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The Biggest Loser
Second Chances

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October 15
October 22

Second chances are hard to come by. This season, a second chance at life could be worth $250,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Alison Sweeney
Trainers Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels
Dolvett Quince
Creator Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Mark Koops
EP Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Eden Gaha
Lisa Hennessey
JD Roth
Todd A. Nelson
Packager Eyeworks USA
25/7 Productions
Shine America
Origins Malibu Creek State Park; Malibu, CA
Airs 8p ET Tues, NBC
/Biggest Loser

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Up for Bids: 14 Compete Again
October 29
Last week, Ruben Studdard received some shocking news about a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, which gave him a shot in the arm about his second chance. The Blue Team was given a second chance of its own at the first Team Challenge... and at the weigh-in, Fernanda ran out of chances.

But she's not out of the running, because she's at home boning up for the $100,000 at-home prize for the eliminated contestant who has lost the most weight on their own. She's at 195 now, and has no fears anymore about hiding behind herself. She's been on dates with her husband, including some nasty salsa dancing. She wants to weigh 130 by the finale.

Matt had to postpone a wedding to be here, so he has a pep talk with Bob to make sure that his head in the right place. He wanted to be the best groom he could be, and he couldn't do it at 356. Bob, of course, thinks that Matt is exactly where he's supposed to be.

The teams arrive at the gym... and there's no equipment. Why? Welcome to the first ever Biggest Loser Auction. Each team has 500 Biggest Loser funbucks to budget on bidding for equipment. You can't use anything you haven't bid for.

- Dumbbells/kettlebells/weights - BL$100, BLUE.
- Treadmill - BL$250, WHITE
- Jumprope - BL$20, BLUE
- Rower - BL$200, BLUE
- Boxing equipment - BL$100, RED
- Mystery Box... ooooooo.... - BL$180, WHITE... You've bought yourself BL$180 worth of... baking ingredients. Flour and sugar.... OR you could cook up some trouble with a trade voucher good for anything that was purchased. They use it to trade up to the boxing equipment.
- Medicine balls - BL$180, RED... or everything.

The trainers arrive to find that the big equipment has been cordoned off... and we're left with what was bought at auction. That's okay, say the trainers. They've worked with LESS before. And at that point, Jillian decides... she's been too nice. Time to bring out the Jill we all know and... .the Jill we all know. And Bob decides that Holley, all 350someodd pounds of her, is going to be carried by Hap. Overall, a lot of emotion is coming out at workout.

Dolvett is telling Tonya, "Your mind is telling you you can't do it. Your mind needs to get out of your body's weight and move it." ... That can't be helpful in the real world. "Pain is gonna come. Let it come." Yeah, let the pain come, fight through the pain, lie in wait for the rhabdomyolysis. As for what's going on in Tonya's mind... she's here with her baby girl in mind... and getting her to beat the odds in regards to her high birth weight. Turns out that it all stems from a cycle of parental abuse at home. She wants to break that cycle. And she doesn't want anyone to feel the way she felt. Dolvett wants her to write two letters: one to her mother and one to her family.

TIP: three meals, two snacks a day. All must include lean protein, whole grains, and/or low-fat cheese. Recipes are online,

Meanwhile, the players are getting some love from home via Skype. Awwww... 


As a reminder, Bob and Dolvett still have their save.

Let's weigh in.

Matt: 325 --> ...319 (-6)
Hap: 373 --> ... 368 (-5)
Chelsea: 223 --> ... 220 (-3)
Holley: 325 -->... 319 (-6)
Bobby: 328 --> ... 321 (-7)
TOTAL: 27 - 1.72%

WHITE (need to lose more than 19)
Craig: 361 --> ... 357 (-4)
Marie: 235 --> ... 229 (-6)
Tumi: 297 --> ... 287 (-10 - SAFE!)
Jay: 263 --> ... 253 (-10)

RED: (needs to lose more than 25)
Jennifer: 246 --> ... 242 (-4)
Rachel: 231 --> ... 224 (-7)
David: 360 --> ... 354 (-6)

Let's talk about season 12's Vinny. He started at 453. Today, he's literally HALF the man he used to be... by eating soup. Obviously we don't suggest it, but that's what happened.

Ruben: 431 --> ... 428 (-3)
Tanya: 242 --> ...242 (0)

Which means that the RED team is in danger. So who falls below the Red Line?

1) RACHEL - 3.03%
2) DAVID - 1.67%
3) JENNIFER - 1.63%
4) RUBEN - 0.70%
5) TANYA - 0.00%

Dolvett still has a save. Tanya still wants to be here... so she will stay for one more week. Hopefully this will not be the last.

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