The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

Individuals - November 15

7 Losers remain but the teams are gone. Which Loser will propel themselves to the top and can Jaron and Adrian maintain their new residence at the ranch.

Bob and Kim come in to find that Bobby is gone and Bob is hurt. He drags his guys aside and they reminisce at how Bobby brought the humor to the house. Bob does know on way that they can get past all of this. Workout!

Bob takes his guys through their paces and gets them grunting crying and puking knowing that they will be better for it in the long run.

The ladies are working out too and Kim is focusing on Adrian. Kim thinks Adrian has the fitness, but not the mindset necessary to pull this off. She pushes Adrian beyond her limits and tries to get her to accept that she is not the fat girl anymore, but who knows if real progress is being made. Jaron hopes Adrian can turn it around, but it will all be up to Adrian.

What is better than working out? Makeovers!

Prevention magazine is taking the losers to makeup, hair, and clothing, all in time for a photo shoot for the magazine where everyone looks great. All the losers finally seem to be accepting that they are shadows of what they once were, and better yet, Heather now accept that she is a size 14.

Challenge time!

As they walk down a pier they see platforms in the sky and Kai is losing it as she apparently has a fear of heights.

The losers will be riding stationary bikes in the sky and when the hit 2 miles they will get to call out another loser. That loser will drop 10 feet from 30 feet in the air and the last loser in the air will win (3 hits and you’re out.)

Meltdown Alert!

Adrian immediately refuses to play saying the game in unfair and whines ad nauseam. Caroline prods her and Kai laughs, but Adrian eventually gets on the bike figuring that she can at least burn some calories.

Jaron hits 2 miles first and lowers Heather

Kai hits 2 and lowers Adrian

Wylie sends down Jaron

Erik drops Jaron (Jaron is one hit from elimination)

Adrian drops Wylie

Heather drops Jaron and Jaron is out.

Marty hits 2 miles and drops Adrian

Kai hits 4 miles and knocks out Adrian

The originals remain and Wylie knocks down Heather

Erik piles on Heather and she is out.

Marty hits 4 and Kai falls to 10 feet

Kai hits 6 mi and drops Marty

Wylie drop Erik to 20 ft

Update Marty, Kai Wylie and Erik are all at 20 ft.

Erik drops Wylie while Kai hits 8 and drops Marty to 10ft

Marty drops Erik and Kai sits at 20 ft in the lead while the men are all at 10 ft

Wylie drop Kai and they are all even.

Erik drops Wylie and he is out

Kai hits ten and Marty is out.

Next person to complete 2 miles will win.

Kai does it and wins immunity, while freaking out from the height.

From Bikes we head to the last chance workout!


Kim realizes that Bob only has 2 to train while she has five. She is working hard to inspire all of her losers.

Bob over at blue is worried that Erik’s 20 lb weight loss will make it hard for him to lose weight. Bob’s not willing to let that happen. Is he successful?

Weigh In

Kai is immune so she will go first. The 2 players below the yellow will be up for elimination

Previous: 201
Current: 198
Loss: 3

Previous 238
Current: 231
Loss: 7 - 2.94%

Previous: 186
Current: 179
Loss: 7 - 3.76%

Previous: 282
Current: 274
Loss: 8 - 2.84%

Previous: 170
Current 163
Loss: 7 - 4.12%

Status check:

1. Adrian
2. Heather
3. Jaron
4. Marty
---------------- 2 left to weigh in

Previous: 236
Current: 236
Loss: 0 - 0%

Wylie is below the yellow line. Will Erik or arty join him. Erik needs to lose 10 to be safe, 11 to have lost a total 100 lbs

Previous: 318
Current: 307
Loss: 11 - 3.46%

Final Standings:

Kai - Immune
1. Adrian
2. Heather
3. Erik
4. Jaron
5. Marty
6. Wylie

The previous power pair is now gone, and one of them will be going home. Wylie is outside moping about while Marty is enjoying his 8 lb loss and still being friendly.

Can Marty survive his threat status? Let’s find out.

Adrian votes with a heavy heart and votes out Marty

Jaron votes on strategy and outs Marty

Kai is worried that Wylie’s zero will yield a bigger number next week and votes Wylie

Heather for the same reason ties the vote.

Erik has the final say. Bob talked to Erik and said that Blue needed to be protected. Did Erik try to save Blue? Nope. Marty is gone.

By 3-2 Marty is gone. But the weight is not coming back. Marty heads back to school and his students are ecstatic. Moreso, Marty thanks his students for inspiring him and pushing him not to quit. Since being home he has lost a total of 140 lbs and he looks like a hulk. No exaggeration. He rivals Matt from last year. More power to him and all the “losers” out there. 6 remain at the ranch. Who will take it all?

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