Big Brother 8
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Today is

Penultimate - September 11

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin, Jen, Amber, Jessica, Eric
HoH: Zach

Zach is in power and the Donatos think he is having a power trip. With both of them on the block, one of them will need to win the Power of Veto to keep the summer going. Can they do it?

Dick is sick of Zach and Daniele found Zach nomination speech laughable. I guess at this point no one has to hide any of their emotions. After all, whoever wins the Power of Veto will basically be able to dictate who goes home.

And the smack talk has begun. The Donatos are attacking the fact that Zach thinks Jameka renewed his faith in god. Then Dick reminds Zach in the kitchen that he wonít get a single vote no matter which of the 3 of them he is against. That is of course, if Zach even makes the final 3.

But as an aside, letís head tot eh jury house. Dustin is in first and likes the new surroundings. Sipping a cocktail at the door, Dustin is joined by Jen. They actually seem amicable. But thatís the surface, as Dustin says that he just wanted to smack her.

Then mix things up by adding Amber. Dustin breaks into tears and the Waaaa-mber has officially arrived.

Then comes Jessica, they actually didnít want her out yet, but were ok with it. Everyone seems to be rooting for Jameka, but time will tell.

Just as they have a toast, Eric walks in. the goody-goodies seem thrilled, but they are confused at how Zach is still in the house.

Back to the game. Jameka and Zach are studying in case they have to remember events for the past.

Dick is giving Daniele a pep talk downstairs as she is a little uneasy with all the pressure.

Back upstairs in the HoH, Zach and Jameka are saying a prayer. Will God step in on this one? Has this become Big Brother 8: The Holy War?

Game time!

Itís a classic. 8 clues such as Was HoH only once, on slop for 2 weeks, Evicted by a unanimous vote, etc. between every two clues will go the face of an evicted houseguest. Solving the puzzles will yield an answer that will be equal to the number of seconds the houseguests have spent in the Big Brother house.

The competition canít really get more fair and after Zach blowing the first couple of minutes not understanding how the game worked, the weight of the challenge was on Jameka. Dick is the first to submit an answer and is wrong, but it doesnít matter as Daniele pulls another Janelle and blows away the entire competition.

With her blistering win, Daniele wins the Power of Veto and chooses to veto her Dad, letting her Dick be the one to save her. With that Jameka will be leaving the Big Brother House.

And on to the final, 3-part HoH competition. For part one, the final 3 will have to stand on ďcarrotĒ pedestals and jump over a rotation bunny laden bar while holding on to their key. Stop the rabbit, drop the key or fall off the carrot and you are out. Winner moves on to part 3 of the HoH competition.

Of course, to complicate things, Big Brother decides to put them in the middle of a storm.

Who will win part one and more importantly, who will win Big Brother. Weíre only a week away so Place! Bets! Now!


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