that she gave her food to the kids and dogs and asked her if they lost weight. Her husband notes that she knows nothing about cooking. We get a video montage of her looking for a sauce pan. 'Is this a saucepan?' (holds pot). Husband - 'No'. 'Is this a saucepan?' (holds pan). Husband - 'No'. 'Do we have a saucepan?' Husband - 'No'. She does make the food, but it looks like it's only suitable for dogs, so maybe her handing the food off wasn't a bad thing.

Victoria says that she loved the boxing, but she ran out of energy. Harvey tells her to not run out of energy and to stay on track. The target - another 4 pounds. Victoria says that she'll try to do it.

Jani is up next. He was at 190 and the goal is 4 pounds. The result is...190, for no weight loss. Ian tells him that he has to watch what he eats and Linda asks what the problem was. Jani says that he has some personal issues....and we go to the flashback with him and Linda. He says that he may be sabotaged, adding that there is no support system for him. Why? Apparently, he's going through a very nasty divorce. Ouch. Jackee also adds that Jani is still into alcohol, adding that he can't do what he did 15 years ago.

Linda tells Jani to not get down about it, and Jani adds that he will make any goal. Harvey tells him to start by meeting his trainer and adds that he has to make every training session. Jani says that he is still reeling from the boxing session. Harvey says that the next goal is 5 pounds, and adds to not come back blowing smoke up his a$$. Jani says he will make any goal set, but will he?

Speaking of that, Willie (yes, I made a funny) is the last person to go up. His weight is 176 pounds, a drop of a massive 11 pounds. Willie asks if they are serious, and he says that he stuck on the diet and he changed his schedule. He says that he blew the last few days and he's shocked. Linda is thrilled that he took time out and did walks with his family. Harvey says that Willie also missed time with the trainers, but he says that he had a great support session with his family. The next target for Willie - 5 pounds, which shouldn't be a problem.

What also shouldn't be a problem? The big scale. By my math, the Crunch-o-Matics should have 36 pounds lost, Vs. Jackee's Soul and Ice's 24 pounds. Sure enough, ANT says the same thing. He reminds them all that the scales don't lie and he leaves. At least Jackee won't have to worry about getting off the scale - it's right at the bottom for her to walk off from.

Next Week - Jani goes AWOL, Jackee makes excuses and Toccara collapses from taking weight pills. They are all on the same team. Join us in 7 days to see if there's any way that they can avoid losing for two straight weeks.

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