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What happens when you take nine gorgeous but mentally inept women (and one guy) and pair them with ten brilliant but socially awkward geeks? According to this show, "the ultimate social experiment."

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host: Mike Richards
Announcer: JD Roth
Nick Santora
EP: Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, John Foy, Nick Santora
Packager: Katalyst Films, 3 Ball Productions

Tuesdays at 8pm ET on the CW


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The Geeks Get the Girls
October 2

Sam and Nicole are still hanging in there, but will if they were targets before they are definitely targets now after having won a challenge. Can they keep it up?

John and Natalie return triumphantly and everyone seems happy to see them. So far there isnít too much bad blood. In fact everyone goes down and drinks champagne to toast the evening.

Hollie opens the conversation and ends up showing that she has quite a bit of geek in her. She says that she is a fan of SeaLab and everyone is intrigued.

The intrigue only increases when they play truth or dare and after some booty shaking, Sam and Rebecca share a clear attraction. When dared, they donít make out, but once away from the group, they get it on!

Rebecca is worried that this will interfere with her experience, but weíll see.

This week the beauties and geeks will be learning about matters of the heart. This means the Geeks will learn courtship and the Beauties will learn anatomy.

Out at the farmerís market, the geeks are given $100 and one hour to create the best gift basket to win a beautyís heart.

After some fervent shopping and some geeks who look lost (and an unfortunate purchase of a shattered strawberry pie for Joshua) we come back to the mansion for judging.

In second place is Jesse

And the winner is Will!

Later that evening, Will shares some of his readings of Poe with the house. Everyone is disinterested. Rebecca and Sam go and make out in another room.

On to the Beauty challenge. The beauties will have to paint their geeks to locate certain body parts. If they are wrong, they will be eliminated, and the last person standing will be the winner.

First, the heart. All good.

Then the left ear lobe. Sam and Shay go right and are out. Another beauty drops by painting the whole ear.

Then the appendix. Again, beauties drop out. 4 this time, leaving Jen and Rebecca to battle it out.

Finally, the nasal septum. Jen paints under the chin and is eliminated. Rebecca wins!

Now Will and Rebecca have to pick both teams for elimination.

Will sees this as a problem as they are going to become the targets of whoever comes back from elimination. Rebecca also warns will that people do not like the power trip that he has been on in the house. She admits to needing to work on her ďdistraction,Ē Sam.

That said they send Erin & Jesse and Hollie & Josh to elimination. Erin is deeply hurt and begins to cry, disagreeing with Willís justification that she has not interacted much with the geeks.

Tears canít change anything, so game on.

Question 1 to Erin. Rounded tot eh nearest pound, how much does the brain way. 3 lbs. gets Erin 1 point.

Hollie is up. If a person has one spleen removed, how many are left. Hollie answers none and ties it up.

Erin goes. If you stuck a phalange up your nasal cavity what is your bad habit? Picking your nose. Itís2-1

Hollie is asked what a manís largest organ is. She answers skin and locks it at 2 a piece.

The guys are up.

Jesse goes first. Which spa gift basket was once alive? He selects loofa and is correct.

Now Josh. If a woman gives yellow roses what kind of a relationship is it? Friendship ties it 3-3.

Jesse: In online dating what does DDF stand for? Drug and Disease Free makes a perfect 4.

Josh for the tie: For which wedding anniversary is a leather whip appropriate? Josh says 4th and the perfect streak is broken.

The correct answer was 9th.

With that Hollie and Josh are headed home and Erin and Jesse will return to seek vengeance. Are Will and Rebecca in trouble? Tune in to find out.