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Fifty-two cameras record your every move. Ninety-five microphones capture your every word. Big Brother is watching.

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Friend or Stranger?
July 14

Last time, 13 strangers began the quest for a million with a saboteur in their midst. Andrew, Brendon, and Annie became prime suspects in that regard, while Rachel and Brendon became closer. Enzo, Matt, Hayden, and Lane formed the Brigade, and their first assignment: rub out the showmance before they get too friendly.


Brendon and Rachel are targeted as they are too close for comfort AND they're very smart. They try and make sense of the nomination together. Lane points out that there's always the POV. Annie is sad, but at the same time, she has to be very careful.

The Brigade meets in secret in the backyard, thinking that Annie is in an alliance with the couple. And here comes Annie.

Back to the couple, though. Brendon admits that it's hard to deal with "ignorant people." Speaking of, the "ignorant people" are watching them make out from the inside of the house.

The next day, Brendon tries to win this legitimately, talking to Hayden about it. "I would be worried, if I was you. You keep me in this game, I will help you."

Time to choose the players for POV.

Hayden: ENZO
Brendon: ANDREW
Rachel: MONET

And hosting... Annie.

"Best case scenario: Monet." The Brigade want to scare her into keeping the nominations the way they are. Or plan B... put up a pawn.

Brendon tries to team up with Hayden. He makes it clear: if he comes off the block, he's coming for him.


Big Brother has stuffed piņatas full off mayonnaise and letters. Sift through the mayo to get to the letters. Spell the longest word and win.

And by the way, "Technotronics"... still not a word.

Ten minutes to lock in a word... from NOW!

After time-up...

Rachel: CHEMISTRY (leads)
Brendon: UNDERSTANDING (leads)
Andrew: PASTUERIZED (misspelled). Brendon wins the first POV of the season! Andrew... threw the competition.

So how do the Brigade play this? They think about getting rid of Kathy, as Annie is now perceived to be in an alliance. But no one knows about the Brigade, so why not backdoor Annie? The Brigade tells the house of the plan.

Meanwhile, in the HOH room, Britney says that it's either her, Monet, Kathy, or Annie going up in Brendon's place. Britney doesn't have any loyalty to anyone, telling Annie of the Brigade's plan. Annie tells Hayden of that, thinking that Monet and Britney would do whatever it takes to draw cover.

Meanwhile, the Saboteur strikes again... "When you all entered the house, you introduced yourselves as strangers. I'm here to tell you that two of you are actually... lifelong friends. And if you think about it, it's actually quite easy to figure out."

Is the Saboteur lying?

Andrew puts himself out of it because "none of you knows anything about Judaism."


In the first of the great foregone conclusions, Brendon saves himself, leaving Hayden to put up a replacement nomination. Hayden chooses... ANNIE.

So who gets the first boot of the season, and who's the Saboteur, Britney? Find out in 23 hours.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.