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What happens when you take seven gorgeous but mentally inept women and pair them with seven brilliant but socially awkward geeks? According to this show, "the ultimate social experiment."

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Brian McFayden
Creator: Nick Santora
EP: Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, John Foy, Nick Santora
Packager: Katalyst Films, 3 Ball Productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the WB

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"Beauty & Geek No More!" - July 6

Two couples left. Caitilin and Chuck are trying to win this game wire to wire having never been sent to the Elimination room. Mindi and Richard are trying to win for the 4th straight time, overcoming Richard’s personality which has sent them to the elimination room more than any other team.

First, the beauties and the geeks get a day off to spend some time with each other.

In the mansion, something happens that no one predicted could. Chuck and Richard manage to get along. They practice martial arts together and then Chuck goes further to help teach Richard the art of meditation. Given that Richard is a hard learner at anything that requires him to sit still, the meditation was only moderately successful, however, he did respect what Chuck was teaching him and that is a first.

[For those of you who missed this episode, you missed a wonderful visual of 2 shirtless geeks.]

The focus of the day off was to give the beauties and the geeks an opportunity to bring their partners into their own personal world. Each beauty and geek shared a piece of themselves, and first up is Chuck

Now for more martial arts. Chuck brings Caitilin to an exercise dojo and tries to teach her how to throw a punch. While Caitilin seems to be getting the punching fine, the traditional scream, (ki-yah!) leaves much to be desired. This improved when Chuck gave Caitilin his stomach as a target. Mind you Chuck took the punches by a man, but everyone once in a while, Caitilin delivered a punch worthy of a SportsCenter replay (C-Note: I'd like to see that again, please.). Caitilin and Chuck seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves.

On the other side, Mindi is sharing with Richard her passion for kayaking. Richard was a little nervous and was looking for a seatbelt, but through Mindi’s tutelage, he paddles like a champ. That is if Richard is like Mike Tyson fighting Kevin McBride (apologies to anyone who spent their money). Richard crashed numerous times and had little control over his direction. In the end though Richard found the kayaking relaxing and thought it was better than sunbathing because you could, “theoretically do this in the nude.” If only Richard could get his mind off of sex.

Now however comes the big promise. After kayaking, Mindi tells Richard that if they win she will make out with him. This is now Richard’s new preoccupation and Mindi couldn’t have motivated him at a better time.

Back at the un-sexed-up side of the show (at least now that Scarlet is gone) Caitilin is teaching Chuck how to cook and shares that her love of cooking has come from her mother. Salmon and Baked potatoes are on the menu and while Chuck fumbled around uncomfortably, they both enjoyed a home cooked meal. During dinner discussion, Chuck revealed that this competition reminded him a lot of high school. Yet, Caitilin reminded him that he should be proud because this time around he’s coming out on top. With that resolve, Chuck smiles.

And now for a little something different. Richard apparently is an accomplished pianist and gave Mindi a personal performance of the works of Scott Joplin. Yes, it was very impressive, and I don’t know how he sat down long enough to learn it, but good for Rich. Then Richard composed a simple song about Mindi (rhyming with windy and all). All Mindi could say to this was that she wishes there was a piano the entire time because it would have been a lot easier for her to deal with him if there had been a release like this.

With their day of fun behind them, all the beauties and the geeks have now is one final elimination room challenge. Everyone is calm and waiting for the moment of truth. That is everyone except Richard who is frantically trying to outthink the producers and prepare for whatever their final challenge could be. He goes through everything from studying all of the previous materials to asking Mindi to tell him her condensed life story, but Mindi is having none of it, as she is trying her best not to rile him up with further stimulation.

As the teams descend the staircase, heart are thumping and inside the elimination room wait one host and 10 questions. This time the contestants will be quizzed on how much they have learned about each other (So one of Richard’s hypotheses was right!). Best out of 10 wins. Thus we begin…

(Also known as easy questions for easy money)

Chuck and Caitilin go first while Mindi and Richard are sequestered in separate rooms.

Caitilin is up first.

#1 It what city and State was Chuck born?
Caitilin knows it was in Iowa and guesses Sioux Falls. Correct Answer: Atlanta, GA

#2 How do you spell Caitilin’s name?
C-A-I-T-I-L-I-N. That puts, Chuck and Caitilin on the board. They are 1 for 2.

#3 Chuck has talked about his travels. In what country did he study abroad as a foreign exchange student?
Quickly, she answers France and just as quick they have 2 points.

#4 What 2 colleges did Caitilin attend?
Colorado State and the University of Nebraska score them their third consecutive point.

