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"$25,000 and a little taste of fame? It only takes 30 seconds!"

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Finally, a talent show for the attention-span-handicapped. Acts have 30 seconds to basically do whatever it takes to win over an audience. In a modern-day version of the Gong Show Gong, the audience could eliminate any act before the 30 seconds run out. Of the acts that make the full run, three will get an additional 30 seconds to try and win the $25,000 grand prize.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Anthony Rojas, and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

August 2002-October 2002, Summer 2003, Fox
Craig J. Jackson
EP: Michael Binkow
Packager: Wild Jams Prods., Fox Television

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May 29, 2003 - Gordon Pepper

Just a quick recap of the rules - the audience votes on who wins - it's the new new new Gong Show. We start off with 4 cloggers called All That - and it's Riverdance all over again. They make the 30 seconds - and the roaches would not stand a chance. Bobby Yang is an electric violinist - and he's next. He's very very nice - and he has no problem getting through the 30 seconds with his 'Sweet Home Alabama' rendition. Charlene Anderson is a singer - and she belts her way through 'You better Love me'.

Now for the first loser of the evening - Adam Jay is on his head playing 2 flutes through his nose. That doesn't sit well with the audience and he is headed out of the competition. Gary Midnight has a few magic tricks - and he flies through the 30 seconds. Ricardo Sosa does some ring gymnastics and some contortionism and he passes. Phil Snyder does Simpson imitations - and he gets through the 30 seconds as well.

Tony WIlson dances sings 'Get On Up' - and he gets through it. Charles DelValle does a goofy Wild Thing version with the Addams family thing on his head. He becomes the second audience casualty.

Sarah Shacherle does some dancing and she makes it through. T-Mac and Company do some bad rapping and they get knocked out.

That was only the first segment. Here is segment #2 - Victor and Lily do some nice balance performing. Ray Maestes does some dancing, and while it's not Star Search quality, it's good enough. Mike Bliss juggles while on a unicycle 0 but he drops his juggle stuff and he gets dropped out.

Marc Hunt does some nice bike tricks. Bill Davidson tries to Hackysack his way in - but he gets kicked to the curb. Danny Denchin does the can can with a pencil to his mouth, and he is the second straight loser. John Bowden tries to pick the crowd up with dual electric guitar playing, and that seems to do the trick. Orlando Moore and Johnny star is a ventriloquist act - and that gets through. Will Michael Potts' breakdancing and robot moves get him in? No. Lisa Cobb is an upside down human puppet - and she makes it. So do the 'Swinging Sisters' an accapella group.

But all of the acts are done - and we are down to the three favorites. Finalist #1 is Tony WIlson, who sings again and does some more dancing. Finalist #2 is All That - and they do some more clogging. The last finalist is Ray Maestes, and the Star Search wanna be breakdances up a storm.

So three finalists, three dancers. Maybe Star Search does have something going on. Maybe we should be seeing a revvial of Dance Fever next. The dancing fool who wins the $25,000 is Ray Maestes!! I guess breakdancing is back in vogue. Over $325,000 worth so far given out to dancing champions. We'll see if that trend continues next week.

June 5, 2003 - Anthony Rojas

So, who is going to be the lucky loser this week? Let's find out, shall we?!

The show kicks off with Shooting Stars, a group of phys-ed coaches performing Gymnastic moves and they wowed the crowd enough to make it.

Next up, is a Tina Turner impressionist, Connie Marshall, who sings Proud Mary. 'Rolling, Rolling on a river'; As she rolls right along through her 30 seconds of fame.

Next up is a huge belly dancer named Seleka and amazingly with all her rolls of skin she made it through. My eyes are scared!!

Next is Kenny Marquez, a service Manager, who performs his version of rock & roll and quickly gets eliminated with his horrendous electrical guitar.

Next up is Matt Wilhelm, student, who is also a BMX Trickster and he shows us some of his moves on the bike and wows the crowd enough for some cheers.

Tony Vera, Fire-Chair Balancer, is up next and he performs some magic with Fire and holds up a girl in a chair with his mouth. That performance gets him to move on.

Edward Jackson came up next and performs some tap dancing with fire on his toes, at first it seemed ok but I don't see how he made it.

