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The Biggest Loser
Second Chances

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Second chances are hard to come by. This season, a second chance at life could be worth $250,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Alison Sweeney
Trainers Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels
Dolvett Quince
Creator Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Mark Koops
EP Benjamin Silverman
David Broome
Eden Gaha
Lisa Hennessey
JD Roth
Todd A. Nelson
Packager Eyeworks USA
25/7 Productions
Shine America
Origins Malibu Creek State Park; Malibu, CA
Airs 8p ET Tues, NBC
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Go to Work: 11 Compete
December 10
Jay and Jillian went back to Missouri to continue the program at home. He was able to save the White Team from elimination when he put up yet another surprising number. But what happens next put the house in a sour mood, as Ruben was, for the first time in reality TV history, eliminated from the competition.

CHALLENGE #6: Winner Winner, Quiz or Dinner

The Losers arrive at a typical American diner to take a Q&A on healthy eating habits. The team that loses this challenge will have to work in this dessert-laden-sugary-fatty-paradise-purgatory for the whole week. The other two teams go back to the ranch and business as usual.

- Approximately what percentage of full-time employees in the US are either overweight or obese?: 2/3 (Red, White)
- What is the #1 source of food workers bring into the office?: Fast-food restaurant (all)
- Which of the following occupations has the highest rate of obesity?: Transportation workers (White, Blue)
- What percentage of administrative assistants have reported gaining weight at their job?: Correct... 69%. (Red, Blue)

So the Reds and the Blues are heading back to the gym. The White Team... suit up, you're on the clock.

So where is Ruben Studdard now? He's down to 350, and he's back in the studio working on his next album. He's always going to be busy, but he's going to take some time out for himself. He hopes to be in the 200s by the finale.

Back at the Ranch, Jillian's taking the news... in typical Jillian fashion. That is, throwing a hissy fit, getting a bear hug from Dolvett, and then going outside to vent.

At the diner, the White Team is busying themselves with work so as not to be tempted into giving up what they have worked towards. Instead, they decide that the Blue and the Red should share in the bounty of their experience. That's just terrible. Bringing home cookies and chili fries.

"Use your fear as fuel." And the Reds feel honored and accomplished working under Dolvett's tutelage.

Over with the Blues, Bob is driven nuts over Hap's low numbers. He's following the diet. He's working out. Time that this reality show gets a reality check. You see... when you honestly work out at the levels that they are working out, there is going to be someone who gains muscle and loses fat. He may weigh the same or even more, but you have to think about muscle and fat. Is he gaining muscle as well as losing fat? Just a scientific way of thinking about things.

Even so, Bob wants him to document everything that he puts in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Bobby is struggling doing a forward roll. I was not the most fit person in grade school gym class. But I could do a forward roll. Chin in chest. Simple. And it's not just his rolls, it's also his role. He's got a problem with confidence. He needs to dig deep and find an inner strength.

After a hard day at work comes a hard day at the gym. And this is only day 1. You still have a whole week. When you have less time to work out, you basically have to go high-intensity to maximize your burn. Tumi's finding it hard to stay in control, because her schedule is no longer in her power. After the workout, we have a free meal for the Reds & the Blues... courtesy of the White Team. You suck. Just saying.

Bobby does the noble thing and throws the food away. Adding to that... a layer of soap. That ... doesn't help Hap any, who finds cookies all over his room. And Matt's.

CHALLENGE AMERICA: the three kid ambassadors team up with the FLOTUS to challenge America to let the H2O flow. More information at

Jennifer's daughter Taylor gets a surprise call from Dolvett, hoping to glean the expertise he gained from working with Lindsay last season. Squatting during your favorite TV show and nothing but lean protein & green veggies for dinner for the next three weeks. It's up to you. Remember, you have the power.


Red Line is in play.

Hap: 332 --> ... 321 (-11)
Chelsea: 185 --> ... 181 (-4)
Matt: 277 --> ...268 (-9)
Bobby: 272 --> ... 269 (-3)
TOTAL: 27 (2.53%)

RED: (needs to lose more than 22)
David: 299 --> ... 294 (-5)
Tanya: 212 --> ...208 (-4)
Jennifer: 207 --> ... 200 (-7)
Rachel: 178 --> ... 171 (-7)
TOTAL: 23 (2.57%) - SAFE

WHITE (needs to lose more than 16)
Jay: 207 --> ... 201 (-6)
Marie: 198 --> ... 192 (-6)
Tumi: 243 --> ... 234 (-9)
TOTAL: 21 (3.24%)

Proving to America that you can lose weight while you are on the job. Unfortunately, someone on the Red Team is going to punch out for good. So who falls below the Red Line?

1) HAP - 3.31%
2) MATT - 3.25%
3) CHELSEA - 2.16%
4) BOBBY - 1.10%

Bobby is NOT the Biggest Loser. But he's lost a lot and not just in terms of weight gained by eating, but weight gained by carrying a burden. We'll see how much less of a burden he's carrying nowadays NEXT TIME.

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