#5 At what university is Chuck going to Medical School
UPENN scores four and Caitilin and Chuck are on a roll.

#6 What medication is Caitilin allergic to?
Now we would hope the future doctor would have remembered this… and he did. Penicillin scores 5 for the C&C geek factory.

#7 What is Chuck’s father’s occupation?
Without hesitation Caitilin says he is an Economics professor, and she is right.

#8 In what city and state was Caitilin born?
Omaha, NE is the guess. Scott’s Bluff, NE is the answer. The streak is broken and Caitilin and Chuck are 6 for 8.

#9 It was a lead role in a play that led Chuck to get involved in Martial arts. What is the name of that play?
Finally looking stumped, Caitilin throws an answer of Romeo and Juliet to the wind… and Chuck catches it! Caitilin is correct bringing their score to 7.

#10 Who did Caitilin tell you is the most amazing cook?
Her Mom. Boom. 8 points is the score to beat.

Mindi and Richard re-enter feeling the pressure, but with a resolve to make out with Mindi, Richard is ready for anything. Mindi who has a perfect record in these challenges goes first.

#1 In what city and state was Richard born?
She struggles to come up with Freemont, which is short of the correct answer Flemington, NJ. Thus, Mindi and Richard start off with the same rocky beginning as Caitilin and Chuck

#2 What country did Mindi visit to perform at the World’s Fair?
While his gut said Spain, Richard went with Italy and paid the price. Spain was correct, and now, Richard and Mindi have to be perfect or they will lose handing over the quarter million dollars to Chuck and Caitilin.

#3 While in college Richard studied abroad in what country?
Spain is answered and for the second time in a row is the right answer. 1 down, 7 to go.

#4 In what city and state was Mindi born?
Ah, the question of death, no one has gotten it right thus far and Richard thinks carefully before answering Kansas City, MO. He’s right and the game continues

#5 Richard often attends a music festival that honors what composer?
If you were paying attention in the recap, you could guess this one, and Mindi does answering Scott Joplin. They are now trailing Chuck and Caitilin 8-3

#6 How many brothers and sisters does Mindi have?
Richard knows this one. 1 brother, 1 sister, 2 siblings. Score now 8-4

#7 Richard is majoring in 2 subjects in college, name 1.
Mindi goes with history and is correct again. 8-5

#8 What instrument did Mindi play when she was younger?
Band camp alert! When she was younger, Mindi played the flute. Now I wonder why this piece of information stuck in Richard’s head. Regardless, he knew it and the score is now 8-6

#9 What waist size does Richard wear in his pants?
Getting a little personal, Mindi remembers this from the shopping challenge and answers a “28 or 30.” I don’t know how she gets away with the dual answer, but she is right and now all Richard has to do is answer the last question correctly to force a tie.

#10 How many tattoos does Mindi have?
Finally a question where Richard’s perv skills are put to the test. After a short pause, Richard comes out with the answer two. While Mindi is wearing a revealing dress, we don’t see any tattoos. That means she’s hiding them somewhere because she does have 2 and that means we have a tie!

Now questions will be asked in single questions rounds until the tie is broken. Ladies first and back to Caitilin who is freaking out that Mindi and Richard made the comeback

Tiebreaker #1 to Caitilin
What waist size does Chuck wear in his pants?
Up to the challenge, Caitilin says 34 and keeps the pressure on Mindi.

Tiebreaker #2 to Mindi
Richard got a hangover from drinking what brand of mouthwash?
With a light giggle at Richard’s expense Mindi answers Listerine (ouch) and scores the tying point. The score is now 9-9 and the guys are up.

Tiebreaker #3 to Chuck
What is Caitilin’s middle name?
Knowingly, Chuck says “Asimo” (no clue on the spelling). This random utterance is correct and the pressure is pushed to Richard.

Before his question, Richard reiterates that the money doesn’t matter, and that he is playing for the opportunity to make out with Mindi. Now that the sick image has been placed in our head, let’s return to the game.

Tiebreaker #4 to Richard
What is Mindi’s middle name?
He doesn’t want to be the guy to disappoint Mindi and he answers Jackie throwing his hands in the air. The look on Mindi’s face says it all. Wrong. It’s Nicole. And that’s all it takes to send Caitilin and Chuck erupting into joy, $250,000 richer.

While this season may be over, the Beauties and the geeks learned a lot from each other. However, if all you care about is the dirt, there is a reunion episode on next Wednesday at 8pm. Same geek time, same geek channel. Hope you had fun. See you real soon.

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