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It's the hippest game of charades on television, as celebs "act it out" for charity.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Chad Lowe and Bob Balaban
Creators/EP: Chad Lowe, Bob Balaban, Hilary Swank
Packager: AMC Original Programming
All this week at 9pm ET on AMC

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"Tuesday" - June 21

We've got half an hour. We've got eight stars (where are the other two?). We have Bob and Chad (fashionably late). Let's play charades. Tonight at the loft...

Joey McIntyre (singer/actor, "Wicked" and "Dancing with the Stars"); playing for the Eliot Hall Restoration Fund
Max Weinberg (bandleader, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"); playing for the American Cancer Society
Mary McCormack (actress, "True Crime" and "Private Parts"); playing for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Carson Kressley (style guru, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"); playing for the NYPD Mounted Unit
Judy Gold (tall comedian, "At the Movies with Judy Gold"); playing for the Matthew Shepard Foundation
Bebe Neuwirth (actress, "Cheers" and "Chicago"); playing for Seeds of Peace
Jeannie Noth and Jim Gaffigan (happily married comedians. Wolvie would say "Team Comically Married"); playing for the Catholic Relief Fund and Gilda's House

Right away, Joey and Carson put to rest any hint of a New York/Boston rivalry, Jim and Carson share a moment, and Bebe is making Carson question the whole gay thing.

Name of the game is running charades. Once again, teams will get clues from a list held by the game master. Correct guesser gets another clue until there are five clues. Then you start thinking of a theme to tie the list together. First team to do that wins.

Teams tonight:

Red: Bob, Jim, Carson, Bebe, Joey
Blue: Judy, Max, Mary, Jeannie

Red with the power play. Will that help? Round 1! Go!

Here's your first hint: STELLA!!!!! Answer at the bottom.  Both teams get it. Next up, "Driving Miss Daisy" (both in) and... unfortunately for Carson, "The Trip to Bountiful." Fact: Longest Carson has gone without talking: 5 seconds. Blue pulls ahead but not by much. Fourth clue: "Judgment at Nuremburg". Both teams are good. Fifth clue: "You Can Count on Me." Blue is first with it. Final clue, "Little Shop of Horrors." Both are in. Now for themes. The movies once again...

Driving Miss Daisy
The Trip to Bountiful
Judgment at Nuremburg
You Can Count on Me
Little Shop of Horrors.

Fact: Frank Oz's "Little Shop of Horrors" was a movie based on the play. The play was based no Roger Corman's 1960 original, "The Little Shop of Horrors".

Back to theme-guessing. Can you get it? Chad gives a hint: "Consider the 'written by' credit." Judy is first... and right! Blue team is up, 1-0. The kicker is... Bob had it on the tip of his tongue, but didn't bother to report it to Chad. D'oh! "I want to kill myself."

Not before round 2! Chad plays with Blue. Ready, go! First clue... hint: "This movie features Halle Berry clad in leather and brandishing a bullwhip. That's not so much a hint as it is a FANTASY." Blue is first. Second clue: "Showgirls". Okay, I think I got the theme. If "From Justin to Kelly" is up there... Third clue: "Battlefield Earth". Red pulls ahead. Fourth clue: "Hudson Hawk". Final clue: "Indecent Proposal". Well, so much for that. Anyway, while Bob explains the charade, Red Team gets it. So now it's theme time. The movies again...

Battlefield Earth
Hudson Hawk
Indecent Proposal

Red team's Jim tries... and fails. Bob's hint: "Each of the movies won the same award." Jim answers.. Right! Red ties it, 1 up, while Judy takes the walk of shame. All this charading is making my hungry...

And as for the 8 people... well, I think I get it. Andy is the cook, not a player. So really, it was Bob and Chad playing those two times. Makes so much sense now...

Fact: Judy is easily annoyed. Well, with the score tied at one, one team will be that much more annoyed after this... our final round.

First clue's hint: "Unlike 'Showgirls', this film IS based on a comic book."

Fact: Charades' Handbook: Season 2, Paragraph 8. "Encourage the struggling charader with words of praise or kindness." Neither of which Jim is getting at the moment. Second clue: "The Barefoot Contessa". Blue up, 2-0. Red passes the first movie. Third clue: "Mystery, Alaska".

Fact: Bob likes to cheat. Because of that, red FINALLY gets the first charade.

Fourth clue: "The Cheyenne Social Club". Fifth clue: "The Sons of Katie Elder". We're finally tied up, 4-4. Bob is getting a bit antsy as Red finally gets it. Well, almost. Joey forgot the plural, and Bob's just about to end the game right here.  Now to the theme...

The Barefoot Contessa
Mystery, Alaska
The Cheyenne Social Club
The Sons of Katie Elder

Jim goes to the GM's room... only to find that the GM is not there. Oh, here he is. "Each of the leading men in these movies has something about them that's the same as the other one." Hint: Actors in these movies are all guilty of sweeping their problem under "the rug". This doesn't help the players AT ALL, so we go to the Blue Room... all eight and Bob. Chad gets this one for the Blue Team... FINALLY!

And now, the answers...

Round 1: "A Streetcar Named Desire"; movies adapted from plays
Round 2: "Catwoman"; Razzie winners for worst picture
Round 3: "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"; movies featuring stars who wear hairpieces

But the most important thing is that they had fun. Hope you did as well. See you tomorrow!

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