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September 18

What happens when you take nine gorgeous but mentally inept women (and one guy) and pair them with ten brilliant but socially awkward geeks? According to this show, "the ultimate social experiment."

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host: Mike Richards
Announcer: JD Roth
Nick Santora
EP: Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, John Foy, Nick Santora
Packager: Katalyst Films, 3 Ball Productions

Tuesdays at 8pm ET on the CW


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The Big Twist: Part 2

And the Guy Beauty and Girl Geek have arrived.

Nicole is a musicologist and Sam is a club promoter. All the other teams donít seem to be taking to this kindly but they are adjusting as best they can. The real game starts tomorrow so they have tonight to get acquainted with the new team.

And a bomb is dropped. David tells Jasmine that she was last on his list for selecting partners. Jasmine tells him that he is sleeping on the floor tonight. Deservedly so.

After a pool party that is quite lacking, the morning come sand Amanda and Tony decide to dress alike. Oh, how cute.

Downstairs the teams learn the rules and get their lesson in language. The beauties will be learning to talk politics and current events and the geeks will be learning how to rap.

Everyone practices and studies, but Tony puts a wall between he and Amanda and wonít rehearse in front of her. Meanwhile,

Shat forces Joshua to sag his pants and he is afraid they are going to fall down.

Nicole is embarrassed when the Three-6 Mafia asks her to show them her booty.

David decides to rap by playing a LARP character.

Will rocks the house and Jesse fails to keep the beat or remember his words.

And Jesse wasnít the only one.

Tony barely talks into the microphone and Amanda is saddened as she had high hopes for him.

John however comes out juggling and cursing hardcore.

But apparently cursing doesnít automatically win as Will takes the title of MC Geeky!

And now for the debates. First up Jasmine vs. Rebecca on minimum wage.

Jasmine (pro) says that she used to earn minimum wage and it didnít pay her bills even when she was living at her parentsí house. Rebecca (con) says that the wage should not be increased (and thatís it).

Next up: Marijuana legalization.

Erin: (pro) 30 million Americans have smoked marijuana and are fine and Amanda: (con) Drug dealers make a living selling marijuana, but legalizing it will destroy their source of income.

Next up: Should U.S. drill for oil in an arctic refuge?

Hollie (pro) yes, because we canít run cars without oil and the arctic has plentiful oil. Natalie (con) no, because we donít know how much oil there is and it gives jobs and bumbling response.

Should G8 nations forgive 3rd world debt? Katie: (pro) detailed that the interest rate imposed on 3rd world countries is unfair and to help them develop we should forgive the debt.
Jen (Con) ::crickets::

Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?

Sam (pro): Iíve partied with a lot of people, 18-21 and mentally they are all pretty much the same level and if the 18 yr old could party, the club would be hot.

Shay (con): drinking at 18 will put more drunk drivers on the road endangering their lives as well as the lives of others.

Shay did well, but her speech apparently jogged Samís memory. He clarified that the deaths in the drunk driving incidents were from people driving across borders to be able to drink at a younger age and for this reason a uniform age, ideally of 18 is necessary.

After all of the debating, the judges are unanimous and Sam wins! This means that Sam & Nicole and Will & Rebecca will each have to send one team to elimination.

Jasmine and Natalie are snooping on the two power couples as they make their decision and after listening in for about 10 minutes, Will catches them snooping. He shames them and moves the groupís discussions. Does this affect their decision?

In part. Headed to elimination are John & Natalie and Amanda & Tony. Tony breaks down in private to Amanda apologizing for not opening up and putting more of an effort forward and Amanda tears up right along with him. They are united and will do anything they can to stay in the house. Can they do it? Letís find out.

How many stars were on the official US flag in January of 1984?
Amanda guesses 13 and the correct answer is 50.

Name 3 men or women who served as us president during the past 40 years, none named Bush. Clinton, Kennedy and Reagan is Amandaís answer and she is wrong as Kennedy is just outside of the 40yr range.

From multiple choice, what are the first words in the preamble to the US constitution? We the people scores John and Natalie 1 point.

To tie, Amanda is asked what OPEC stands for. She misses Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and she and Tony are down 1 at the half way mark.

Now for the Hip-Hop.

At this moment, how many times has 50 Cent been shot? John answers 9 and is correct.

Tony is down 2-0 and must answer correctly to stay in the game. Who said of Eminem that he is ďglad that someone else has stepped up as the weight has been on my shoulders for so long.Ē Tony answers Nas and the game is over. The correct answer is Vanilla Ice.

Tony and Amanda are headed home but seem to take the experience positively and leave as solid friends.

One couple gone. Who will go next? Öand more importantly, what idiocy will next week wreak? Keep watching.