King Kukulele is up next singing and performing on a small guitar (Ukulele) and quickly gets booed as he was making absolutely no sense.

Peter Davison is up and he juggles two sticks and a ball as he uses the drums back and forth. He moves on, as the crowd seemed to like it.

Steven Kellogg, illusionist, was wearing a cooking hat and apron with a fake mustache, need I say more? He got booted.

Next up is a Group called Big Cats as they performed some hip hop with some dancing. The crowd liked them and they were ok to me.

Next up is duo named Handsome Little Devils as they perform some juggling with fire on pogo sticks! This was kind of cool to watch and I wanted to see one of them catch fire but maybe next time as they moved along.

Next is Christiane Callil, a Samba Dancer. She dances in a cool looking outfit and makes it to through.

Next is Lance Laska, a magician. He tries to impress the crowd with some floating of a cigar with no hands then makes it explode. This didn't look cool at first but he made it.

Joe Monti is up and he's a Comedian who tries to dance his way through with some funny body movements in a oversized coat as he moves on.

Next is the Garza Brothers who perform some Hand presses and I give them a lot of credit as it takes some strength for 3 grandfathers to hold each other up like a I on top of a C, it was pretty cool.

Next is Daniel Volk, a paddle-Baller and it doesn't take him long to get booed off.

Next is Greg Varlotta, a musican who was awful enough to be booted.

Next is New York Street Boys as they drum and Dance around in construction helmets which they also used as drums, funny enough they make it through.

Next is Atomic Girl, a bubble blower, who sure enough blows bubble through her body suit - she got booed faster than the bubbles can pop.

Next is House Jacks who sing 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' and do a pretty good job as they make it.

As the crowd made their votes to who moved on, Finalist #1, New York Street Boys comes on and performs some more drumming and dancing as fire explodes out of their drums, pretty cool.

Finalist #2, Handsome Little Devils who perform again on Pogo sticks with fire juggling and move it a lot faster to whoa the crowd.

Finalist #3, Matt Wilhelm, BMX trickster who does some more awesome moves on his BMX bike and he also wows the crowd with some bike spins and rotations.

So, now you have a trickster, a fire juggler and three guys drumming with fire sticks. Do you smell smoke? I think it's from the bike tires spinning around as Matt Wilhelm, BMX trickster pulls it out for $25,000. As the show ends he performs some more bike moves and even shows off some more awesome tricks while standing on his bike. Let's see next week if we have some more tricks or some fire? We shall see, until then - CYA!!!

June 12, 2003 - Chico Alexander

Three of these acts are going to get a minute's worth of screen time. But for only one, it'll pay off big time. On with the show!

First out the gate is Darryl Cleveland, a fire balancer/juggler. Note to future 30-seconders, fire is always a sure key for the full ride. He makes it. Next is rapper Random Axis. His rhymes are mesmerizing, as lyrical fire lasts the full 30. Ivan Velez comes from Puerto Rico. He breakdances and topspins his way past the 30.

We go from one thing spinning to three, as Chad Lowe showcases his talent, spinning luggage and a microwave. For a little more flair, he juggles the luggage. He lasts the full ride.

The first casualty of the night is Elizabeth Cosens, who is literally barking up the wrong tree. Audience enacts the eliminator to send the dog impersonator running with her tail between her legs.

It's up to James Brewster Thompson and his three ladyfriends to jump-rope their way back to the audience's good graces. I could never jump rope with three women on me. One, maybe, but not three. He lasts for thirty.

SFX specialist Lou Klein is the "Funky Funker". He looked good dancing. But then he turned around, and all of a sudden, the Funky Funker is just funky. And not in the good way, as he's eliminated.

Drop Zone are steppers from the Bronx. Bronx represented fully, as they stomp their way past the thirty.

Say aloha to Kaneaku, a pair of Tahitian ukulele performers. Now say aloha again. Rule 1: If you don't know what the hell your partner's doing, don't go off on a tangent. The audience goes off, and tells Kaneaku to go jump in a volcano.

New-woppers ('cause it's latter-day doo-wop and... yeah) the Alley Cats send up a smooth rendition of "Get Ready". Their tight harmonies--and their bowling shirts--get them through the half-minute.

Fire and Ice, eight country/western dances, line dance and boot scoot their way through the full 30. Getting hot enough for ya?

