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The Biggest Loser
Second Chances

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Second chances are hard to come by. This season, a second chance at life could be worth $250,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Alison Sweeney
Trainers Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels
Dolvett Quince
Creator Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Mark Koops
EP Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Eden Gaha
Lisa Hennessey
JD Roth
Todd A. Nelson
Packager Eyeworks USA
25/7 Productions
Shine America
Origins Malibu Creek State Park; Malibu, CA
Airs 8p ET Tues, NBC
/Biggest Loser

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A Presidential Feast: 13 Compete
November 12
Last week, a late Halloween treat as the Losers were thrown into the pumpkin patch looking for the ultimate treat, Immunity. The Blue Team won it, and they weighed themselves into the next round. On the Red Team, a sadder story, as Ruben Studdard went from American Idol winner... to Biggest Loser loser.

At the house, the players are commiserating on the loss of BOTH eliminated players.

The next day, Dolvett introduces his team to the Beat Cancer Bootcamp, in hopes that this will light a fire in the team. Beat Cancer is a support group for fighters, survivors, and families, that believe that physically stronger equals mentally tougher.

As an aside, the battle against cancer is a cause that's near and dear to our hearts at the 'net. We've lost many friends like David Zinkin and Randy Amasia to this deadly disease. Most recently, cancer has claimed our good friend Alan Mitsugi. If you want to learn more about these guys, go to

Let's get back to work.

CHALLENGE #3: A Feast Fit for the President

The other half of the Biggest Loser battle... nutrition. Here to help, White House senior policy adviser on nutrition, Chef Sam Kass. To him, nutrition is about balance. The teams have to be balanced to win this cooking challenge.

You will have to cook for yourselves AND the three Biggest Loser kid ambassadors from last season, Biingo, Lindsay, and Sunny. Not only have they themselves lost the weight, they've paid it forward to their families. So they know a thing or two... which is important because they're judging this challenge.

Each team will have 30 minutes to pick your ingredients and prepare your dish. The winner will get a year of free produce worth over $5000.

RED: "Tapas Around the World" - Italian Sausage, Steak with Grilled Asparagus, Grilled Sweet Potato Chips, and Greek Yogurt with Fruit (380 calories, 9g fat)

WHITE: Ranch Living Quesadilla with Kale Chips, mixed berries (420 calories, 12g fat)

BLUE: Backyard Quesadilla with Fiesta Fruit Salad (280 calories, 6g fat)

WINNER.... BLUES! Biingo was only able to eat the vegetables from this plate.

PRO-TIP: The next time you go grocery shopping for vegetables, take the kids along. Chances are that if they pick it, they will eat it.

After the challenge, Jennifer talks with Biingo and mom Michelle about young Taylor and how we can right her ship before it's too late. It starts with parents. Parents who exhibit bad eating habits have kids who exhibit bad eating habits. Michelle knows. She was there. She knows that Jennifer can do this if she's willing to work at it.

Back to the game. The Whites and Reds are down by one to the Blues, who still have a Trainer Save. Needless to say, Jillian and Dolvett are pushing their teams to the limit.

... which is a problem for David, who is afraid of water. The Biggest Loser is not just about physical transformation, it's about breaking mental barriers. David... has to face his fear of water in order to move forward.

The Blue Team has something to prove, because someone thinks that they don't have a chance due to coasting by the seats of their pants. Chelsea seems to be the breakout star.

Now to the Reds... where is Tanya?

CHALLENGE AMERICA: Good hydration is just as important as good nutrition. So sayeth last season's Lisa Rambo.

Tanya could barely move this morning. Now she's moving some more and hoping to see a big number.


Before we begin, we have an issue that needs to be addressed. Jillian broke the rules by giving each of her team members caffeine supplements. Due to this violation, the White Team will be penalized four pounds. For fairness reasons, the last weigh-in is invalid, the Blue Team will be immune once again, and Ruben is BACK in the game.

Let's weigh in after two weeks.

Bobby: 317 --> ... 298 (-19)
Holley: 315 --> ... 296 (-19)
Hap: 363 --> ... 348 (-15)
Chelsea: 215 --> ... 202 (-13)
Matt: 315 --> ...294 (-21)
TOTAL: 87 (5.70%)

Craig: 350 --> ... 336 (-14)
Marie: 225 --> ... 213 (-12)
Jay (hip): 244 --> ... 231 (-13)
Tumi: 280 --> ... 267 (-13)
PENALTY - +4 lb
TOTAL: 48 (4.37%)

RED: (needs to lose more than 45)
David: 347 --> ... 334 (-13)
Jennifer: 236 --> ... 224 (-12)
Tanya: 239 --> ...224 (-15)
Rachel: 216 --> ... 198 (-18)
TOTAL: 48 (5.59%)

Which means that the WHITE team is in danger. So who falls below the Red Line?

1) MARIE - 5.33%
2) JAY - 5.33%
3) TUMI - 4.64%
4) CRAIG - 4.00%

So Craig is out... and Ruben is in. We'll see that NEXT WEEK.

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