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On your mark... Get set... BAKE!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Jeff Foxworthy
Judges Paul Hollywood
Marcela Valladolid
Creator Richard McKerrow & Anna Beattie (based upon "The Great British Bake Off")
EP Jay Bienstock
Richard McKerrow
Packager Love Productions USA & Bienstock Young Media in association with GPB Media
Origins Atlanta
Web cbs.com/bake
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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June 19

Last week, the judges let us eat cake. And eat they did. Elaine came up top trumps again, but Jeremy was left out in the rain (literally). This week, though, we turn our attention to Paul Hollywood's specialty: bread. One will make the bread that will get them closer to the bread, but one will end up toasted.


In Week 4, the top 7 will kick off with a free-form loaf of yeast bread. It must be hand-shaped, and it must be ready for presentation in three hours.

A successful bread is a precise combination of yeast, water, flour, and salt. The bread has to have a good texture and an open structure.

Darlene: Twist & Turn Pesto Wheel
Kolette: German Pumpernickel
Effie: Enriched Challah Bread
James: Prosciutto, Capicola & Pepperoni Loaf
Elaine: Old-Fashioned Potato Loaf
Francine: Red Hot & Pecan Bread
Brian: Cheese & Onion Loaf

When proofing your bread (allowing the yeast to make the dough rise), your dough must double in size.

Francine's combination is a good flavor, but the bread is underproofed. Elaine knocked another bake out of the park. James' bread is very foccacia like. Effie's bread is not baked all the way through. Darlene's wheel looks and tastes beautiful. Brian is a little bland. It needed a little raw onion. Kolette is underproofed and not baked enough.


You will be given the same ingredients, but very limited amount of information as to how to combine them. They will judge based on the finished product only.

Today's technical bake is a classic looped soft pretzel.... from "Paul Hollywood's Bread" (now available wherever fine books are sold). You need eight of them. And you need to have them ready in one hour 45.

The pretzels should have a nice hard exterior, well shaped, color, and a nice chew inside. To get the perfect pretzel, you have to boil with baking soda, THEN bake. Combine water, sugar, salt & yeast with flour and butter. Knead the dough to stretch the gluten out to give the pretzel its structure.

And James burned himself again. But Brian nailed the twist.

From worst to best...

7) James
6) Effie
5) Kolette
4) Elaine
3) Brian
2) Francine
WINNER: Darlene

Darlene's the one to beat today. Effie and James, though, are in a world of hurt.

SHOW STOPPER: Croissants

You need to make 24 croissants, two types - one plain and one filled. You will get two hours to start with today, then another three to finish tomorrow. Why? Because the dough is a laminated dough, layers of dough and butter. It has to proof overnight. It has to have a golden brown outside and buttery inside.

Brian: Plain & Ham & Chive Croissants
Elaine: Plain & Raspberry & White Chocolate Croissants
Francine: Plain & Date, Nut & Honey Croissants
Darlene: Plain & Apricot Pecan Croissants
James: Plain & Chocolate Croissants
Kolette: Plain & Almond Filled Croissants
Effie: Plain & Pear Feuilette Croissants

Elaine's last pan is still in the oven... and the ones that are out are not done all the way. Kolette used double the butter needed to make the dough, and it all came out. Will that cost them?

Darlene has done a star job, as did Brian. Kolette's, Effie's, and Elaine's croissants failed to pass muster.

This week's bread winner... our Star Baker... DARLENE!

Now someone's dough is about to be cut short... and it's KOLETTE. Too many technical errors and in bread week, you can't have raw dough. At least she gets to see her cats.

Next week, we trifle with trifles, and at the halfway mark, good bakers are going to war. See you at Demon's Run.

To see this episode, as well as recipes from the dishes served on this episode, go to www.cbs.com/bake.