Duo Design are two balancers from Las Vegas. They have no problem balancing on each other's head. And they have no problem lasting the full 30.

Continuing on the theme of two is double neck guitar player Dominic Gaudios. Kinda sounds like something you'd hear off of "Trigun", but it gets him through the 30.

Dario Alberico is a cab driver from Miami doing... well, I don't know what he's doing, but he'd better stop. The audience wisely stops him before he breaks his neck spinning... whatever that is. It doesn't get any better. Meet teeth musician Anthony Denucce, who offers up a rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". And it's one, two, three strikes, he's out (and ironically, that's exactly what part of the song he was on!)

James Bizarro Robinson offers up prestidigitation (an SAT word for magic), lighting himself on fire, and lighting... himself... on fire. You can sense a theme there, can't you? He lasts the full ride.

Dalton and Luisse are rolla-bolla balancers. One misstep and it's Boo-ville for these guys, but they, and their rolla-bolla-balls, last the entire time.

Human beatbox Chris Marquand has some bass up in his system, as he gets his sub-woofer through the 30.

Korean drum dancer Hea-Jin Yoon makes her drums dance and bends over backwards to get the audience's approval. And she does.

Physical illusionist Jason McPherson gets himself trapped in a box. He better get out, because he has to take his bow for lasting the full 30.

Finally, there's Duane Kidd, a back-flipping free-thrower. First one, missed. Second one, airball. Third, choking. Fourth one finally goes in. Can he make another one before his 30 seconds are up? Nope. One-for-five, just like Shaq.

After all that, it's time to vote. Who lit up the stage and who just burned? Finalist #1 is Ivan Velez. He does some flipping this time, topped off with more spinning. If you've ever seen "Beat Street", this guy is pretty close.

Finalist #2: Dominic Gaudios with more doubleneck stylings. Very impressive use of both necks at the same time. For a guy who's lazy, he just might take the money. But not if the other two finalists having anything to say about it.

Finalist #3: Alley Cats. Alley, Bowling shirts. Oh, I get it now. They sing "Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong" for their closing number. Once again, tight harmonies. And you have to dig the bass-man on that last tail.

So will it be a dancer, a guitarist, or an a cappella group? The 25 G's and playout rights go to... Ivan Velez! What better way to celebrate? Flipping and top-spinning. Who'll have to get dizzy next week for $25,000 and a little bit of fame? Tune in next week. Me, I'm going to sing doo-wop and spin on my head. Later, peoples!

June 19, 2003 - Anthony Rojas

"30 Seconds To Fame" is always fun to watch and for $25,000 who wouldn't watch? Anyway, enough babbling - let's get started.

First up, The Metchkarovs, who perform gymnastic moves off of a bar, including some cool looking flips.

Next up, Bob Foehilinger, who juggles fire sticks and pretty fast I must say as he moves along.

Next is Buddy Lee, who does some ridiculous jump roping and some body off the ground jump roping as he woo'ed the crowd.

Next is Gregory Popovich, a ladder juggler, and he performed what else juggling off of one sided ladder as he also moves along.

Nicole Starling is up next singing "It's Raining Men", and amazingly as much as I hate that song she made it through.

So 5 in a row make it, but I want to boo someone off already!

Next up is Diane & Primo Desiderio as they try to perform skateboard moves and they quickly get booed as they should because they SUCKED.

Next is Little Spinners, a plate spinning midget trio, who performed plate spinning - LOL Enough said as they got eliminated.

Next is Jared Grimes as he tapped danced his way through some cool moves.

Next is Steven Hughes and he was dressed in some ridiculous outfit and tried to impress the crowd with dancing and he had some wicked haircut as he got booed off.

Next is the Imperial Knights, two guys who performed medieval sword fighting. It looked like they wouldn't make it at first but after some cool hits and swings they made it to woo the crowd.

Next is Kevin Shelley who is a fitness instructor who smashes about 30 boards on his head one by one, enough for the crowd to boo him off but he edges the 30 second clock just in time.

Next is Christopher with puppets all dressed up like the Village people and he performed YMCA and he woo'ed the crowd with a famous song.

Next is Kyle Brender as he performed some glow sticks twirling and he twirled pretty fast as he received mix reactions to survive.

