The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

They're Back - November 8

The invaders are here, but who will stay. Can the at home contestants overcome the odds and topple the incumbents. The election humor stops and the weight loss begins inside.

Matthew, a youth pastor from Maine
Jaron, a father from Arkansas
Tim, a teacher from Delaware

Virginia, a grad student from Vermont
Adrian, a college student from North Dakota
Poppi, a comedienne from New Jersey

Not surprisingly, the tenured losers have banded together and they are trying to figure out how to oust the newbies.

They have met the foes that they will have to surmount. Which two? Let’s find out and weigh in.

The Women

Previous: 232
Current: 189
Loss: 43

Previous: 277
Current: 230
Loss: 47
Percentage: 16.97%

Previous: 227
Current: 174
Loss: 53
Percentage: 23.35%

Adrian is back in the game! Who will be her partner?

The Men

Previous: 366
Current: 285
Loss: 81
Percentage: 22.13%

Previous: 323
Current: 248
Loss: 75
Percentage: 23.22%

Previous: 268
Current: 216
Loss: 52
Percentage: 19.42%

Jaron is in!

So the teams now are:

Jaron and Adrian
Marty and Wylie
Erik and Kai
Bobby and Heather

Now the twist of the knife. Jaron and Adrian have the 2 highest percentage losses of anyone, including the “losers” who have been at the ranch.

Kim sits down with Adrian and the girls to calm everyone down. We learn that Adrian is a 22 yr old college student who kicked the alcohol habit on her way to weight loss.

Then outside as they work out Adrian is feeling that Kim’s lunges are not aiding her weight loss, Kim snaps a bit and warns Adrian to watch her words, which would be very wise.

In the gym, Jaron learns the guys are stronger and in better shape than he is. He may have lost the weight, but he is missing some of the muscle.

Now we’ll find out what the newbies are truly made of. Challenge time!

The teams will have to move one ton of objects from one pallet to another. It will be either tires, water, bricks, or weights. Who moves what?

Calorie Quiz! An 8 oz steak, with loaded baked potato and ice cream sundae. The closest will choose who moves what.

The total: 2287. The closest: 2300. The winner: Marty and Wylie!

Here’s the set up:
Marty and Wylie: Water
Heather and Bobby: Weights
Erik and Kai: Tires
Jaron and Adrian: Bricks

This one is unfair from the start. The bricks are unmanageable, and the tires are huge. It’s a battle between water and weights and Marty and Wylie win with water. What do they win? A years’ subscription to Netflix and 42 inch plasma TVs.

Everyone does finish the challenge however except for Adrian and Jaron.

Back at the ranch, Bob and Kim question this as it shows a lack of dedication. They wonder how badly the newbies want it.

Bob is concerned with Jaron’s diet. He’s been eating small portions of turkey and Bob wants Jaron to diversify. For the first time there seems to be genuine trainer newbie interaction and maybe now the newbies are being welcomed into the fold.

Adrian is stressing that the workouts at the ranch are not the same as what she was doing at home. As a result she doesn’t want to change her strategy at risk of going home.

This results in her skipping Kim’s run and choosing to opt out of trainer assistance.

Adrian is losing it though and pulls Kai aside to share her problems. Adrian is very tired and is regretting her decision. Kai is sympathetic as Adrian calls her morning workout the loneliest 2 hours of her life.

This leads to Adrian returning to Kim to talk it out and before you know it Adrian is back on the Kim Lyons training program.

Kim puts Adrian through the paces in a last chance workout triathlon. Adrian abides by Kim’s instructions and before you know it, it’s time for the weigh-in

Bring on the scale!

Wylie and Marty

Previous: 242
Current: 236
Loss: 6

Previous: 286
Current: 282
Loss: 4
Total 10 lbs Percentage 1.89%

Adrian and Jaron

Previous: 174
Current: 170
Loss: 4

Previous: 248
Current: 238
Loss: 10

Total 14 lbs. Percentage: 3.32%

Kai and Erik

Previous: 208
Current: 201
Loss: 7

Previous: 338
Current: 318
Loss: 20

Total 27 lbs. Percentage: 4.95%

Heather and Bobby

Previous: 255
Current: 252
Loss: 3

Previous: 182
Current: 186

Total Gain 1 lb No percentage lost

That puts Heather and Bobby below the yellow line and one of them will be leaving the ranch.

Bob is mad he quotes Bobby in saying that if he falls below the yellow line he wants to go home. Further, Bobby has said that he does not plan to fight for his position in this game.

Is there foul play here? Did Heather gain weight just to get rid of Bobby? Who cares?

Kim cares. She calls Heather out on it and Heather admits to her ploy, but Kim understands and this game has quickly turned to a male vs. female fight.

The real question is: Who is voting for who?

The teams must vote as pairs so there will only be 3 votes cast. Here they are.

Adrian and Jaron with minimal knowledge of their competitors vote for Bobby

Erik and Kai vote, but Erik seems to be hurting more over the decision and they vote out… Bobby.

With 2 votes, Bobby is gone and Heather is spared.

Bobby admits that his heart is not at the ranch anymore, and that he is more than ready to go home. He apologizes to anyone who he may have cheated out of their place on the ranch, but he is happy with his results and health and says he will be fine.

One final announcement. Teams are now gone. There are now 7 individuals competing for the prize of Biggest Loser.

Bobby is now at home and has lost an additional 25 pounds. He has stuck to working out and loves spending time with his kids and is doing great at the fire department. More power to him and best of luck to all the “losers” he may have inspired.

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