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Today is

Seven: The Women Tell All - February 20

Chris Harrison is finally earning his salary. He hosts the rejected women of “The Bachelor” telling all. [Of course, they really don’t tell all, but Chris said that they do, so I typed it.]

First we are reintroduced to the women that Travis dumped. Lisa, Princess, Sara H., Kathy, Liza, April, Kyle, Venus, Courtney, Jaime, Elizabeth, Sarah B, Jehan, Tara [who seems sober], Cole, Kristen, Ali D., Yvonne, Shiloh, Jennifer and Susan are all waiting to experience minute number fourteen of their fifteen minutes of fame. Interestingly enough Allie “Reproduction” G isn’t present. [I bet she hasn’t returned to work yet, out of sheer shame.]

Chris talks about the day that Travis met the women. Jennifer talks about how wonderful Travis is, Tara talks about how surreal the whole experience was and Kristen says that Travis was the best Bachelor ever.

Chris called Emoting Susan into the hot seat to talk with her. He asks her about her intentions and sincerity and a recap is played of Travis worrying about her intent, Susan’s parents trashing her, the other girls trashing her and the expletive-filled limo trip away from the Chateau. Susan says that people can think what they want to think about her, but she was being real. She says that she was falling in love with Travis and her feelings scared and continue to scare her. Nobody seems to believe her. Chris mentions that even Susan’s mother thought that she was being fake. Susan says that her mother is upset at the whole situation. Jehan brings up the fact that Susan never talked about Travis the same way that she talked about her ex-fiancée. Jennifer says that Susan once said that she might go back with her fiancée, so she doubts her ability to fall in love with Travis so fast. Susan gets attacked by the women, who all recount specific incidents making it seem as though Susan was only on the show to further her acting career and she starts crying. Chris finally tells the other women to stop. He asks her why she is crying and she keeps saying that she did fall for Travis and that people shouldn’t doubt her motives.

Sarah B next goes to the hot seat, singled out due to the fact that she was given the first rose. The women grouse about her baby voice, her lack of maturity and her age. Recaps are shown of Sarah acting up, including one of her dates where she got really drunk and apparently couldn’t remember a thing that Travis said on their one-on-one date. Chris asks Ivonne who annoyed everyone more, Sarah B. or Jennifer? Ivonne says that Sarah definitely did. Chris asks Sarah what broke her and Travis up, and she says that they broke up because she couldn’t handle the fact that he was dating other women.

Next, Chris talks about the worst “crash and burns” on the show, and calls Kristen over to the hot seat. She is shown in recaps playing with toilet paper and making her unfortunate teeth out of lemon peel. Interestingly enough, Tara is shown telling Kristen that she should make her teeth on her date with Travis. Chris asks her if she really thought that the teeth would win over Travis, and she says that she did. Chris mentions that she was a favorite in the house and in the viewing audience of the show.

Chris says that Allie G is the only contestant to verbally attack a Bachelor on the first date. A recap is shown of Allie haranguing him and being obnoxious. Chris says that Allie declined to be on the show. Sarah B. says that during the rose ceremony she was standing next to Allie complaining that her feet hurt. She says that she when complained, Allie told her to “shut the fuck up, you can’t say anything, you have the first rose.”

Travis comes out to talk to Chris. Travis says he feels bad about how Susan has been attacked and he wants to defend her. He says that he didn’t think she was acting, and he thinks she is an exceptional woman. Sarah B. wants to know why their chemistry failed, and he says that it stems from the time that he jumped up in the tree and she didn’t remember. He says that once the chemistry was lost, it couldn’t be regained. Kristen wants to know if Travis dumped her because of the teeth. Travis says that nobody could ever say a bad thing about her, and mentions the fact that he has a friend who really loves her. Chris wants to know what Travis thinks about Allie. Travis says that Allie shocked him, but he wants to let her move on, he doesn’t really want to talk about the subject.

There is a blooper reel of women complaining about their body odor, burping, drinking and spewing. The whole thing isn’t really funny and it seems like it was put together to fill up time. The funniest bit is of Travis and Sarah S. (from Tennessee) thanking Travis at the dinner table for giving her “his meat”. She goes on to say that she loves his meat and they laugh hysterically.

Chris asks the women what they think of the remaining two women, Moana and Sarah. Ivonne says that both women are completely different and she thought that both would be among the first to go. Jehan says that she hopes that Sarah wins. She says that Moana rubbed her the wrong way. A mini-movie is shown with Moana being unstable and emotional. Shiloh says that one day Moana would be a friend, and the next she would be an enemy. Susan says that she was mean to Moana because she was jealous. Jennifer says that there was times when Moana was really nice. She did people’s makeup or made breakfast for the other girls. The girls start saying that as they watched the show they began to see that Moana had a softer side and they began to like her more.

Next week: the two hour finale where Travis must choose between Sarah and Moana.


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