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The Biggest Loser
Second Chances

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Second chances are hard to come by. This season, a second chance at life could be worth $250,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Alison Sweeney
Trainers Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels
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David Broome
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Giving Thanks... Giving Back: 13 Compete Again Still
November 26
Ruben made a return after an invalidated weigh-in, while the rest of the house get reminded on why they are here from the reigning Biggest Loser Danni Allen. The Blue Team loses its first weigh-in, but Matt is saved by Bob's Trainer Save. All 13 are back in the house, but from here on out, NO MORE SECOND CHANCES.

Matt is licking his wounds, processing what the save means to him. You're going to have bad weeks. That's the truth. That's what the save is for.

The next day... and it begins with Jay screaming. It's all part of the White Team's CTJ meeting in the morning. They saw what happened over the last weeks, and they do not want to be in that position again.

Meanwhile... hey, it's Bob's birthday! He gets a USA Weightlifting shirt from Holley! And yes... he's 50... ish. But you know what else is this week? Thanksgiving. And no one is allowed near the turkey, it seems. At least if Bob has his way.

CHALLENGE #5: Thanks for Nothing

Many boxes of Thanksgiving food... and three trucks. Needless to say, this is not your dinner. These trucks are all going to tornado-stricken Moore, Oklahoma, and for this challenge, you are going to fill them. Whoever fills their truck first will have one family member per teammate flown out to spend the holiday. There are 40 boxes for each teammate. Some are 15 pounds, some are 30.

We'll find out how this challenge ends.. AFTER we find out how Sunny from season 14 ended up. She did go to prom in that dress she wore in the finale. She's also a senior in high school, getting ready for college, where she hopes to major in biology and become a doctor.

Back to the challenge. As a reminder, the Blue and Red Teams have 200 boxes, while the White Team has 120.

WINNER: BLUES! And no one is broken more than David, who will not see his wife, who lives in Moore. THANKS, ALI.

PRO-TIP: Small meals mean more control of your appetite for the BIG meal on Thursday.

Hap gets to see his son for the first time (his wife was pregnant when he started his journey on TBL). Not to mention his daughters. Holley gets to see her mom. Bobby gets to see his parents, who still don't know that he's come out. Matt sees his fiancee.

And now, it's time for dinner and saying what everyone is thankful for. Bob is thankful for this team, but he is concerned that this team has become distracted.

The next day, Bob has a talk with Bobby about his father and the secret he's trying to keep from him. Bob understands where he's coming from, being a gay man from a repressed family background himself. It doesn't mean that he's less than anyone, and it certainly doesn't mean that he's less than himself.

David has a Thanksgiving tradition of his own, as he decides to honor his late first wife to write her a note for her and send it on a helium balloon. David wants to hit 100 pounds on the ranch for her today.


Red Line is in play, and someone WILL be eliminated tonight.

David: 317 --> ... 306 (-11) - He's the first to break 100!
Jennifer: 220 --> ... 211 (-9)
Tanya: 220 --> ...216 (-4)
Rachel: 195 --> ... 183 (-12)
Ruben: 401 --> ... 394 (-7)
TOTAL: 43 (3.18%)

WHITE (needs to lose more than 21)
Marie: 207 --> ... 203 (-4)
Jay: 226 --> ... 219 (-7)
Tumi: 256 --> ... 250 (-6)
TOTAL: 17 (2.47%) - Still in danger

BLUE: (needs to lose more than 34)
Matt: 290 --> ...281 (-9)
Chelsea: 197 --> ... 191 (-6)
Hap: 340 --> ... 334 (-6)
Bobby: 293 --> ... 284 (-9)
Holley: 291 --> ... 288 (-3)
TOTAL: 33 (2.34%)

Which means that the BLUE team LOSES by a pound. So who falls below the Red Line?

1) MATT - 3.10%
2) BOBBY - 3.07%
3) CHELSEA - 3.05%
4) HAP - 1.78%
5) HOLLEY - 1.03%

Holley is not the Biggest Loser.... but she leaves the ranch with her head held high. We'll see how she's made out in the weeks since she's left the ranch NEXT WEEK.

But this night of surprises is NOT OVER YET.

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