The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

The Final Four - December 6

The Final Four will be chosen tonight. Can Jaron finish off his invasion of the ranch with a berth in the Biggest Loser finale or will he fall just short?

Everyone is training hard as it is everyone’s last chance to make sure that they stay at the ranch.

That is everyone but Heather. Heather is nursing her injury and is not taking kindly to Kim added pushes. Kim is doing her best to get Heather to put out extra effort, but Heather is not having it.

Kim heads back to t eh gym and talks to Kai who she is able to motivate. She hopes to motivate Heather by association. Kai herself however is freaking out. She realizes that if she falls below the yellow line she may be voted out as her fellow losers see her as a threat to win the entire game.

On the blue side, Erik continues to get personal one-on-one training from Bob. They decide to hike back up the mountain that they climbed on Day 1. Not only does Erik climb it with ease but he they hold Bob on his back in a push-up stance. Amazing what losing 112 pounds can do.

Now for a little fun. Today the losers get to train the trainers. Everyone is pretty sure that this is a good time for payback and as a results Kim and Bob are on the treadmill, the cycle, and eventually doing gymnastic flips on the yard.

Now for another special surprise. Visitors! Not aliens… Matt and Suzy Hoover from last season (They got married) are here to talk to the latest class of losers.

The Loser alums stress to the newbies that the transition is a killer. They can’t quit if they want to maintain their losses and competitively they have a long way to go if they plan to win. All the new losers accept their advice warmly and that’ good as their final challenge is looming.

However, this time the challenge is not a competition. The losers will be proving to themselves that they can complete a mini-triathlon. The losers are freaking out but as they begin they realize that they are in a lot better shape than they realize. In fact everyone is able to finish the triathlon without exceptional difficulty. They stick together as a team, even when Wylie falls behind in the swim, and as a result everyone feels a great sense of pride in their accomplishment.

The surprises continue. Dr. Huizenga is here to check in with Erik and the results are positive. Through his diet and exercise, Erik is now sensitive to insulin and not diabetic. Amazing what a little sweat can do.

LAST Last Chance Workout

Everyone is realizing how much they have changed and they are pushing it big time to make sure that they make the final.

Who will make it?

The Weigh In:

Previous: 174
Current: 167
Loss: 7 (4.02%)

Previous: 223
Current: 217
Loss: 6 (2.69%)

Previous: 224
Current: 217
Loss: 7 (3.13%)

Previous: 295
Current: 283
Loss 12 (4.07%)

Previous: 189
Current: 185
Loss: 4 (2.12%)

Erik, Heather and Wylie have made it to the final 4 and Kai and Jaron have fallen below the yellow line. The losers will have to vote which of the two will need to leave.

Tough vote…

Jaron, Jaron, we don’t need to see the last vote. Loyalty holds true and the last at home player is gone.

For one last goodbye as they leave the ranch, the trainers introduce the losers to their former selves in life-size cutouts. Everyone is amazed or appalled. However, this likely will sit in the back of their minds as motivation to succeed.

Now the losers have to head home to continue the game. Who will win $250,000 and the title of Biggest Loser? Only one way to find out… one last trip to the scale. Next Week!

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