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American Graffiti
July 18

THE STORY SO FAR... Hayden targeted the showmance, but Brendon fought back to win the veto, leaving Annie to suffer the consequences by being voted out in a sweep. That same night, Rachel became the new HOH, guaranteeing that the showmance isn't going anywhere.

DAY 13

The first thing Brendon does is cop to being a physics genius on top of being a swim coach. Andrew doesn't think he's a target, so the first thing he does... giggle like a girl. Monet... complete opposite. Same with Enzo, who says that the Brigade got hit by a grenade.

Did we mention that Rachel wasn't wearing pants during the HOH? And that she's still not wearing pants while celebrating with Brendon? So what's the plan? Well, they think that Britney & Monet are fake, so... Enzo thinks that Andrew is in with them... Again, not true.

HOH room reveal. With tequila. Yay.

The Brigade thinks that Brendon's the one running the show this week. Hayden suggests making some moves this week. Right now, though... he's making moves on Kristen. She's... not really picking up on that vibe. She doesn't like cocky guys. She's in the wrong place.

The next day starts with Britney and Monet complaining about ... well, everything, from abs to boobs.

Hayden tells Rachel to prepare to be stressed. His goal: keep the Brigade... and Kristen... safe. Rachel is not sure whether or not to trust him. Meanwhile, Matt goes around making everyone believe that he's paranoid. He also wants to think that Andrew is gunning for him. Brendon thinks that Matt is hiding something.


In teams of four, the houseguests will have to tape one of their own to a brick wall. After 10 minutes, the wall will rise and the fall will begin. Last one standing will be the haves for the week and get to choose four people to be the have nots.

Taped to the wall: Kathy for orange, Britney for the green, and Ragan for the blue. After 10, the house started to squirt... for Kathy, because Ragan... is about to fall anyway. After 33 minutes, Ragan puts the blue team out. After an hour and 15, Britney has to be taken down when she almost chokes on tape.

So Matt, Andrew, Hayden, and Kathy are the haves this week... The have nots: Britney, Monet, Enzo, and Brendon. AKA the green team. And their menu for the rest of the week... as decided by you... Fruitcake & fish sticks.

Meanwhile, Annie's not quite done yet... She puts out one more video message, basically to say goodbye and to admit that she is the Saboteur.

Now to talk to the houseguests. Rachel tells Britney that she has nothing to worry about, while wondering what Andrew's celebration is about. Monet gets the same old song-and-dance, grab your partner, do-si-do. Monet says that she would put up Andrew and a floater. Rachel immediately thinks... Matt. Hayden says that he'll vote however Brendon & Rachel want them to as long as Kristen is in the game. Brendon thinks that wild cards need to go. Hayden tells them that Britney and Monet are the sure things as they won't cause any damage.


The keys pulled... Brendon... Kathy... Hayden... Ragan... Kristen... Enzo... Matt... Andrew... and Lane. Britney and Monet are nominated this week. Monet has money. Britney is a floater. Now it's about the Veto, as Britney is suffering a case of PMT. See you in 71.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.