The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

All About The Holidays - November 29

Now that Erik has lost 100 lbs and Marty has been sent home, the game is truly on. Can Erik survive as the only remaining Blue member? A Thanksgiving Feast stands in the way.

Bob is livid. He can’t believe that Erik voted against Marty his teammate, and Bob isn’t seeing straight. He asks Erik what he is thinking and Erik says that he is simply playing strategy. Bob hopes to hell that Erik knows what he is doing, because Erik is the only one left. It’s all up to him.

Now that Erik is the only Blue “loser” his exit will remove Bob’s purpose for being on the ranch. Erik has lost 31 lbs in the previous 2 weeks, so there is a chance he could flatline.

One of the things that could cause this problem is that it is Thanksgiving Week at the ranch. Kim plugs more products than possible in the 5 minutes where the "losers" learn that through egg whites and splenda they can reduce the calories in a feast.

Time to burn off the calories with the first ever Biggest Loser Derby. Heather will not compete as she is suffering from bursitis. The “losers” will put back on the weight that they have lost and race 1 mile around the Santa Anita racetrack, dropping off their weekly weight losses at barrels around the course. First “loser” to finish will get 1 family member flown in to spend a day with them.

Wylie blasts out to an early lead and is chased by Adrian until one of her weights falls off of a barrel. Then Wylie misses a barrel and Jaron passes him to take the lead. Adrian keeps pushing and gets back into second place. As they round the final turn, Jaron has a decent lead but Adrian is closing. Unfortunately it is too late and Jaron wins the derby!

He will now be receiving a visit from his wife as a prize, but all the “losers” are winners as they all finish the race.

Jaron’s wife Tara arrives and all the losers greet her openly. They share a quick meal and right after that it is time for last chance workouts. Moving fast aren’t we.

Kim takes everyone including Tara on a road run while Bob is literally being dragged around by Erik in the gym. Erik realizes that he is in danger of falling below the yellow line and is working hard accordingly.

Have the efforts of the losers paid off? Let’s find out.

Previous 231
Current: 223
Loss 8 (3.46%)

Add 1 member to the 100 lb club!

Previous: 179
Current: 174
Loss: 5 (2.79%)

Previous: 198
Loss: 189
Loss: 9 (4.55%)

Previous: 236
Current: 224
Loss: 12 (5.08%)

The standings:

Previous: 163
Current: 161
Loss: 2 (1.23%)

Adrian has fallen below the yellow line. Will Erik or Heather be joining her?

Previous: 307
Current: 295
Loss: 12 (3.91%)


With Adrian and Heather up for dismissal, who will be leaving?

Here come the votes: (And for those of you who were wondering, yes, Bob was exuberant over Erik’s weight loss)

Kai votes to protect her best friend and votes for Adrian

Jaron votes to protect his comrade and votes for Heather

Erik votes for the person he sees as the strongest competitor and votes for Adrian

With that vote, Adrian is gone. Even if Wylie’s vote tied it, then the person with the lowest percent weight loss would leave, thus Adrian is gone.

At home Adrian has settled at a healthy 166, and better yet she has a new found confidence that lets her personality shine.

We are down to the final 5 and only 4 will make it to the final weigh in. The pressure is on but the weight will come off. How much? Check in next week.

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