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Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban is putting $1,000,000 out to anyone who can pass his tests of skills needed for survival in the real world. But this test, like life -- and Mark himself -- promises to be one spontaneous move after another.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Mark Cuban
Creator: David Young
EP: David Young, Clay Newbill, Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban, Mike Beale
Packager: 12-yard, Dogfight Industries, 2929 Entertainment
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on ABC

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"Random Acts of Kindness" - October 18

Last time, a game of horse turned into a guaranteed buyout for Kevin, who takes away $30,000 to leave the game. Meanwhile, the remaining five started to choose up sides for the next task... leaving Dominic out in the cold and out of the game, as he begins to pack. If you remember, it's Linda & Spencer (who was desperate for an alliance presumptively after Kevin saved his behind) and Femia & Tiffaney, which was formed upon Cuban life lesson #14: take control of the situation.

So Dominic's leaving... but he's not going home. Enter Cuban life lesson #15: sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make. Dominic is going to Cancun to live like a rock star while he gets a free ride to the next round... Waaait a second.... Did he NOT say that he was eliminated from the game? That's.... weird.

In any event, Chris, Dominic's best friend, is sent to accompany him with $1000. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, we learn life lesson #16: the more you have, the more you have to focus on giving back. That leads into today's task. The two teams will have to go out onto the streets of Dallas and perform random acts of kindness. Two provisos: one, they are not allowed to use any money, and two, they can't do anything that Mark would be able to. They have until 6pm tomorrow.

So what to do now? Linda & Spencer, still the only ones to trust each other - or so he thinks!!! - wants to think outside the box in making people smile. Their idea: sumo suits. Tiffaney & Femia, willing to put flakiness aside to win the game, get an idea to talk to people who are "often forgotten" at a bus stop, with food and such.

Meanwhile in Cancun, Dominic and Chris enjoy the ocean, not really knowing that the game is always on. Mark has sprung some surprises to see what Dominic is like when he thinks that no one else is watching. Example: a little candy boy is selling Dominic some candy, but Dominic has no money on him, so he gives candy boy a necklace. Isn't that sweet... (PASS)

Back in Dallas, Spencer & Linda have a suit event getting into the car. They eventually get the idea to take off the suits to get into the car. Meanwhile, Femia & Tiffaney... get lost... despite Tiffaney being a local! You can tell she misses her rock Dominic. Femia... well, let's just say that's the last time she teams up with Tiffaney.

Next on the Sumo Storm show, Linda & Spencer are waving at everyone with their sumo suits and their "Just Married" signs. Needless to say, good times all around. Meanwhile, Femia & Tiffaney make it to the station, where they accomplish their mission: goodie bags and two pairs of ears.

Back to Cancun... and the NEXT setup: Mark arranged for a couple to be sitting at dinner right next to Dominic and not have enough money to pay. Sure enough, Dominic picks up the tab. From there, it's time to party! And I've been there. Trust me, it's a party! Waterslide and everything! (PASS)

Meanwhile, Spencer is worried that he didn't commit a single act of kindness. He and Linda decide to play checkers and visit with the elderly the next day. Meanwhile, Femia & Tiffaney get a dozen flowers to hand out to the people of Dallas. While Spencer plays politician, Linda plays Bozo the Clown. Both play checkers, but Spencer is playing to win, despite screwing up names and such. Meanwhile, the others are touching people with their flower storm.

So who's eliminated? It's time for evaluations, after which, two people are going home... no bones about it. After finding out what everyone did and watching films to the fact, Linda says Femia & Tiffaney were basically using people for sensationalist purposes, while Spencer says the food in the house counts as money. Then Linda & Mr. Bean get their turn to be rattled. Femia says the task wasn't original. Tiffaney says that Mark could've suited up and roamed about Dallas. But in the end, it was Mark with the upper hand, saying that one person from each team would be cut, thus leading to life lessons #16: at crunch time, you aim for the ace (as tennis players would say) and #17: you have to be able to give and take constructive criticism.

Linda likes Spencer, but doesn't like him not throwing a knock-out punch to win. "My back's hurting from carrying him." Spencer focuses on Linda's strength (and in the end, her weakness), playing to her strengths and only her strengths. Femia calls Tiffaney on lying down while she was still working on the flowers, and for not being more thorough on the directions. Tiffaney describes Femia as an awesome girl, who she would want to win the million dollars if she herself can't have it. Well, we know who just blew it for that team.

In the end, it's Spencer and Tiffaney, who didn't take the shots they were supposed to, who are on the long road out. Tiffaney is taking this harder than Spencer.

Meanwhile, Dominic returns only to find Linda and Femia. "Welcome to the Big Three." And the final test.... next time.

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