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What happens when you take seven gorgeous but mentally inept women and pair them with seven brilliant but socially awkward geeks? According to this show, "the ultimate social experiment."

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Brian McFayden
Creator: Nick Santora
EP: Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, John Foy, Nick Santora
Packager: Katalyst Films, 3 Ball Productions
Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the WB

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"Geeks Gone Wild" - June 29

There isn’t much talk left as all of the teams are getting serious and can smell the big money. Chuck clearly isn’t happy to see Richard return, but before he can sulk, Brian McFayden tells all of the teams that the will need to pack and prepare for their next challenge.

This week, there is only one challenge tonight and the winners will be guaranteed a 50% shot at a quarter of a million dollars. Here is their rough and rugged challenge:

After being driven to an unknown location by RV, the teams will have to follow a hiking trail to a pond where they will each have to “catch” a fish. Second, they will have to set up a tent and finally they will have to build a fire to roast a marshmallow.

Immediately the teams charge out of the RV and the race is on. Caitilin and Chuck are doing well but are behind Scarlet and Shawn who are really moving. Mindi and Richard are keeping pace, but slowly falling behind. After a few trips, Mindi is no longer able to carry her backpack and hands it to Richard who actually carries double duty. Impressive.

Do you know what’s not impressive? Shawn puking on the side of the road. Apparently the breakneck pace that was set by Shawn and Scarlet ahs taken its toll and now Shawn is being checked out by the medics. His blood pressure is through the roof. As for Scarlet, her blood begins to boil as she watches the other teams pass them by. She is understandably disappointed at the performance of the Eagle Scout.

Arriving at the lake first is Caitilin and Chuck who quickly find out that their fish are already caught for them and all they have to do is reel the fish in. Scarlet who is literally right behind Caitilin and Chuck runs and reels her fish in only to have to run back and pull Shawn forward as she is not permitted to reel in his fish for him. Mindi and Richard are also attempting to reel in their fish only to find Mindi getting her line twisted and Richard not knowing how to release the lock. After the fishing portion of this challenge, Caitilin and Chuck appear to have about a 3 minute lead over the other two teams.

At the campsite, Caitilin and Chuck take full advantage of their lead and assemble their tent very quickly. In fact they are done before either of the other teams makes significant progress, and while Mindi and Richard did manage to finish their tent and start gathering twigs for their fire, Caitilin and Chuck had long finished roasting their marshmallow.

With that, Caitilin and Chuck are in the final and Scarlet is pissed. She expresses her anger that Shawn was supposed to be stronger in this event and that she was severely disappointed in how he held them back. Of course, voicing this opinion to Richard didn’t do her any good, and it might have hurt her with the other girls who felt sympathy for Shawn. After all, as Caitilin put it, Scarlet never won a challenge herself. Mind you, this entire time Shawn avoided confrontation.

Although the challenge was done, the teams still had to spend the night at the campsite. Richard decided that this would be a great opportunity to act like a man and thus Richard channeled his inner Neanderthal, throwing large rock and stumps all over the campsite. It was only after Richard became a pyromaniac that Chuck finally opened his mouth. Yet, this was not the only time during this trip that Chuck exercised his orifice.

When the entire group celebrated their time on the show, Mindi rushed over and gave Richard a kiss out of friendship. To this, Caitilin responded “Sorry, Chuck you’re going to have to get your kiss somewhere else.” Now, most people would have interpreted this to mean that Chuck should go kiss Scarlet. In fact, Chuck interpreted this to mean that he was supposed to kiss Scarlet. Yet he decided to contradict the will of the group and get a kiss from Shawn! I don’t know if Chuck realized that in order to mock the group he had to deprive himself of the opportunity to kiss the girl he has been fawning over, but I guess he isn’t as smart as he looks.

As night falls, Chuck goes into doctor mode diagnosing Richard as having ADD. This agitated Richard who finally told Chuck in more words to screw off. Better yet, probably frustrated that she came in second to Shawn for a kiss, Scarlet ripped on Chuck for his actions too. Then again, Scarlet has been on the warpath since losing the challenge. So much that she yelled at Shawn for his performance again before going to bed. Yet, it only got worse once they returned to the house.

Back at the house, Scarlet harped over Shawn like a mother trying to get a child to do his homework. Shawn remained non-confrontational and obliged. Considering there is $250,000 on the line I don’t blame him.

Meanwhile the antics of Richard and Chuck continue as Mindi gets stuck in the bathroom. Mindi asks Richard to open the door and when he is unable to Richard tries to encourage Mindi to exit using the window. As Richard goes to the window to help Mindi out, Chuck comes in and opens the door, much to Richard’s chagrin.

As the elimination looms Richard is studying while apparently Mindi has learned everything that she needs to know by osmosis. While it looks like she is refusing to study, Richard quizzes her and she knows her stuff. Is it possible that we have a ringer? Only one way to find out.

In the elimination room, both the beauties and the geeks will be quizzed on their camping trips. The ladies will go first with Mindi getting the first crack.

Placing food in a bag and hanging it so that bears can not get to it is known as what in camping lingo. A logical answer of Bear-bagging scores one for Mindi.

What blows up the mountain during the day and down during the night? In an aside, Shawn is seen saying that he has no idea. Scarlet, likewise, has no idea and guesses fire. Hint: if something blows and it’s outdoors, it tends to be wind, just as it should have been Scarlet’s answer. Score 1-0, back to Mindi

This instrument measures elevation by using barometric pressure. Without thinking Mindi answers Altimeter and scores her second point. Mindi is a juggernaut, can Scarlet fight back?

This item is a mechanical device that uses the earth’s magnetic field to help a navigator to plot stay on or follow a course or locate a landmark or destination. What is it? Finally with confidence, Scarlet says Compass and puts a point on the board. Back to Mindi

According to the study materials, this type of fire is the very best for a quick lighting. Finally Mindi is forced to think but she comes out with teepee fire, which is correct! 9 for 9 for Mindi which brings this game’s score to 3-1 Mindi and Richard

In cold climates you should take steps to protect your body from falling into a state where your body is unable to protect itself from heat loss. Name this state. Scarlet mumbles a guess of Hyperventilation and while Shawn may have been doing that on the camping trip the correct answer is hypothermia

With the score 3-1 as the teams switch players, Shawn is going to have to earn his elimination room merit badge or go home. Here’s his first question,

What are 2 of the 4 most common diseases spread by ticks in North America? As Shawn is very pensive, he knows Lyme Disease is one, but influenza is not a second. (Other answers include, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tick borne relapsing fever and Q fever)

Now with one correct answer, Richard can head upstairs to mock Chuck once more. Here is the question.

Poison Ivy and Poison oak have how many leaflets per stem. Mindi shout 3. Richard says 2. Bryan says 3 and Bryan (not to mention, Mindi) is always right, thus Richard is wrong giving Shawn a second chance.

What is the most popular game fish in America? Sounds simple enough, yet Shawn is forced to pause. Bryan reminds him that a wrong answer will send him and Scarlet home and after a deep breath, Shawn answers trout. The correct answer is… Bass!

And the finals are set. Richard and Mindi will face off against Caitilin and Chuck next week for all of the marbles. Scarlet and Shawn are gone and soon forgotten, but you have one more chance to remember everything.

Sunday at 5pm you can see all of the shows that you have missed, so if you find that you have a hankering for some geek this weekend the WB is the place to be. However, to find out who wins you’ll have to tune in next week for the finale. And we’ll have the results right here the morning after, so check back next week to find out who has become more than just a beauty and a geek. McFayden out!

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