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On your mark... Get set... BAKE!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Jeff Foxworthy
Judges Paul Hollywood
Marcela Valladolid
Creator Richard McKerrow & Anna Beattie (based upon "The Great British Bake Off")
EP Jay Bienstock
Richard McKerrow
Packager Love Productions USA & Bienstock Young Media in association with GPB Media
Origins Atlanta
Web cbs.com/bake
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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Pies & Tarts
May 29

"(Food x Mixing) + Heat = Baking." -Alton Brown

On the back of "The Great British Bake Off", we have this homegrown version, with one of their best judges, one of our best judges, and some guy who's in-between seasons of "The American Bible Challenge". They've scoured the country for America's best amateur bakers, who'll compete in three different bakes:

- Signature Bake: a trusted recipe they've cooked for family and friends.
- Technical Bake: the same surprise recipe for all of the bakers, but with missing instructions
- The Showstoppers: the last chance to wow the judges.

Judging all three: cookbook author and former food editor of Bon Appetit, Food Network star Marcela Valladolid, and one of Britain's premiere bakers, from "The Great British Bake Off", Paul (yes that's his real name) Hollywood.

In the end, one of our bakers will end up $250,000 and a cookbook deal with Simon & Schuster richer for their wares. The rest of them are just going to end up covered in chocolate, sugar, flour, fruit, fat, and FAIL!

Our competitors are on their way to Jeff's hometown of Atlanta, GA. Also where the compiler's sister matriculated from Agnes Scott College (class of 95, thank you very much). Our competitors are...

- Whitney Appleton Beery (21; Lubbock, TX; college student)
- Kolette Biddle (30; Norco, CA; home health care provider)
- Francine Bryson (44; Pickens, SC)
- Jeremy Cross (35; San Diego; firefighter)
- Brian Emmett (43; Itasca, IL; owner of a marketing/advertising company)
- Elaine Francisco (63; Claremont, CA; retired)
- Carlo Fuda (35; Stamford, CT; social marketing consultant)
- Darlene Pawlukowsky (51; Johns Creek, GA; project manager)
- James Reddick (26; Hollywood; photographer)
- Effie D. Sahihi (40; Hendersonville, TN; attorney)

Today's challenge... Pie.


Your personal spin on the great American pie. You have two hours to piece together your pies. The best pies have the best base with crumbed flour and butter together, then chilled. Easy. They also have the best fillings and the best filling-to-dough ratio. You can't have the soggy bottom from the filling. You can counteract soggy bottom by blind-baking your pie shell, putting your bottom in the oven and baking it for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Jeremy: Sweet Potato Pie
James: Mile High Apple Pie
Whitney: Lemon Pie with Meringue
Brian: Pecan Pie with Chocolate & Bourbon
Elaine: Peach Cobbler Pie
Francine: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Pie (C-Note: Paul's NEVER eaten chocolate covered bacon before)
Carlo: Italian Easter Pie
Effie: Apple Quince Rose Pie
Kolette: Chocolate Hazelnut Pie
Darlene: Sweet Potato Pie

Carlo's pie has soggy bottom, while James' crust wins the judges over. Whitney's bottom is soggy, but it's "just okay". Elaine's pie is under. Effie's pie looks professional. Darlene's Sweet Potato Pie outdoes Jeremy's, which is a little simple with nutmeg overpowering. But the bacon pie... is a big winner!

TECHNICAL BAKE: Freestanding Savory Pie

You will be given the same ingredients, but very limited amount of information as to how to combine them. They will judge based on the finished product only.

Today's technical bake is a freestanding savory meat pie... It's very British. It's a hot-water crust pastry with Paul Hollywood's personal recipe. You need to mix milk, water, and shortening together with boiling water. The warm dough needs to be thinned out before it cools, otherwise it become flaky and hard to manage. If too much dough is used, the pastry will not bake through. Too little, and the pie will collapse.

You have two hours to figure this out.

From worst to best...

10) Carlo
9) Francine
8) James
7) Whitney
6) Effie
5) Kolette
4) Jeremy
3) Darlene
2) Elaine

SHOW STOPPER: Sweet Tartlets

You have to make 36 sweet tartlets. You have three hours to do so.

Carlo, Jeremy, and Whitney need to step their game up.

Francine: Chocolate Cherry Tart
Carlo: Calabrese "Pite" Tartlet
Brian: Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Tartlet
Elaine: Lemon Ginger Tartlets
Jeremy: Blueberry, Kiwi, Mango Tartlet

That was just a sampling from people who need to step up. One baker will be a Star Baker. Another will be sent home. As a reminder, Brian, Francine, and Elaine won the three challenges... but the Star Baker this week... FRANCINE!

But who will be sent home? It's a baker who was technically flawed all throughout the competition... And that would be... CARLO. Jeremy had potential, he just messed up on time management. Carlo, on the other hand, was just messed up all around.

Next week, the flour continues to fly...

To see this episode, as well as recipes from the dishes served on this episode, go to www.cbs.com/bake.