Big Brother 8
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Today is

The Final Eviction - September 13

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin, Jen, Amber, Jessica, Eric, Jameka

The last time we left, we began a three-part HOH to determine who the final two will be. Now with Zach, Dick and Daniele in the middle of a carrot garden trying to stay dry (good luck with that), we are one hour away from deciding who will be your final two.

In case you've lost count, it's now day 76 in the house of love. And for Zach... well, there's no love. The only way he can make it to the final two is if he has the final HOH.

But back to the bunny hop, where it's just started raining the coldest rain imaginable, much to Daniele's dismay. And that's just for starters.

Two hours later... More rain. Daniele is literally shaking. Twenty minutes later, Daniele passes a message to dear old daddy... "Distract him." It's... not working, Dick. Twenty-seven minutes... it's raining again... AND Dick is still talking. Daniele... has had enough. She's out. Time for a warm shower.

We're four and a half hours in, and the men are still hanging on. We're at 5 now... Dick's starting to tremble. At 5:30... Zach gets the shakes. But after Daniele tells Dick that it's okay if he can't go further than seven and a half hours.... Dick lets go. Zach moves onto the final. But who will he face?

"I didn't just let myself down... I let my daughter down as well." Daniele tells him that Round 3 is all that matters.

Zach, though, is rather pleased with himself.

HOH Competition: Part 2 - Chain of Command

In one tank of water are pieces of a puzzle. Collect the pieces and transfer them to the other, where you will assemble the puzzle according to who won HOH and when. The fastest time wins.

For those playing along at home, the list is...

Kail - Jen - Dick - Dustin - Daniele - Jessica - Daniele - Jessica - Zach - Dick - Zach - Richard Nixon's back again.

And Dick breaks the buzzer. Hey, dude. You break it, you bought it.

Daniele: 24:09
Dick: 12:48

It's Dick and Zach for the final HOH!

Daniele's ready to get out of the house, while Dick reveals that, quelle supresse, he wants to take Daniele to the final HOH. Did she ever think herself an empath to her father? Nope, she didn't care then. But having them together is a positive. Dick wasn't really phased by his daughter's plea to step down. Zach mentally was numb.

So how does the jury feel that BOTH Donatos are still in the game? Well, Eric and Jess aren't too distracted by that, mainly because they're flirting with each other. Then Jameka enters that night. Dustin's thoughts? "(^_^)!" Yeah. Eric wasn't that surprised.

Wow, they haven't shown the Jury House in a while. How the heck was I supposed to know that they switched over to DVDs instead of tapes of the past week... Welcome to 2005, CBS.

HOH Competition: Part 3

Statements will be made by the BB Jury. Most points wins.

1) Amber said, "The moment in the house that irritated me the most is... " Correct: "... when Jen cried about her picture." Dick leads, 1-0.

2) Jen said, "The strongest competitor in the house was..." Correct: "... myself." Dick still leads, 1-0.

3) Jameka: "The fatal error in the house I made was..." Correct: "... not looking out for myself earlier." Dick leads, 2-1.

4) Dustin: "The most shocking moment in the house was..." Correct: "... when Amber went off on Eric." Both incorrect.

5) Eric: "The funniest moment in the house was..." Correct: "... when Jameka told Dick that his momma was a bitch." Dick leads, 3-2.

6) Jessica: "The person whose game play I respected most was..." Correct: "... my own." Dick wins, 3-2. Dick is the final HOH.

And Daniele couldn't be happier.

Zach's last plea: "I played against the best of the best. I lost to the best." Daniele? "Night and day, who would've thought that we would've worked so well together."

Mother of the foregone conclusion, Dick stands up and gives Zach his walking papers. Done. Outta here. Forget about it. "When the alliance fell apart, I knew I had to lay low. After laying low, I knew I could get back in the game. I thought I could establish better relationships. Didn't happen."

Now to the final finality. Eric in the Jury House must accomplish one more task as America's Player. America, who do you want to win Big Brother 8? Dick or Daniele? And who WILL win? Find out next time!


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