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In the sixth go-round of the match-making series, twenty-five women will have their pick of not one, but two single bachelors, ready to settle down... reality-TV style.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Chris Harrison
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"The Women Tell All" - November 10

We are back to the scene of the crime - well, not the scene, per se, but the accomplices of the crime. This is 'The Women Tell All' part of the Bachelor, when we get to see the dirt get rehashed and the catfights continue.

We start off with the series recap, and then an appearance by Chris Harrison. Chris reminds everyone about the new hitches in the season - and promises NEW UNSEEN FOOTAGE. Whoooooo. We get reintroduced to all of the Bachelorettes (and Lola), and then we get started with the show.

We start with the most controversial woman there - Krysta. I doubt they will make a Bachelorette series on her, but with her personality as she trashes more women in the NEW UNSEEN FOOTAGE, it would be much more entertaining than this episode. She goes after all of the women with their fake silicon boobs (if I was allergic, I'd be dead) and then lies to Byron when she tells him that she gets along with everyone. She says that she wasn't afraid to put herself out there and have fun - and she may be the first woman to not regret it. Cynthia, one of the women that she targets, tells Krysta that she may need silicon (ouch) while Kristie (the Canadian woman that she went after) says that her remarks are uncalled for. They get back into it, with Kristie telling her to get a job.

Chris isn't done with the cattiness - we see Jayne, Cynthia and Cheresse and Elizabeth going after each other - and Heather and Krysta. I am guessing that the segment was there to show everyone that they all were catty at one point or another, as Cynthia equates the house to inside a high school women's gym. 'Cheresse was looking good to me'. Too. Much. Information. The footage was meant to sooth feelings, but Amy is still hurt and Cheresse still is resenting Krysta. In that case, this should be really interesting when Cheresse goes after Byron.

The next person in the firing line - Jayne. We get a set of clips of her devolving from front-runner to Byron to front-runner for the looney bin. Jayne admits that her actions were embarrassing, but she says that she knows what it feels like - and it will never happen again. Sure it won't. She says that Cheresse and Cynthia backed her into a corner. She adds that they spoke about Andrea and said that they were as bad as Krysta (ouch). Cheresse says that she is offended, but if you look at the previous episodes, Cynthia and Cheresse did indeed talk trash and Cheresse is looking very hypocritical. Cynthia did admit to that behavior and apologized to Jayne. Jayne goes after Cynthia and Cheresse some more. They both deny it, but they are both coming off badly.

Next up - Cheresse. She is still vengeful on the Fantasy Suite. 'If you don't take the fantasy suite, you don't get to go further', adding that he should be embarrassed - and that he said the same thing to every girl that he got rid of. Oh this confrontation ought to be good.

Cynthia is up next week as she joins Chris in the Hot Seat. We get her clips of being so close - and so far, as she gets eliminated in third. After the elimination, Cynthia was still in shock - and she agrees with Jayne when she thought that Byron was lying. We find out from Chris that Cynthia called the producers to unload more feelings to them - and we see all of that on the video tape. We all know that Byron is backstage (as all of the Bachelors have traditionally been in these shows), but Byron is also watching this clip backstage. And with that...

Byron comes out on stage, and he goes for a hug from Cynthia, who sits down and doesn't reciprocate the warm advances. Cynthia - 'I don't know whether to hug him or throw something at (him).' Byron -- 'I'm feeling horrible' Cynthia - 'Good'.

We get to hear Byron's side. He says that it was difficult to see the footage. Cynthia gets a chance to talk to him and asks Byron if he wants to make out. Heh. She wants to know why she was let go - and he said because of the ultimatum, adding that he was still undecided, and he didn't want to hurt her if he picked another woman. Cynthia says that he missed out on a great girl and wished him the best. He says that Cynthia is a great girl and it seems like they smoothed out that problem.

We get clips of Byron in the house - and the girls competing after him. After that clip, it seems that Byron has other women issues to smooth out - like CHeresse, who asks him about the fantasy suite. Byron answers it by saying that the suite gives someone 8-10 hours of more time to spend, and by turning that down, they turn down time to spend with him. He wanted to spend 8-10 hours alone in sweats eating chocolate covered strawberries. Cheresse asks that the time they spent wasn't enough time, adding that 'I guess...he says that to every woman, so I guess I have to accept it', as clearly Cheresse isn't buying what Byron is selling.

Jayne goes on the attack next, and wants to know about the slumber party. He says that she just had a bad day and the party wasn't a factor. Krysta was wondering why Byron was so scared with him. Byron - 'Nobody was locked in the same house with you.' OUCH! He says that Krysta was just too aggressive - and to that extent he was right. Cheresse says that she had such a good time with the women - and she guesses the chemistry wasn't there with Byron. Cynthia wanted to know why Byron went nuts when she spoke about the ex, and Byron says that in the heat of the moment.

As Byron leaves, Chris asked who voted for Jay - the guy that the women didn't pick. Some of the women raised their hands - and they are surprised to see Jay reappear. He says that the moment was surreal, and he thanks the women who voted - or considered voting for him. He said that he went into this hoping to have a blast , regardless of what happens - and he got it. Jay says that the good part about not getting a rose is that everyone knows that you are single - and available. He also adds that he would be open for a drink of coffee. Chris presses him to ask who was attracted to him - and he says that Natalie, Kelly and Leina were people that he was attracted to. He also adds as an insurance policy that if he knew the women better, that he could have been involved with any of the other women. Chris adds that Jay is taking numbers after the show. Heh.

We get a preview of the final show, where Byron has to chose between Mary and Tanya. So who will win? Well, I thought that something that should have come up was the addition of the new women into the show - but surprisingly, none of that was mentioned. That means in my mind that they didn't want to sully the winner - especially if she was brought in the middle of the game. Hence my thought is that Mary will win.

Am I right? Who will he choose? Will she accept? Can I sit through 3 hours worth of finale without falling asleep? We'll see in 7 days as we finally get a decision - and end - of this show.

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