Next up is a twisted dance troupe and they danced with some hand fans and they enough cool moves to make it.

Next is Bill Sparacino as he tried to impress the crowd with boring magic as he got booed off.

Next is The Akishins as they performed some cool jump rope with 3 people standing on each other as two people standing on each other on each end swung the rope, got to admit its original.

Next is Eddy Asher, a Yodeling Musician, who did some, what else, Yodeling with a guitar. He made it through as the crowd loved it.

Next is Toxic Audio as they danced, voice beat box, and sang, 'Turn the Beat Around' as they seemed to be the best so far.

Next is Nick Pawlow, and he had his puppet dressed as a cave man and said look watch me this is how you get girls. After that he danced "What is Love" from a popular skit from SNL. The crowd loved it and some guys had to stand up to cheer it on. This was funny.

Next is Adam Ace, a comedian, who tried to impress the crowd with his humor by sticking plungers all over his body and danced himself down to boxers with smiley faces as he made it to elimination with 2 seconds left.

Next is Manjos Family as they performed some cool looking clothes changing of a lady in the middle and she must have changed like 3 times as they some how made it.

Now, its time for the top 3 finalists; and so far its up in the air. Let's see who made it:

1st finalist is Christopher with puppets as he performed 'In the Navy' by Village People.

2nd finalist is Buddy Lee as he performed once again, body jump roping but this time Blindfolded and even some butt jump roping.

The 3rd finalists are the Manjos Family as they performed some more Clothes changing magic and how lame is it that they made it through here.

So now that we have the final 3, who will win? So far I think it should be Body jump roper but what do I know? The winner of $25000 goes to:

Christopher with Puppets as he closed the show with Village People's 'YMCA'

Well there you have it, a man made puppets and danced like a fool and he's $25,000 richer, where do I sign? LOL Anyway, let's see who wins next week on 30 Seconds to FAME!!! CYA!

June 26, 2003 - Gordon Pepper

We are back on the rotating schedule - and it's my turn to watch the wacky kids. What will the ruffians do this time around? We'll be finding out right...about...

Now - starting with Claudia Elizabeth - who's a foot archer (you have got to be kidding me). Sure enough, she shoots arrows with her feet and gets in easily. Kristin Rudness is next as she hula hoops with fire - that good enough for her to get in a hot performance. Tap sounds underground are over with the audience, and they pass too.

Red Panda is a bowl-flipping unicyclists. She flips 4 bowls and flips her way in. Pasha Rianstev does some sort of bizarre dual doll dancing thingie and Panza is the first one to be eliminated. Morgan Short does his best Bill Clinton sax impersonation and he gets invited to the Oval Office. Banks Humphries plays with a big plastic blow-up doll - but I've seen it too many times, and so has the audience - his bubble bursts.

Jamie Gumm sings that she's heard it through the grapevine - and the crowd wants to hear more. Medea Sirkus does some synchronized dancing that the audience seems to be in synch with. Richard Gonzi does some upside down piano playing that seems to key the crowd up.

Second act, same as the first - The Step Club step on to it and step into the next round. Charles King does an Elvis Impersonation on stilts that gets him out of heartbreak hotel. Jet Green does one of Chico's favorite things - spinning - and he barely makes it out of being eliminated. Jay Byers swallows some swords - and he makes the cut. as do Indra and Solongo, 2 bendable contortionists.

Jay Forth, who does clapping noises with his mouth, gets the big hand-off out of the competition. Joseph Saba makes special effects with his mouth - but the crowd likes that. They also think that D5 is D-vine enough to move on. Dario Vasquez does some acrobatice with a ball, but it's not enough and he gets bounced out. We get more dancing with G-Force, and none of the dancers get eliminated.

We are done with the preliminaries - and the audience picks out the 3 finalists. Finalist #1 is Indra and Solongo, and they do some more body bending to please the crowd. Finalist #2 is Claudia Elizabeth, who jumps upside down and bounces a basketball for an encore. Finalist #3 is Jamie Gumm, who sings 'Dancing in the Streets'.

We have ladies night in this episode of 30 seconds, and the winner of the 25G is Indra and Solongo!!!! They do some more bending for us as we bend out.


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